NinjaCon 2010 Aug. 9, 2010 to Aug. 11, 2010, Vienna, Austria

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Genetic Fingerprint - Dna Hacking At The Vol Nora Neumann , Andrea Reiss Others Security
Crash Course In Penetration Testing Oliver Roeschke Security Others Network Penetration
Working With Symbian Tam Hanna Mobile Security Security Hardware Reverse Engineering
Cruel To Be Kind Anonymous Speaker Security
Cancelled: Hacking Democracy - The First, Biggest And Scariest E-Voting System Ever Anderson Ramos Keynote
Making Cool Things With Microcontrollers Mitch Altman , Jimmie Rodgers Security Hardware General
Ipv6 - Security By Daylight Michael Kafka IPv6 Security
Binary Exploitation Basics Joern Bratzke Security Exploitation
Phone Phreaking Kugg Hossi Phrosit Security Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Lockpicking Stefan Kroener Hardware Reverse Engineering
Attacking Cisco Enterprise Wlan Oliver Roeschke Security Wireless Hardware General
Biometrics, The Weapon For The 'New War' Mark Tuttle Security Cyberwar
Breaking News: Cyber Attack Started Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Eruption Anchises De paula Security Others
Rapid Prototyping Pcbs, 3D Inkjet Microfabrication & Sticking Leds To Celebrities Jeff Gough Security Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Invasion! Barry Van kampen Security Others Cyberwar
Information Warfare In Dprk Michael Kemp Security Cyberwar
The Bar Quiz Anonymous Speaker Security Others
Get Your War On: A Hacker'S Toolsuite Barry Van kampen Security Cyberwar
Packetwars Daniel Mende , Angus Blitter Security Cyberwar
Security In A Changing World - Bringing Security-Sense To Virtualized Desktop Environments Dror-john Roecher Security Others
N900 Hacking Workshop Amir Hassan Security Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Base Jumping: Attacking Gsm Base Station Systems And Mobile Phone Base Bands The Grugq Technological advances have finally placed GSM tools within the reach of security researchers and hackers. ... Mobile Security Security Wireless
Coseinc Automated Malware Analysis Lab (Camal) Udi Shamir Thousands of malware are being detected each day and the sheer volume made it impossible ... Security Malware Automation
Csn.Or.At Community Sense Net - Honeypot+ Florian Eichelberger Security Others Community
Phone Phreaking Kugg Hossi Phrosit Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Visualization For It-Security L. Aaron Kaplan Others Security
Hardening Voip For Beginners Alessio L.R. Pennasilico Security Hardware Reverse Engineering
Hackerspaces Os Sweatshop Anonymous Speaker Security Others Community
How To Stay Invisible (Still Using Cellphones) Kugg Hossi Phrosit Mobile Security Security Others
Lightning Talks Anonymous Speaker Lightning Talk
How To Give A Lousy Presentation Pepi Zawodsky Others
Last Announcements (An Obituary To Plumbercon 10) Astera Others
Detecting Malicious Documentations Nguyen ANH Quynh Nowadays, people are well-aware of malware in executable format such as EXE, and they can ... Others Malware
Moonsols Windows Memory Toolkit Matthieu Suiche This talk is introducing MoonSols Windows Memory Toolkit aims at being the ultimate memory and ... Security Others
Under The Kimono Of Office Security Engineering Tom Gallagher , David Conger This is a multipart presentation presented by engineers working on Microsoft Office security. The first ... Others Security
Automated Sql Ownage Techniques Sebastian Cufre Two of the biggest problems with SQL-injection vulnerabilities are that the tools that detect them ... Automation SQL
Industrial Bug Mining - Extracting, Grading And Enriching The Ore Of Exploits Ben Nagy If bugs are the raw ore of exploits - Rootite, if you like - then ... Others Data Exfiltration
Payload Already Inside: Data Re-Use For Rop Exploits Long De dinh Return-oriented programming (ROP) is one of the buzzing advanced exploitation techniques these days to bypass ... Security Network Penetration
Kicking The Vulnerabilities Out Of Microsoft Patches Yaniv Miron The presentation would be highly technical and would talk about Microsoft Patches Analysis and diffing. ... Security Application Security Exploitation
The Web Browser Testing System Isaac Dawson Anyone who has tested browsers for security issues quickly learns that you need more than ... Security Web Browser