HackerHalted 2014 Oct. 16, 2014 to Oct. 17, 2014, atlanta,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening and Welcome Address Jay Bavisi N/A
How Ethical Hackers Save the World Johnny Long N/A
Hacker’s Perspective on Your Windows Infrastructure: Mandatory Check List Paula Januszkiewicz N/A
Why Botnet Takedowns Never Work, Unless It’s a SmackDown! Brian Foster N/A
What’s Hot – In Rebus Ad Agendum, (A term in Latin meaning ‘moments in time to act’) Sean M. Bodmer N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – Browser Horror Stories Angelo Prado , Xiaoran Wang N/A
Mobile Hacking – When Zombies Take to the Airwaves Tim Fowler N/A
What’s Hot -Zombies is Social Networks Erdal Ozkaya N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – Would you like a side of passwords with your order? Aamir Lakhani , Dr. Chaos N/A
Mobile Hacking – What to Consider When Building a Mobile Security Model Tom Bain N/A
What’s Hot – Error 500 – Making Lemonade out of Lemons via Server Side Errors Tony Ucedavelez N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – Hiding the Breadcrumbs: Forensics and Anti-Forensics on SAP Systems Ezequiel D. Gutesman N/A
Mobile Hacking – Reverse Engineering the Android OS Tom Updegrove N/A
What’s Hot – Surviving The Next Cyberwar: Thingbots, the Cloud, and the Virtual Battlefield Carl Herberger N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – The perfect storm, harnessing software defined radio to strengthen security Paul Mellen N/A
Mobile Hacking – Mobile Devices the New Cybersecurity Threat Amber Schroader N/A
What’s Hot – Avoiding the “Walking Dead” Scenario during BYOD Adoption Erdal Ozkaya , Yuri Diogenes N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – Post-Exploitation After Having Remote Access Zoltan Balazs N/A
Mobile Hacking – EMM Limits & Solutions Yury Chemerkin N/A
Layer One, Day Zero Evan "treefort" Booth N/A
Beyond Extreme Forensics 3Q /2014 Alvaro Soto N/A
TBD Eran Feigenbaum N/A
What’s Hot -How to create permanent Domain Administrator privilege (Mimikatz: Golden Ticket) Balazs Bucsay N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – RDP Fuzzing and Why the Microsoft Open Protocol Specification is Awesome! Andrew Swoboda , Lance Thames N/A
All things Technical – Internet of things: Testing the Device James Jardine N/A
What’s Hot – Zombies on the Air Waves Evan Davison N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – The realities of server side testing Kevin Cardwell N/A
All Things Technical – Control Quotient: Adaptive Strategies For Gracefully Losing Control David Etue N/A
What’s Hot – Hijacking Label Switched Networks in the Cloud Paul Coggin N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – Building on Device Vulnerabilities: Attack Modes for ICS Bryan Singer N/A
All Things Technical -Third Party Service Provider Diligence – Why Are We Doing It All Wrong? Patrice Coles N/A
What’s Hot – The Largest Breach in History Erin Owens N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – Techniques Used to PWN Mac Systems Christopher Elisan N/A
All Things Technical – The Lethal Cyber Threat – The Insider Emma Alexander N/A
What’s Hot – Talking Cars: The biggest security challenge nobody has heard about Ed Adams N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack -Hacking Off the Grid Wayne Burke N/A