Hacktivity 2014 Oct. 10, 2014 to Oct. 11, 2014, budapest,hungary

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote - Building a Glass House: Security Adaptations for Modern Software Architectures and Practices Jason Chan N/A
Troubleshooting Attila Marosi N/A
eXploitable Markup Language Tamas Szakaly , Ákos Rajtmár N/A
Fruitful Solutions – What To Use a Bank-Card Sized Computer For? Gábor Németh N/A
Handcrafting ASCII Flash Files for Fun and Profit Gábor Molnár N/A
Designing DNS Flows for Security Marc Lampo N/A
Practical Shellcode Analysis Gabor Szappanos N/A
CVSS is a big botch/Scoring systems do not help to improve the IT security Micha Borrmann N/A
Security Alerts That Are Worth A Phone Call Robert Kiss , Attila Zseller N/A
European and Hungarian Approach to Personal Data Protection Zoltán Alexin N/A
The Biggest Blunders of Anti-virus History István Csizmazia-darab N/A
The safety of lever locks vs. pin tumbler locks Tamás Váradi , Csaba Zánthó N/A
Iris Identification Csaba Otti , András Fehér , Sándor Kapitány , Daniel Martinkovics N/A
Cryptocurrencies: The Other Side of the Coin Tibor Bősze N/A
Hunting for Top Bounties Nicolas Gregoire N/A
Virtual Machine Introspection to Detect and Protect Tamas K. Lengyel N/A
AppSec, the Untrustable Security Timur Khrotko N/A
I hunt TR-069 admins: pwning ISPs like a boss Shahar Tal N/A
Smashing the Mainframe for Fun and Prison Time Philip Young N/A
SCADA Deep Inside: Protocols and Security Mechanisms Aleksandr Timorin N/A
Android Packers: Separating from the Pack Ruchna Nigam N/A
A New Way of Wireless Eavesdropping László Miklós Bíró N/A
Bypass firewalls, application white lists, secure remote desktops in 20 seconds Zoltan Balazs N/A
Advanced Tracing and Monitoring of Android Applications Gergő Köpenczei , Zsombor Kovács N/A
Yet Another Way To Cause DoS for GSM Devices Domonkos Tomcsanyi N/A
How to Gather Intelligence on Targeted Attacks - Tricks and Tips Boldizsár Bencsáth N/A
Vaccinating Android Milan Gabor , Danijel Grah N/A
Enter The Snapdragon! Daniel Komaromy N/A