TROOPERS 2008 April 22, 2008 to April 24, 2008, Munich, German

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Virtualization Insecurity Roger Close Security
Fingerprinting Aps Sergey Bratus Wireless
Introduction To Microsoft Rms Friedwart Kuhn Security
Hacking 2Nd Life (Tm) Michael Thumann Security
Welcome Roland Fiege , Enno Rey Keynote
Invulnerable Software Daniel J. Bernstein Keynote
Kids - Kernel Intrusion Detection System Rodrigo Rubira Branco This presentation intend to cover specifically the most necessary and more undocumented area of the ... Intrusion Detection
Virtualisation: There Is No Spoon Michael Kemp Virtualised technologies are being lapped up left, right and centre by corporates committed to the ... Hardware General
Reversing - A Structured Approach Michael Thumann For many people Reverse Engineering sounds like magic, but it's yet another methodology to understand ... Reverse Engineering
Criminal Hackertools According To § 202C Stgb Horst Speichert state of affairs - basic principles, german legislation, european background - criminalization of vulnerability analysis ... Security Analysis Legal Testing
Vilgrade – “You Have Pending Upgrades” Francisco Amato Vulnerabilities are disclosed on a daily basis and in the best case, new patches are ... Application Security
An Insider'S View About Microsoft Security Response Center Andrew Cushman ndrew Cushman - Sr. Director of the Microsoft Security Response Center gives an insider's view ... Application Security
Side Channel Analysis Job De haas For 10 years Side Channel Analysis and its related attacks have been the primary focus ... Analysis
Hardening Oracle In Corporate Environments Alexander Kornbrust In this presentation we show how to harden the latest versions of Oracle (10g Rel.2 ... Application Security
Straight Talk About Cryptography Jon Callas What is possible? What is not possible? Can major governments break the cryptography you use? ... Cryptography
Self Defending Networks - Hype Or Essential Need For International Organisations? Rolf Strehle How does VOITH deal with future threads and security risks in its corporate IT network. ... Security
, Log Management - The Way Of The Future? Andrew Morris What is Log Management, and will it solve all your security problems? Andrew Morris looks ... Security Others
Gpus, Password Recovery And Thunder Tables, Andrey Belenko I'm going to talk about using graphic processors for accelerating cryptographic algorithms and, thus, password ... Security
A Penetration Testing Learning Kit Ariel Waissbein A penetration testing learning kit" - Penetration testing remains a standard practice for the security-aware ... Security Testing
Layer 2 Fuzzing Daniel Mende , Simon Rich Fuzzing
Tapping $$$ Enterprises Pierre Kroma Room observation (for example: audio, video, cable manipulations) - Car observation (tracking systems) - Demonstration ... Business
Scada And National Critical Infrastructures: Is Security An Optional? Raoul "Nobody" Chiesa SCADA acronym stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, and its related to industrial automation ... Security Automation
Incident Management - Tasks And Organization Volker Kozok Definition - Organization of an Incident Management Team - Tools and Technics - Training - ... Incident Response
Organizing And Analyzing Logdata With Entropy, Sergey Bratus Sergey Bratus I will show how entropy, a measure of information content defined by Shannon in 1948, ... Data Exfiltration
The Data Went Down The Drain - Can Something Be Learned From The Lichtenstein Tax-Affair? Dror-john Roecher The media covered it at length, just about every columnist uttered his opinion regarding it ... Security Privacy Media
Virtual Honeypots Thorsten Holz Honeypots have demonstrated immense value in Internet security, but physical honeypot deployment can be complex, ... Security