MalCon 2014 Oct. 28, 2014 to Oct. 30, 2014, fajardo,puerto rico

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Remarks Fernando Colon Osorio N/A
Keynote:" Eliciting maliciousness: from exploit toolkits to evasive Malware" Giovanni Vigna N/A
Session # 1: Emerging threats and Malware classification Colon Osorio N/A
Manuscript # 1570003599 – “Bacterial Quorum Sensing for Coordination of Targeted Malware” Richard Ford , Mark Fioravanti N/A
Manuscript # 1570020013: Host-Based Code Injection Attacks: A Popular Technique Used By Malware Elmar Gerhards-padilla , Thomas Barabosch N/A
Manuscript # 1570015457 - Automatic Construction of Printable Return-Oriented Programming Payload, Wenbiao Ding N/A
Topic: "The Malware Threat in the Era of Unlimited Computing Power" Anthony Arrott , Dennis Batchelder , Alexander Volynkin N/A
Session # 2: The Measurement Problem Anthony Arrott N/A
Manuscript # 1570020453 – “Analysis of exploit protection in endpoint security products” Anthony Arrott , Fernando Colon Osorio , Jeffrey Wu N/A
Manuscript # 1570020425 - Global and local prevalence weighting of missed attack sample impacts for endpoint security product comparative protection testing Andreas Clementi , Peter Stelzhammer N/A
Manuscript # 1570012043 -“Combining commercial consensus and community crowd-sourced categorization of web sites for integrity against phishing and other web fraud” Anthony Arrott , Fernando Colon Osorio , Ferenc Leithold , Hungary N/A
Keynote:" “Changing the way we fight Malware" Dennis Batchelder N/A
Session # 3: Mobile Malware Dennis Batchelder N/A
Manuscript # 1570020445 – “MysteryChecker: Unpredictable Attestation to Detect Repackaged Malicious Applications in Android” Heejo Lee , Changyong Lee , Dongwon Jeong , Jonhoon Kwon N/A
Manuscript # 1570022045 – “AirHopper: Bridging the Air-Gap between Isolated Networks and Mobile Phones using Radio Frequencies” Yuval Elovici , Gabi Kedma , Moirdehai Guri N/A
Manuscript # 1570021421 – “CrowdSource: Automated Inference of High Level Malware Functionality from Low-Level Symbols Using a Crowd Trained Machine Learning Model” Joshua Saxe N/A
Session # 4: Botnets & Other Musings Neil Rubenking N/A
Manuscript # 1570003807: “BoTGen: A New Approach for In-Lab Generation of Botnet Datasets” Muhammad Elsheik , Mohammed S. Galderab , Mosehn Rashwan , Mahmoud Ghoneim N/A
Manuscript # 1570020439 – “PsyBoG: Power Spectral Density Analysis for Detecting Botnet Groups” Adrian Perrig , Heejo Lee , Jonghoon Kwon , Jeongsik Kim , Jehyun Lee N/A
Manuscript # 1570020051 - Fighting Banking Botnets By Exploiting Inherent Command & Control Lanier Watkins , William h. Robinson , Cherita L Corbett , Christina Kawkajohns N/A
Session # 5: HoneyAgents, Intelligent Defenses, and other Anti-Malware techniques Anthony Arrott N/A
Manuscript # 1569995027 - “HoneyAgent: Detecting Malicious Java Applets by Using Dynamic Analysis” Jan Gassen , Jonathan Chapman N/A
Manuscript # 1570003349 – “Codescanner: Detecting (Hidden) x86/x64 Code in Arbitrary Files” Michael Meier , Elmar Gerhards-padilla , Viviane Zwanger N/A
Manuscript # 1570020357 – “Risk prediction of malware victimization based on user behavior” Anil Somayaji , Josè M. Fernandez , Fanny Lalonde Lévesque N/A
Manuscript # 1570003543 –“Agent Based Trace Learning in a Recommendation-Verification System for Cyber Security” William Casey , Evan Wright , Jose A. Morales , Michael Appel , Jeff Gennarl , Mishra N/A
Concluding Remarks Fernando Colon Osorio N/A