NSS 2014 Oct. 15, 2014 to Oct. 17, 2014, xian,china

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
An Approach for the Automated Analysis of Network Access Controls in Cloud Computing Infrastructures Vincent Nicomette , Eric Alata , Thibaut Probst , Mohamed Kaâniche N/A
Adopting Provenance-Based Access Control in OpenStack Cloud IaaS Jaehong Park , Ravi Sandhu , Dang Nguyen N/A
Identity Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing with Dynamic Group for Secure Mobile Cloud Storage Yong Yu , Jianbing Ni , Jiang Deng , Ke Huang N/A
A Formal Model for Isolation Management in Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Ram Krishnan , Ravi Sandhu , Khalid Bijon N/A
Rational secure two-party computation in social cloud Yilei Wang , Qiu-liang Xu N/A
Session A2: Access Control Barbara Carminati N/A
Extending OpenStack Access Control with Domain Trust Ravi Sandhu , Bo Tang N/A
Hierarchical Solution for Access Control and Authentication in Software Defined Networks Jie Chen , Shuangyu He , Jianwei Liu , Jian Mao N/A
A Limited Proxy Re-encryption with Keyword Search for Data Access Control in Cloud Computing Yilei Wang , Zhenhua Chen , Shundong Li , Guomin Min , Yunjie Chu N/A
A Location-based Socially Aware Access Control Framework James Joshi , Nathalie Baracaldo , Balaji Palanisamy N/A
Multi-domain direct anonymous attestation scheme from pairings Li Yang , Wei Wang , Jianfeng Ma , Chunjie Cao N/A
Session A3: Network Security Joseph K. Liu N/A
psOBJ: Defending against Traffic Analysis with pseudo-Objects Yi Tang , Piaoping Lin , Luo Zhaokai N/A
Universally Composable secure TNC protocol based on IF-T binding to TLS Qianying Zhang , Shijun Zhao , Feng Dengguo N/A
Revisiting Node Injection of P2P Botnet Dengguo Feng , Lingyun Ying , Purui Su , Yi Yang , Jia Yan , Qi Li N/A
On addressing the imbalance problem: A correlated KNN approach for network traffic classification Yang Xiang , Jun Zhang , Chao Chen , Di Wu , Xiao Chen , Wanlei Zhou. N/A
An entropy approach to anomaly-based network attack detection in network forensics Wanli ma , Dat tran , Khoa Nguyen , Dharmendra Sharma N/A
Session A4: Security Analysis I (10:55-12:35) Yong Yu N/A
Exploiting the Hard-wired Vulnerabilities of Newscast via Connectivity-splitting Attack Jakub Muszyński , Sébastien Varrette , Juan Laredo , Pascal Bouvry N/A
A Meet-in-the-Middle Attack on Round-Reduced mCrypton Using the Differential Enumeration Technique Leibo Li , Yonglin Hao , Dongxia Bai N/A
Impossible differential cryptanalysis of LBlock with concrete investigation of key scheduling algorithm Atsuko Miyaji , Jiageng Chen , Yuichi Futa , Chunhua Su N/A
Tighter Security Bound of MIBS Block Cipher Against Differential Attack Lei Hu , Xiaoshuang Ma , Siwei Sun , Kexin Qiao , Jinyong Shan N/A
Session A5: PKC I Hasini Gunasinghe N/A
Identity Based Threshold Ring Signature from Lattices Fangguo Zhang , Baodian Wei , Yusong Du , Huang Zhang , Haibo Tian , Chongzhi Gao N/A
Identity-Based Transitive Signcryption Xinyi Huang , Li Xu , Shuquan Hou N/A
GO-ABE: Group-Oriented Attribute-Based Encryption Xinyi Huang , Li Xu , Joseph K. Liu , Mengting Li N/A
Jhanwar-Barua's Identity-based Encryption Revisited Willy Susilo , Yi Mu , Ibrahim Elashry N/A
A new Multivariate based Threshold Ring Signature scheme Yiming Zhao , Jingwan Zhang N/A
Session A6: System Security Hung-min Sun N/A
Countering Ballot Stuffing and Incorporating Eligibility Verifiability in Helios Sriramkrishnan Srinivasan , Chris Culnane , James Heather , Steve Schneider , Zhe Xia N/A
iCryptoTracer: Dynamic Analysis on Misuse of Cryptographic Functions in iOS Applications Dawu Gu , Yong Li , Juanru Li , Yuanyuan Zhang N/A
Formal Verification of Finite State Transactional Security Policy Rajamanickam N , Nadarajan R , Atilla Elçi N/A
Capturing Android Malware Behaviour using System Flow Graph Radoniaina Andriatsimandefitra , Valérie Tong N/A
Evaluating Host-based Anomaly Detection Systems: Implementation of Frequency-based Algorithms onADFA-LD Miao Xie , Jiankun Hu , Xinghuo Yu , Elizabeth Chang N/A
Invited talk Xiaofeng Chen N/A
Session A7: PKC II Xinyi Huang N/A
A Dynamic Matching Secret Handshake Scheme without Random Oracles Zheng Gong , Yamin Wen N/A
Lightweight Universally Composable Adaptive Oblivious Transfer Ratna Dutta , Vandana Guleria N/A
How to Evaluate Trust Using MMT Ana Cavalli , Khalifa Toumi , Wissam Mallouli , Edgardo Oca , César Andrés N/A
Certificate-based Condition Proxy Re-encryption Jiguo Li , Xuexia Zhao , Yichen Zhang N/A
A secure obfuscator for Encrypted Blind Signature Functionality Xiao Feng , Zheng Yuan N/A
Attribute-Based Signing Right Delegation Yi Mu , Guomin Yang , Weiwei Liu N/A
A New Public Key Encryption with Equality Test Raylin Tso , Hung-min Sun , Kaibin Huang , Yu-chi Chen , Wangyu Li N/A
Session A8: Privacy-Preserving and Key Distribution Qianhong Wu N/A
Fingerprint Indexing Based on Combination of Novel Minutiae Triplet Features Jiankun Hu , Wei Zhou , Song Wang , Ian Petersen , Mohammed Bennamoun N/A
Privacy Preserving Biometrics-Based and User Centric Authentication Protocol Elisa Bertino , Hasini Gunasinghe N/A
eCK Secure Single Round ID-based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols with Master Perfect Forward Secrecy Tapas Pandit , Rana Barua , Somanath Tripathy N/A
Efficient Sub-/Inter-Group Key Distribution for Ad Hoc Networks Qianhong Wu , Bo Qin , Wenchang Shi , Linxiao Wang , Yujue Wang , Bin Liang N/A
A novel hybrid key revocation scheme for wireless sensor networks Kim-kwang Raymond Choo , Mengmeng Ge N/A
A proposed approach to compound file fragment identification Wanli ma , Dat tran , Khoa Nguyen , Dharmendra Sharma N/A
Session A9: Security Analysis II Jin Li N/A
Formal Analysis of DAA-Related APIs in TPM 2.0 Li Xi , Dengguo Feng N/A
Cryptanalysis on the authenticated cipher Sablier Fan Zhang , Xiutao Feng N/A
A Stochastic Cyber-Attack Detection Scheme for Stochastic Control Systems Based on Frequency-Domain Transformation Technique Yumei Li , Holger Voos , Albert Rosich , Mohamed Darouach N/A
Security Analysis and Improvement of Femtocell Access Control Raylin Tso , Mu-en Wu , Chien-ming Chen , Tsu-yang Wu N/A