SCcongress 2014 Oct. 21, 2014 to Oct. 21, 2014, New York,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Session 1: Hiring the Unhireable vs STEM education Robert Clark , Winn Schwartau N/A
Session 2: Cyber Insurance - If you can't beat them, insure against them Zouhair Guelzim , Jamie Barnett , Jose Pagliery N/A
Keynote lunch: Sheep Herding with Tropical Fruit Mark Bilanski , Jared Hoffman N/A
The Benefits of File Integrity Monitoring with SIEM Mav Turner N/A
Surviving The Next Cyber War: Thingbots, the Cloud, and the Virtual Battlefield Carl Herberger N/A
Information Classification: First Step to Effective Information Security Sylvia C. Diaz N/A
Session 3: Tomorrow's Threat Michael Riley , Glenn Watt , Lisa Mclaughlin N/A
Keynote: Securing Finance - A continued uphill battle Daniel Conroy , Nasser Fattah N/A
z/OS Mainframes at Risk: The Current Threat Landscape!! Brian Marshall N/A
Taking a Data-Centric Approach to Security in the Cloud Paige Leidig N/A
Securing your data through its journey with Data Classification Martin Sugden N/A
Session 4: Supply Chain Security - It's a brave new world Darren Van Booven , Judith Germano , Edna M. Conway N/A