SecureWorldDallas 2014 Oct. 29, 2014 to Oct. 30, 2014, dallas,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Executive Advisory Board Breakfast: VIP / INVITE ONLY Demetrios Lazarikos N/A
SecureWorld Plus: Risk Management as a Second Language - Security Speak for the C-Suite Brian O'hara N/A
SecureWorld Plus:Intel Guard and Database Defense Top Ten List Tanya Baccam N/A
Data Centric Security A H Kabir N/A
Quantum Encryption M. Scott Kingsley N/A
OPENING KEYNOTE: Gaining Visibility, Meaningful Information Security and Fraud Data in Seconds Demetrios Lazarikos N/A
Anitian: Communicating Risk to Executive Leadership Andrew Plato N/A
Managing Retail Fraud & Cybercrime Shaun Drutar N/A
Radware: Cyber War Chronicles: Stories From the Virtual Trenches David Hobbs N/A
Lunch Keynote: Radware - Surviving the Next Cyber War: Thingbots, the Cloud, & the Virtual Battlefield Carl Herberger N/A
Are We Insane? David Barton N/A
But What About These Things? BYOD & the Participatory Culture in the Workplace Jeff Shaffer N/A
Negotiating Security into Technology Contracts George Finney N/A
Top Twelve Threats to the Enterprise - Gene’s Dirty Dozen Gene Scriven N/A
ISSA Social - Meet & Greet Ira Winkler N/A
InfraGard Chapter Meeting: "The Company Man-Protecting a Company's Secrets" - Open to All Attendees Ann-margret Hinkle N/A
Compliance in a Changing World Brittany George N/A
OPENING KEYNOTE: Insanity – Cyberspace 3.0 is Coming Your Way James Beeson N/A
A Practical Approach to IT Risk Management Amna Siddiqui N/A
Industrial Control System Security Issues Keven Ates N/A
Secure Different Ronald Mehring N/A
The New Cyber Face of War Robin Austin N/A
LUNCH KEYNOTE: Anitian Presents - Building Tomorrow's Security Leaders Andrew Plato N/A
Security Self-Assessment Using the OCR Audit Protocol Michael Carpenter N/A