SOURCE Barcelona 2009 Sept. 21, 2009 to Sept. 22, 2009, Barcelona, Spain

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Telco 2.0 : Security Of Next-Generation Telecom Services Nico Fischbach Most telecom service providers are in the process of deploying next generation network infrastructure, systems ... Security Infrastructure
Software Assurance With Samm Matt Bartoldus Within the security industry, a recent trend is a focus around considering security from the ... Security Compliance
What'S New With Xprobe Fyodor Yarochkin In this presentation the author of Xprobe will discuss new cool things that are being ... Others Security
Knowing Me, Knowing You Brian Honan Is it possible to gather enough information about someone in order to steal their identity ... Security Privacy Legal
Consumer B Gone - Shopping Cart Antitheft System Gone Wrong Philippe Langlois Embedded systems are used in increasingly weird places for security controls. Shopping carts seems to ... Security Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
The Cloud Computing Threat Vector Jim Reavis How are hackers attacking the cloud and how should enterprises and cloud providers strengthen their ... Security Cloud
Scare Them Into Compliance - How Fear And Fines Motivate Organizations To Make Changes Erin Jacobs There are few emotional motivators that are stronger then fear. This strong emotional trigger has ... Compliance Security
A Look At Security Projects And Spending In The Current Recession Dov Yoran We compiled results from our CISO/CSO survey and other confidential information sharing forums to better ... Security Others
Expanding The Control Over Operating System From The Database Guido Landi Using a database, either via a SQL injection or via direct connection, as a stepping ... Security Others Unix
The Möbius Defense And The End Of Defense In Depth Pete Herzog Keynote
Windows Secure Kernel Development Fermin Serna The talk will cover several kernel mode topics on win32. The main target are kernel ... Security Unix Development
Transacting Online: What Might Be Good Enough And What Isn'T Michael Baentsch It is by now technically generally accepted that performing "pure" online transactions, e.g., money transfers ... Security Web Others
State Of Malware: Explosion Of The Axis Of Evil Peter Silberman This talk will provide real world statistics on malware their properties and characteristics as seen ... Security Others Malware
Key Stroke Dynamics As The Basis For Secure Authentication Dieter Bartmann * History * how it works * demonstration * potential * security feature: replay filter ... Security Others
Reil Using Platform-Independent Automated Deobfuscation Sebastian Porst , Christian Ketterer In this talk we are going to present a potential static solution to the problem ... Security Others Analysis
The Future Application Security Landscape Charles Henderson This talk provides a broad based overview of the current and future landscape of application ... Security Web Application Security
Triaging Bugs With Dynamic Dataflow Analysis Julio Auto This lecture deals with the usage of automated dynamic DF analysis to aid in the ... Security Analysis