BSidesVienna 2014 Nov. 22, 2014 to Nov. 22, 2014, Rahlgasse,Vienna

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The A and the P of the T Marion Marschalek N/A
Sentinel - Semi automated web application testing Dobin Rutishauser N/A
On the security of security extensions for IP-based KNX networks Wolfgang Kastner , Aljosha Judmayer , Lukas Krammer N/A
OSPF - Open Shortest Pwn First Louis Duruflé N/A
Hacking Online Banking Trojans Sebastian Bachmann , Tibor Éliás N/A
Antivirus Evasion with ShCoLo/ExLo - Why Malware Works in face of Antivirus Software Matthias Deeg N/A
Enhancing Mobile Malware: an Android RAT Case Study Marco Lancini , Roberto Puricelli N/A
Vulnerability Assessments on SCADA Networks: Outsmarting the Smart Grid Fadli B. Sidek N/A
The wrong side of history - everything that is old is new again Arron "finux" Finnon N/A
Fooling wired Network Access Control Bernhard Thaler N/A
Screw Compliance! Why security standards kill security! Johannes Stillig N/A
Attack points in health apps & wearable fitness devices Candid Wueest N/A
Alternative Cashout Strategies Benjamin Brown N/A
Analytics Killed the Risk Management Star Alex Hutton N/A
Smashing the Buffer Miroslav Stampar N/A
Identifying and Detecting Botnet Behaviors in the Network Sebastian Garcia N/A