Cartes 2014 Nov. 4, 2014 to Nov. 6, 2014, Paris,France

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
From Cards to Mobile: The Five Most Impactful Trends in Payments Today Michelle Evans N/A
Instant Issuing: Towards the Bank Branch of the Future Olivier Sery , Luca Spina N/A
Instant Issuance of EMV Cards John Ekers N/A
How Flash Technology Has Helped to Counterattack the Target Breach in US Cristina Delera N/A
When Breaches Happen: How to Preserve Customer Relationships with Instant Issuance Ray Wizbowski N/A
Have We Been Focusing more on Costs, Security, New Technologies than on Customer Satisfaction? Liao Hung , José Antonio N/A
The Importance of Card Design to Reach Top of Wallet Positioning Wahler Adam N/A
Cardholder Mobility Enabled via Issuance Services David Cook N/A
How Loyalty May Be the Key Component of Personalization Michelle Evans N/A
Using the Point-of-Sale to Bring Customer Insight Worldwide Georgina Nelson N/A
The Future of eID Didier Chaudin N/A
Data Security, a Driver for the Development of the Digital Economy Thierry Le Forban N/A
Regulations and Capturing Business Opportunities in a Changing World Robert Garskamp N/A
Real Security Asks for a Secure Element Carsten Traupe N/A
Tackling Lack of Trust in Online Reviews Through Innovative Identity Solutions Olivier Maas N/A
How should we replace Physical Identity Cards with a Virtual Equivalent? Mark Baaijens N/A
Unlocking the True Value of Digital Identity by re-using Identity Solutions Arne Vidar Haug N/A
Secure Identity of Cardholders with Biometrics Susanne Hannestad N/A
Privacy Enabled by Innovative Security Solutions Peter Laackmann , Marcus Janke N/A
My Life, my Data, my Private Life Anne-marie Hartmann N/A
Is Current Payment Regulation for or against User Privacy? Moshe Cohen N/A
Security as a Service: A Complex Creation Based on a Humble Idea Per Skygebjerg N/A
Panel Discussion: The Future of Bitcoin Pierre Noizat , Eric Larcheveque , Thomas Voegtlin , Frédéric Martin N/A
Could Bitcoin be the Future of Payment? What are its Advantages? Jean Claude N/A
Risks of Cryptocurrency: Are Your Customers Ready to Handle Bitcoins? Think Twice! Stefano Ciminelli N/A
How GlobalPlatform’s TEE is Solving the Missing Security Link for Mobile Wallets Kevin Gillick N/A
Boosting Cross Border E and M Commerce with the SEPA Credit Transfert and Direct Debit Cyril Dougier N/A
Using APIs and HCE to Make Physical World Payments Simple for any Mobile App Hans Reisgies N/A
How to Launch an Efficient “Wearable (Payment) Devices” Strategy Olga Titova Candel , Nathan Hilt N/A
Making Sense of the Speed of Change in Payments Today Nathan Hilt , Luca Andrew N/A
The Future of Cash Ron Delnevo N/A
The New Generation of Digital Wallets Jean-charles Ricomini , Philippe Dyseryn N/A
Future of Connected Commerce Jj. Kieley N/A
Lead Retail Trends - M-commerce, Social Media,... Vincent Druguet N/A
Transforming the Moment of Payment into a Moment of Interaction Philippe David N/A
Panel Discussion: mPOS, HCE/BLE/NFC, Added-Value Services, Omni-Channel Nigel Dean , Nigel Motyer , Erik Vlugt , Stephane Jacquis N/A
Technology Developments as a Response to the Changes in the Sector Pierre Blanc N/A
A Successful Drive to Store Example with Mobile Coupons Laetitia Gazel Anthoine N/A
Paradigm Shift in Retail: M-Commerce As It Should Be Janos Koka N/A
Smart Wearable Payment: Overview, Use Cases and Return of Experience Jean Claude Barbezange N/A
The Mobile Revolution Is Underway Nicolas Schaettel N/A
Firenzecard Discover the City & more... Roberto Dinelli N/A
Digital Cash Transforming African Aid Programmes Ram Banerjee N/A
How Mobile Financial Services are Redesigning the Financial Industry Jack Pan , Filipe Mello , Vp N/A
Unlocking Your Fullest Potential Through Omnichannel Tom Conlon N/A
How Mobile Services will enhance Edenred’s Prepaid Corporate Service Antoine Dumurgier N/A
Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere: The Growing Threat to Mobile Devices David Emm N/A
Consumers and Mobile Payments - A Global Segmentation Suraya Randawa N/A
Best Ways to engage with Consumers & Merchants in Mobile Payments Simone Ranucci N/A
Mobile Shopping Gets Smart - 2.0 Retail Shopping Case Studies Christophe Pecquerie N/A
Bringing Mobile Payment Innovation to Market Rob Cameron N/A
Widening of EMVCo scope & Next Gen Christian Delporte , Marc Kekicheff N/A
Panel Discussion: US EMV Migration Forum Karen Czack , Oliver Manahan , Erik Vlugt , Cathy Medich N/A
EMV DI Smart Card Production Solution David Zhang N/A
Partnership: the Key to Driving Unattended EMV in the Transportation and Parking Sector Jose Da Silva , Paul Sidwell N/A
End-to-end Tokenization of PAN between EMV-Application/Digital-Wallet and Issuer Host Milos Dunjic N/A
Because Non-Branded Payment, Petrol or Retail Cards Deserve the Benefits of EMV Too! Edouard Da Silva N/A
Is the PAN Going to Disappear ? Jean-louis Meyer N/A
A Secure Profile for Tokenization in E and M-Commerce Andreas Strobel , Board (spa) , Germany N/A
M2M and IoT: Key Area of Focus for Growth Edward Simonet N/A
GlobalPlatform’s Proposition for the Internet of Things Sebastian Hans N/A
Managing the Machines – Why the eUICC is the Right Choice for M2M Security Michele Scarlatella N/A
Remote SIM Provisioning Jean-christophe Tisseuil N/A
How to Establish Trust in the Connected World Jason Hart N/A
Leveraging Smartphones, RFID Tags, and One-Time Password Technology to Verify Proof of Presence Marc Bielmann N/A
NFC, Security and Interactions in the Internet of Things Deepak Jain N/A
How Smart Terminals Could Revolutionize Consumer Experience? Gilles Brule N/A
Key Success Factors for Deploying Connected Objects: Quality, Resilience and Control Frédéric Maro N/A
Panel Discussion: Views and Perspectives on Securing Exponentially Increasing Amounts of Objects Both Physically Accessible and Remotely Controllable Sean Wykes , Steve Gussenhoven , Emmanuel Routier N/A
Supporting Sustainable Economic Growth through the Development of Trusted Digital Identities andthe Widespread Adoption of Secure eServices Jean-claude Perrin , Alain Ducass N/A
How Will Digital Inclusion Fundamentally Affect the Governmental Ecosystems Equilibriums? Hassan Maad N/A
A Citizen Card to Open Your City David Mitel N/A
Mobile Devices Matter: Governments Working Smart(er) Adam Tangun N/A
Trusted eID as the Fundamental Basis to Financial Inclusion and the Role of Governments Youzec Kurp N/A
The Nigerian eID Project - A Case Study Chris Onyemenam , Adam Ross N/A
The Authentication Infrastructure Road Map in Government & Private Sector in Turkey Oktay Adalier N/A
Successful Implementation of “Central Population Registers” in the Federation Bosnia andHerzegovina Alexander Ristic , Dragan Miokovic N/A
The New Ecuadorian Electronic ID Card: Delivering Services to Citizens Stefan Barbu , Ramiro Pazmino N/A
eID in Developing Countries Mariana Dahan N/A
The Key Dimensions of Biometrics-Based Authentication : User-experience, Form Factor Independence, Certification André Delaforge N/A
Contactless Biometric Payment - Experience from Live Trial Susanne Hannestad N/A
Biometrics in Payments Ernst Bovelander N/A
Loan Contracts to be Signed in Handwritten Digitized Form, BNP Paribas (Cetelem) Case Study Michal Lichner N/A
Biometrics – Assured Identity in a Mobile World Richard Agostinelli N/A
In a World of Sensors and Over-Sharing, is Privacy really Dead? Sebastien Taveau N/A
Biometrics in the Mainstream: Enabling New Services for Government and Commerce Max Snijder N/A
Authenticating your MIND: a Case Study in Cognitive Biometrics Richard Perry N/A
Customer Applications in Biometric Authentication and Identity Requiring Fake Finger Detection Solutions Mark Cornett N/A
Device Fingerprinting and Privacy: How to Combine them to Fulfill Strong Authentication? Quentin Alamelou N/A
Creating, Managing and Using Secure Identities across Multiple Smart Devices Yves Ackermann N/A
Innovation in Financial Services Industry Stephen Greer N/A
Cloud Based Rights & Contactless Application Management for NFC Devices in Practice Nicolai Finke N/A
Bringing Trust to the Cloud Pim Tuyls N/A
Does Chip-to-Cloud Security present a Growth Opportunity for the Smart Card Industry? Donald Tait N/A
Why Customers are Adopting Software Secure Element? Douglas Kinloch N/A
Basic Applet Verification Marc Witteman , Hans Van Tilburg N/A
Making Life Safer and Easier Gwen Edwards N/A
Wearable Banking Clayton Locke N/A
Why HCE Makes Sense for Banks, but Secure Element Can't Be Forgotten Hans Reigies N/A
Five Standards that Accelerate Commerce Robert Brown N/A
Delivering Secure, Strong Authentication – The Role of the TEE, SE & SIM in the FIDO Protocol Rolf Lindemann N/A
HCE and secure element, security and usability: the trade-offs Olivier Tessier N/A
Panel Discussion: Mastering the Security in Mobile Financial Services Nicolas Fort , Didier Serra , Susanne Molkentin-lacuve N/A
Models and Services for Authentication in an Effective Electromobility Infrastructure Carsten Rust N/A
Take Care: Transportation is Going Digital Loic Dequay N/A
TER NFC: a New Customer Experience with NFC Ticketing Nicolas Generali N/A
Panel Discussion: From Transport to other Applications Stephanie El Rhomri , Philippe Rousselet , Telly Antonios , Steven Currie N/A
The Myths and Realities Behind NFC and HCE Donald Tait N/A
NFC Payments Finally! The Implementation of HCE and Tokenization for Mobile Transport Patrick Henzen N/A
Panel Discussion: HCE and Apple - Pay Game Changer or Security Risk? Rémi Gitzinger , Olivier Maas , Susanne Molkentin-lacuve , Amos Kater , Jérôme Chavanel N/A
How HCE materially changed the issuance strategy of a major Bank David De Coning N/A
Maximizing mPOS Transaction Volume by Moving up the Value Chain Jacques Guerin N/A
Advancing Security in Mobile POS Terminals Christophe Tremlet N/A