CCS 2014 Nov. 3, 2014 to Nov. 7, 2014, Scottsdale,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Founding Digital Currency on Secure Computation Karim Eldefrawy , Joshua Lampkins N/A
Code Reuse Attacks in PHP: Automated POP Chain Generation Thorsten Holz , Johannes Dahse , Nikolai Krein N/A
Rosemary: A Robust, Secure, and High-performance Network Operating System Phillip Porras , Vinod Yegneswaran , Brent ByungHoon Kang , Seungwon Shin , Yongjoo Song , Taekyung Lee , Sangho Lee , Jaewoong Chung , Jisung Noh N/A
Deanonymisation of clients in Bitcoin P2P network Alex Biryukov , Dmitry Khovratovich , Ivan Pustogarov N/A
Information Leaks Without Memory Disclosures: Remote Side Channel Attacks on Diversified Code Hamed Okhravi , Jeff Seibert , Eric Söderström N/A
Hypervision Across Worlds: Real-time Kernel Protection from the ARM TrustZone Secure World Ahmed Azab , Peng Ning , Quan Chen , Jitesh Shah , Rohan Bhutkar , Guruprasad Ganesh , Jia Ma , Wenbo Shen N/A
How to Use BItcoin to Incentivize Correct Computations Ranjit Kumaresan , Iddo Bentov N/A
Code Injection Attacks on HTML5-based Mobile Apps: Characterization, Detection and Mitigation Heng Yin , Xing Jin , Wenliang Du , Xunchao Hu , Kailiang Ying , Gautam Nagesh Peri N/A
A11y Attacks: Exploiting Accessibility in Operating Systems Wenke Lee , Chengyu Song , Tielei Wang , Yeongjin Jang , Simon Chung N/A
Private-by-Design Advertising Meets the Real World Alexey Reznichenko , Paul Francis N/A
DeTrust: Defeating Hardware Trust Verification with Stealthy Implicitly-Triggered Hardware Trojans Qiang Xu , Jie Zhang , Feng Yuan N/A
SCORAM: Oblivious RAM for Secure Computation Elaine Shi , T-h. hubert Chan , Xiao sophia Wang , Yan Huang , Abhi Shelat N/A
Your Online Interests – Pwned! A Pollution Attack Against Targeted Advertising Anmol Sheth , Wenke Lee , Wei Meng , Xinyu Xing , Udi Weinsberg N/A
ATRA: Address Translation Redirection Attack against Hardware-based External Monitors Brent ByungHoon Kang , Hojoon Lee , Daehee Jang , Minsu Kim , Daehyeok Kim , Daegyeong Kim N/A
Toward Robust Hidden Volumes using Write-Only Oblivious RAM Erik-oliver Blass , Guevara Noubir , Kaan Onarlioglu , Travis Mayberry N/A
Characterizing Large-Scale Click Fraud in ZeroAccess Damon Mccoy , Kirill Levchenko , Geoffrey M. Voelker , Stefan Savage , Vern Paxson , Chris Grier , Saikat Guha , Paul Pearce , Vacha Dave N/A
AutoProbe: Towards Automatic Active Malicious Server Probing Using Dynamic Binary Analysis Guofei Gu , Juan Caballero , Antonio Nappa , Zhaoyan Xu , Robert Baykov , Guangliang Yang N/A
Oblivious Data Structure Elaine Shi , T-h. hubert Chan , Xiao sophia Wang , Chang Liu , Yan Huang , Emil Stefanov , Kartik Nayak N/A
A Systematic Approach to Developing and Evaluating Website Fingerprinting Defenses Ian Goldberg , Rob Johnson , Tao Wang , Xiang Cai , Rishab Nithyanand N/A
Optimal Average-Complexity Ideal-Security Order-Preserving Encryption Florian Kerschbaum , Axel Schroepfer N/A
Routing Bottlenecks in the Internet – Causes, Exploits, and Countermeasures Min Suk Kang , Virgil D. Gligor N/A
TUTORIAL 1:Title: Integrity, Consistency, and Verification of Remote Computation Christian Cachin N/A
Location Privacy Protection for Smartphone Users Kassem Fawaz , Kang G. Shin N/A
A New Additive Homomorphic Encryption based on the co-ACD Problem Jae hong Seo , Hyung Tae Lee , Jung Hee Cheon N/A
VoIP Fraud: Identifying a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Hemant Sengar N/A
A Critical Evaluation of Website Fingerprinting Attacks Rachel Greenstadt , Claudia Diaz , Sadia Afroz , Marc Juarez , Gunes Acar N/A
Verifying Curve25519 Software Peter Schwabe , Yu-fang Chen , Chang-hong Hsu , Hsin-hung Lin , Ming-hsien Tsai , Bow-yaw Wang , Bo-yin Yang , Shang-yi Yang N/A
Mechanized Network Origin and Path Authenticity Proofs Adrian Perrig , Tiffany Hyun-Jin Kim , Limin Jia , Soo bum Lee , Fuyuan Zhang , Cristina Basescu , Yih-chun Hu N/A
Optimal Geo-Indistinguishable Mechanisms for Location Privacy Catuscia Palamidessi , Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis , Nicolás E. Bordenabe N/A
Searchable Encryption with Secure and Efficient Updates Florian Kerschbaum , Florian Hahn N/A
Security Vulnerability in Processor-Interconnect Router Design Jae Du Lee , Wonjun Song , John Kim , Dennis Abts N/A
Multi-ciphersuite security of the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol Douglas Stebila , Jörg Schwenk , Florian Bergsma , Benjamin Dowling , Florian Kohlar N/A
Watching the Watchers: Automatically Inferring TV Content From Outdoor Light Effusions Fabian Monrose , Jan-michael Frahm , Yi Xu N/A
ARPKI: Attack Resilient Public-Key Infrastructure Adrian Perrig , Tiffany Hyun-Jin Kim , Cas Cremers , David Basin , Ralf Sasse , Pawel Szalachowski N/A
Acoustic Fingerprinting Revisited: Generate Stable Device ID Stealthy with Inaudible Sound Kehuan Zhang , Zhe Zhou , Wenrui Diao , Xiangyu Liu N/A
Uncovering Large Groups of Active Malicious Accounts in Online Social Networks Xiaowei Yang , Qiang Cao , Jieqi Yu , Christopher Palow N/A
Securing SSL Certificate Verification through Dynamic Linking Adam Bates , Joe Pletcher , Kevin Butler , Tyler Nichols , Braden Hollembaekc , Dave Tian N/A
Do You Hear What I Hear? Fingerprinting Smart Devices Through Embedded Acoustic Components Matthew Caesar , Nikita Borisov , Anupam Das N/A
Consequences of Connectivity: Characterizing Account Hijacking on Twitter Vern Paxson , Chris Grier , Frank h. Li , Kurt Thomas N/A
PoliCert: Secure and Flexible TLS Certificate Management Adrian Perrig , Stephanos Matsumoto , Pawel Szalachowski N/A
Context-free Attacks Using Keyboard Acoustic Emanations Tong Zhu , Qiang Ma , Shanfeng Zhang , Yunhao Liu N/A
Face in the Distorting Mirror: Revisiting Photo-based Social Authentication Stefano Zanero , Angelos Keromytis , Sotiris Ioannidis , Federico Maggi , Georgios Kontaxis , Iasonas Polakis , Marco Lancini , Panagiotis Ilia N/A
(Nothing else) MATor(s): Monitoring the Anonymity of Tor's Path Selection Michael Backes , Aniket Kate , Esfandiar Mohammadi , Sebastian Meiser N/A
Breaking Integrated Circuit Device Security through Test Mode Silicon Reverse Engineering Markus Kammerstetter , Christian Platzer , Wolfgang Kastner , Markus Muellner , Daniel Burian N/A
Reuse It Or Lose It: More Efficient Secure Computation Through Reuse of Encrypted Values Kevin Butler , Benjamin Mood , Joan Feigenbaum , Debayan Gupta N/A
Deniable Liaisons Nick Feamster , Alex c. Snoeren , Abhinav Narain N/A
ARMlock: Hardware-based Fault Isolation for ARM Zhi Wang , Yajin Zhou , Xiaoguang Wang , Yue Chen N/A
UC security is practical: Efficient UC protocols with a Global Random Oracle Ran Canetti , Abhishek Jain , Alessandra Scafuro N/A
Community-Enhanced De-anonymization of Online Social Networks Apu Kapadia , Shirin Nilizadeh , Yong-yeol Ahn N/A
The Last Mile: An Empirical Study of Some Timing Channels on seL4 David Cock , Qian Ge , Toby Murray , Gernot Heiser N/A
A Computationally Complete Symbolic Attacker for Equivalence Properties Hubert Comon-lundh , Gergei Bana N/A
Detection of On-Road Vehicles Emanating GPS Interference Hossen Mustafa , Wenyuan Xu , Marco Gruteser , Yingying Chen , Yan Wang , Gorkem Kar , Tam Vu N/A
Optimizing Obfuscation: Avoiding Barrington's Theorem Amit Sahai , Divya Gupta , Yuval Ishai , Prabhanjan Ananth N/A
The web never forgets: Persistent tracking mechanisms in the wild Claudia Diaz , Christian Eubank , Arvind Narayanan , Marc Juarez , Gunes Acar , Steven Englehardt N/A
On The Security of Mobile Cockpit Information Systems Kirill Levchenko , Stefan Savage , Stephen Checkoway , Alex c. Snoeren , Devin Lundberg , Brown Farinholt , Edward Sullivan , Ryan Mast N/A
Fully Secure and Fast Signing from Obfuscation Brent Waters , Kim Ramchen N/A
MACE: Detecting Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities in Web Applications Prasad Naldurg , Maliheh Monshizadeh , V. n. Venkatakrishnan N/A
Exciting Security Research Opportunity: Next-generation Internet Adrian Perrig N/A
Security Analysis of the Estonian Internet Voting System J. Alex Halderman , Zakir Durumeric , Harri Hursti , Drew Springall , Travis Finkenauer , Jason Kitcat , Margaret Macalpine N/A
Increasing Security Sensitivity With Social Proof: A Large-Scale Experimental Confirmation Sauvik Das , Jason Hong , Laura Dabbish , Adam Kramer N/A
Vulnerability and Protection of Channel State Information in Multiuser MIMO Networks Kang G. Shin , Yu-chih Tung , Sihui Han , Dongyao Chen N/A
TUTORIAL 2: Title: Text Analytics for Security William Enck , Tao Xie N/A
Harvesting high value foreign currency transactions from EMV contactless credit cards without the PIN Martin Emms , Aad Van Moorsel , Budi Arief , Leo Freitas , Joseph Hannon N/A
Are You Ready to Lock? Understanding User Motivations for Smartphone Locking Behaviors David A. Wagner , Serge Egelman , Sunny Consolvo , Sakshi Jain , Rebecca Pottenger , Kerwell Liao N/A
Blind Transmitter Authentication for Spectrum Security and Enforcement Vireshwar Kumar , Jung-min Park , Kaigui Bian N/A
Real Threats to Your Data Bills: Security Loopholes and Defenses in Mobile Data Charging Chunyi Peng , Chi-yu Li , Hongyi Wang , Guan-hua Tu , Songwu Lu N/A
ALETHEIA: Improving the Usability of Static Security Analysis Salvatore Guarnieri , Omer Tripp , Marco Pistoia , Aleksandr Aravkin N/A
RevCast: Fast, Private Certificate Revocation over FM Radio Dave Levin , Aaron Schulman , Neil Spring N/A
Taking Authenticated Range Queries to Arbitrary Dimensions Dimitrios Papadopoulos , Nikos Triandopoulos , Stavros Papadopoulos N/A
Wiretapping via Mimicry: Short Voice Imitation Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on Crypto Phones Nitesh Saxena , Maliheh Shirvanian N/A
Clubbing Seals: Exploring the Ecosystem of Third-party Security Seals Frank Piessens , Wouter Joosen , Nick Nikiforakis , Tom Van Goethem N/A
Outsourced Proofs of Retrievability Frederik Armknecht , Ghassan O. Karame , Jens-matthias Bohli , Zongren Liu , Christian A. Reuter N/A
Context-Based Zero-Interaction Pairing and Key Evolution for Advanced Personal Devices N. Asokan , Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Markus Miettinen , Majid Sobhani , Thien Duc Nguyen N/A
A Nearly Four-Year Longitudinal Study of Search-Engine Poisoning Tyler Moore , Nektarios Leontiadis , Nicolas Christin N/A
Efficiently Verifiable Computation on Encrypted Data Dario Fiore , Rosario Gennaro , Valerio Pastro N/A
OAuth Demystified for Mobile Application Developers Shuo Chen , Eric yawei Chen , Yuan Tian , Yutong Pei , Patrick Tague , Robert Kotcher N/A
From Patches to Honey-Patches: Lightweight Attacker Misdirection, Deception, and Disinformation Stefan Katzenbeisser , Sebastian Biedermann , Kevin W. Hamlen , Frederico Araujo N/A
ALITHEIA: Towards Practical Verifiable Graph Processing Jonathan Katz , Charalampos Papamanthou , Yupeng Zhang N/A
Beware, Your Hands Reveal Your Secrets ! Diksha Shukla , Rajesh Kumar , Abdul Serwadda , Vir Phoha N/A
A Threat for Tablet PCs in Public Space: Remote Visualization of Screen Images Using EM Emanation Hideaki Sone , Takafumi Aoki , Yuichi Hayashi , Naofumi Homma , Mamoru Miura N/A
Quantifying Web-Search Privacy Srdjan Capkun , Vincent Lenders , Reza Shokri , Arthur Gervais , Adish Singla N/A
SCharacterization of Real-Life PRNGs under Partial State Corruption Mario Cornejo , Sylvain Ruhault N/A
Structural Data De-anonymization: Quantification, Practice, and Implications Raheem Beyah , Shouling Ji , Weiqing Li , Mudhakar Srivatsa N/A
Mayhem in the Push Clouds: Understanding and Mitigating Security Hazards in Mobile Push-Messaging Services Xiaofeng Wang , Xiaoyong Zhou , Muhammad Naveed , Tongxin Li , Luyi Xing , Yeonjoon Lee , Xinhui Han N/A
Synthesis of Fault Attacks on Cryptographic Implementations Pierre-alain Fouque , Gilles Barthe , François Dupressoir , Benjamin Grégoire , Jean-christophe Zapalowicz N/A
RAPPOR: Randomized Aggregatable Privacy-Preserving Ordinal Response Ulfar Erlingsson , Aleksandra Korolova , Vasyl Pihur N/A
Cross-Tenant Side-Channel Attacks in PaaS Clouds Ari Juels , Thomas Ristenpart , Mike Reiter , Yinqian Zhang N/A
ShadowCrypt: Encrypted Web Applications for Everyone Dawn Song , Elaine Shi , Devdatta Akhawe , Warren He , Sumeet Jain N/A
PrivEx: Private Collection of Traffic Statistics for Anonymous Communication Networks Ian Goldberg , George Danezis , Tariq Elahi N/A
Automating Information Flow Analysis of Low Level Code Musard Balliu , Mads Dam , Roberto Guanciale N/A
Semantics-Aware Android Malware Classification Using Weighted Contextual API Dependency Graphs Heng Yin , Mu Zhang , Yue Duan , Zhiruo Zhao N/A
PixelVault: Using GPUs for Securing Cryptographic Operations Sotiris Ioannidis , Michalis Polychronakis , Giorgos Vasiliadis , Elias Athanasopoulos N/A
Collaborative Verification of Information Flow for a High-Assurance App Store Karl Koscher , Seungyeop Han , Franziska Roesner , Paul Vines , Ravi Bhoraskar , Michael D. Ernst , René Just , Suzanne Millstein , Werner Dietl , Stuart Pernsteiner , Paulo Barros , Edward Wu N/A
An Epidemiological Study of Malware Encounters in a Large Enterprise Ari Juels , Michael K. Reiter , Alina Oprea , Ting-fang Yen , Victor Heorhiadi N/A
Hey, NSA: Stay Away from my Market! Future Proofing App Markets against Powerful Attackers Henning Perl , Matthew Smith , Sascha Fahl , Sergej Dechand , Felix Fischer , Jaromir Smrcek N/A
KEYNOTE 2 :Privacy: Beyond Confidentiality Chris Clifton N/A
Fail-Security in Access Control David Basin , Mohammad Torabi Dashti , Petar Tsankov , Srdjan Marinovic N/A
Multi-Stage Key Exchange and the Case of Google's QUIC Protocol Marc Fischlin , Felix Günther N/A
S3: A Symbolic String Solver for Vulnerability Detection in Web Applications Minh-thai Trinh , Duc-hiep Chu , Joxan Jaffar N/A
TUTORIAL 3:Title: Client-Controlled Cloud Encryption Florian Kerschbaum N/A
World-Driven Access Control for Continuous Sensing Tadayoshi Kohno , David Molnar , Helen J. Wang , Alexander Moshchuk , Franziska Roesner N/A
Algebraic MACs and Keyed-Verification Anonymous Credentials Sarah Meiklejohn , Melissa Chase , Gregory Zaverucha N/A
ClickMiner: Towards Forensic Reconstruction of User-Browser Interactions from Network Traces Roberto Perdisci , Kang Li , Terry Nelms , Christopher Neasbitt N/A
Decide Now or Decide Later? Quantifying the Tradeoff between Prospective and Retrospective Access Decisions Bradley Malin , Wen Zhang , You Chen , Thaddeus Cybulski , Daniel Fabbri , Carl A. Gunter , Patrick Lawlor , David Liebovitz N/A
Security Analyses of Click-based Graphical Passwords via Image Point Memorability Bin Zhu , Jeff Yan , Dongchen Wei , Maowei Yang N/A
Moving Target: Security and Rapid-Release in Firefox Matt Blaze , Jonathan M. Smith , Sandy ‘mouse’ Clark , Michael Collis N/A
System-level Non-interference for Constant-time Cryptography Gilles Barthe , Gustavo Betarte , Juan diego Campo , Carlos Luna , David Pichardie N/A
RockJIT: Securing Just-In-Time Compilation Using Modular Control-Flow Integrity Gang Tan , Ben Niu N/A
A Tale of Two Kernels: Towards Ending Kernel Hardening Wars with Split Kernel Anil Kurmus , Robby Zippel N/A
Controlled Functional Encryption Xiaofeng Wang , Jean-pierre Hubaux , Shashank Agrawal , Muhammad Naveed , Manoj Prabhakaran , Carl A. Gunter , Erman Ayday N/A
Amandroid: A Precise and General Inter-component Data Flow Analysis Framework for Security Vetting of Android Apps Xinming Ou , Fengguo Wei , Sankardas Roy , Robby N/A
Beyond Pattern Matching: A Concurrency Model for Stateful Deep Packet Inspection Somesh Jha , Robin Sommer , Lorenzo De Carli N/A
Formatted Encryption Beyond Regular Languages Somesh Jha , Thomas Ristenpart , Thomas Shrimpton , Daniel Luchaup N/A
You Can Run but You Can't Read: Preventing Disclosure Exploits in Executable Code Thorsten Holz , Michael Backes , Stefan Nurnberger , Jannik Pewny , Benjamin Kollenda , Philipp Koppe N/A
The UNIX Process Identity Crisis: A Standards-Driven Approach to Setuid Mahesh v. Tripunitara , Mark Dittmer N/A
VerSum: Verifiable Computations over Large Public Logs Nickolai Zeldovich , M. Frans Kaashoek , Jelle Hooff N/A
AutoCog: Measuring the Description-to-permission Fidelity in Android Applications Yan Chen , Vaibhav Rastogi , Zhengyang Qu , Xinyi Zhang , Tiantian Zhu , Zhong Chen N/A