defcamp 2014 Nov. 28, 2014 to Nov. 29, 2014, bucharest,romania

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Speech - 5th edition of DefCamp Andrei Avadanei N/A
Crypto as a global business Mika Lauhde N/A
Leading and Developing the Cyber Workforce Anthony Guess-johnson N/A
Cyber Necromancy: Reverse Engineering Dead Protocols Matthew Halchyshak N/A
Vulnerability Assessments on SCADA Networks: Outsmarting the Smart Grid. Fadli B. Sidek N/A
Finding a European way for a safer cyberworld integrating our continent's millenary values. Laurent Chrzanovski N/A
Managing Risk Effectively Cristian Stoica N/A
What happens in Windows 8 stays in Windows 8 Moti Joseph , Marion Marschalek N/A
Democracy and massive-control in the post-Snowden age Raoul “nobody” Chiesa N/A
PuttyRider - Pivoting from Windows to Linux in a penetration test Adrian Furtuna N/A
Practical Study of Security Problems on One of the Most Efficient Web Application Firewall Cernica Ionut-cosmin N/A
Security Nightmares for Journalists, why we must all be SysAdmins. Julie Gommes N/A
Android(in)Security Ralf C. Staudemeyer N/A
Cognitive Bias and Critical Thinking in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Benjamin Brown N/A
The heritage of Snowden for Europe Mika Lauhde N/A
Privacy in Mobile Apps. Enterprise Opportunities Yury Chemerkin N/A
SSH Tunneling - a gate to freedom and a threat Andrei Hodorog N/A
Cyber Ranges Paul De Souza N/A
TBC Roger W. Kuhn N/A
Securing Networks using SDN and Machine Learning Dragos Comaneci N/A
CubeSats – A fairy tale; How academia got the chance to implement satellite (in-)security and how I tried to fix it Marius Münch N/A
A look into Bullet Proof Hosting Catalin Cosoi , Silviu Sofronie N/A
SCADA Software or Swiss Cheese Software? Celil Unuver N/A
Owning the girl next door Alex “jay” Balan N/A
Penetration Testing – 7 Deadly Sins Marek Zmysłowski N/A
Pyrotechnic Composition: Fireworks, Embedded Wireless and Insecurity-by-Design Andrei Costin N/A
Memory Forensics & Security Analytics: Detecting Unknown Malware Fahad Ehsan N/A
Social Engineering, or "hacking people" Tudor Damian N/A