escar 2014 Nov. 18, 2014 to Nov. 19, 2014, Hamburg,Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote :CONVERGE - Communication Network Vehicle Road Global Extention Horst Wieker N/A
Security Levels and System Security Requirements for System Integrity of Automotive ECUs Benjamin Glas , Jens Gramm , Priyamvadha Vembar N/A
Guidelines for Vehicle Cyber Security Hirofumi Onishi N/A
Secure Coding and MISRA C/C++ in ECU Development Priyamvadha Vembar , Jan Holle N/A
USB unter the bonnet, Implications of USB vulnerabilities in vehicle systems Andy Davis N/A
Methods for Penetration Testing of Automotive Embedded Systems. Yaron Galula N/A
What does it take to break a high security ECU? Uri Bear N/A
Demonstration of a False-data Injection Attack against an FMCW Radar Ryan M. Gerdes , Kevin Heaslip , Ruchir Chauhan N/A
Keynote :Algorithmic Aspects of Route Planning in Transportation Networks Dorothea Wagner N/A
Insights from Aeorspace Security: Standards, robust wireless links and outage-based risk assessment Nicolas Schrammer , Heiko Fimpel N/A
Benefits and Values of the TPM Martin Klimke N/A
An Automotive-qualified Hardware Security Module Frederic Stumpf , Christopher Pohl N/A
Bootstrapping trust in automotive networks with different types of ECUs. Debojyoti Bhattacharya , Sriram Subramanian Neelakantan , Jamshid Shokrollahi , Hans Loehr N/A
CaCAN - Centralized Authentication System in CAN Hiroaki Takada , Ryo Kurachi , Yutaka Matsubara , Naoki Adachi , Yukihiro Miyashita , Satoshi Horihata N/A
A Security Architecture for Virtual Car Keys Harel Cain , Alon Shaltiel N/A
Timing Covert Channel Analysis on Partitioned Systems Don Kuzhiyelil , Sergey Tverdyshev N/A
escar USA and escar ASIA, A look back and beyond Lars Wolleschensky , Ayumu Yokouchi N/A