Hacklu 2014 Oct. 21, 2014 to Oct. 24, 2014, Luxembourg,Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Heartbleed test Adventure Filippo Valsorda N/A
Funcap: Rapid reversing with IDA Pro Andrzej Dereszowski N/A
Stripping the controversial FinFisher application for Android phones Attila Marosi N/A
Bypassing Sandboxes for fun… Profit will be realized by sandbox vendors Paul Jung N/A
Python Code Obfuscation: Improving Existing Techniques Serge Guelton N/A
Extreme Privilege Escalation On Windows 8/UEFI Systems Xeno Kovah , Corey Kallenberg , John Butterworth , Sam Cornwell N/A
Keynote about "TS/NOFORN Talk" Marion Marschalek N/A
Embrace the Viper and live happy Claudio Guarnieri N/A
I hunt TR-069 admins - pwning ISPs like a boss Shahar Tal N/A
Detecting bleeding edge malware: a practical report Fyodor Yarochkin , Vladimir borisovich Kropotov N/A
USB Fuzzing : approaches and tools Jordan Bouyat N/A
SCADA deep inside: protocols and security mechanisms Aleksandr Timorin N/A
SherlockDroid, an Inspector for Android Marketplaces Axelle Apvrille , Ludovic Apvrille N/A
SENTER Sandman: Using Intel TXT to Attack BIOSes Xeno Kovah , Corey Kallenberg , John Butterworth , Sam Cornwell N/A
WiHawk - Router Vulnerability Scanner Anamika Singh N/A
We're struggling to keep up (A brief history of Browser Security Features) Frederik Braun N/A
Evasion of High-End IDPS Devices at the IPv6 Era Enno Rey , Antonios Atlasis , Rafael N/A
Internet Scanning - Conducting Research on 0/0 Mark Schloesser N/A
Hacking with Images - Evil Pictures Saumil Udayan Shah N/A
D&D of malware with exotic C&C Paul Rascagneres , Eric Leblond N/A
Weak random number generator vulnerability in WPS External PIN protocol implementations Dominique Bongard N/A
Cyber attacks during the Revolution in the Ukraine and war with Russia Glib Pakharenko N/A
mitmproxy the man-in-the-middle HTTPS proxy Maximilian Hils N/A
How I hacked my city Amihai Neiderman N/A
Breaking Out of VirtualBox through 3D Acceleration Francisco Falcon N/A
Botnets Behavioral Patterns in the Network Sebastian Garcia N/A
Microsoft Vulnerability Research: How to be a Finder as a Vendor Jeremy Brown , David Seidman N/A
BetterCrypto Workshop: A Guide for SysAdmins David Durvaux , Aaron Kaplan , Aaron Zauner N/A
Workshop - Elasticsearch for incident handlers and forensic analysts Christophe Vandeplas N/A
1st Workshop: Memory Forensics for Cisco IOS Didier Stevens , Xavier Mertens N/A
NFC/RFID Security & Privacy workshop by Philippe Teuwen Workshop DFIR and Open Source Sébastien Larinier , Frédéric Baguelin N/A
2nd Workshop: Memory Forensics for Cisco IOS Xavier Mertens , Didier Stevens N/A
Radare2, a Concrete Alternative to IDA - workshop Anton Kochkov , Julien Voisin , Maxime Morin N/A
3rd Workshop: Memory Forensics for Cisco IOS Xavier Mertens , Didier Stevens N/A
Workshop (ENISA): Mobile threats incident handling and Identifying and handling electronic evidence Cosmin Ciobanu , Yonas Leguesse , Lauri Palkmets N/A