SafeConfig 2014 Nov. 3, 2014 to Nov. 3, 2014, washington,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Speech I: Detecting Roles and Anomalies in Hospital Access Audit Logs Carl A. Gunter N/A
Security Analysis of the Chinese Web: How well is it protected? Christophe Huygens , Lieven Desmet , Nick Nikiforakis , Ping Chen N/A
Improving Efficiency of Spam Detection using Economic Model Ehab Al-shaer , Fida Gillani N/A
N-ROPdetector: Proposal of a method to detect the ROP attack code on the network Yasuyuki Tanaka N/A
Keynote Speech II: Human Factors, Defaults, and Automation: Challenges and Opportunities Lujo Bauer N/A
Secure and Tamper-Proof Code Management T. Charles Clancy , Jeremy Tate N/A
Enterprise Risk Assessment Based on Compliance Reports and Vulnerability Scoring Systems Ehab Al-shaer , Mohammed Noraden Alsaleh N/A