Vizsec 2014 Nov. 10, 2014 to Nov. 10, 2014, Paris,France

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Kirsten Whitley N/A
Keynote: – Security at the Pace of Change: Storytelling with Security Viz Dan Hubbard N/A
Visualization Evaluation for Cyber Security: Trends and Future Directions Diane Staheli , Yu Tamara , R. Jordan Crouser , Suresh Damodaran , Kevin Nam , David O'gwynn , Lane Harrison , Sean Mckenna N/A
Multiple Queries with Conditional Attributes (QCATs) for Anomaly Detection and Visualization Min Chen , Simon Walton , Eamonn Maguire N/A
NStreamAware: Real-Time Visual Analytics for Data Streams to Enhance Situational Awareness Fabian Fischer , Daniel A. Keim N/A
IMap: Visualizing Network Activity over Internet Maps Loukas Lazos , J. Joseph Fowler , Thienne Johnson , Paolo Simonetto , Michael Schneider , Carlos Acedo , Stephen Kobourov N/A
7 Key Challenges for Visualization in Cyber Network Defense Daniel Best , Alex Endert , Daniel Kidwell N/A
Visual Filter: Graphical Exploration of Network Security Log Files Jan-erik Stange , Johannes Landstorfer , Marian Dörk , Reto Wettach N/A
CORGI: Combination, Organization and Reconstruction through Graphical Interactions Christophe Bidan , Christopher Humphries , Nicolas Prigent , Frédéric Majorczyk N/A
OCEANS – Online Collaborative Explorative Analysis on Network Security Siming Chen , Cong Guo , Xiaoru Yuan , Fabian Merkle , Hanna Schaefer , Thomas Ertl N/A
Problem Characterization and Abstraction for Visual Analytics in Behavior-Based Malware Pattern Analysis Wolfgang Aigner , Markus Wagner , Alexander Rind , Hermann Dornhackl , Konstantin Kadletz , Robert Luh , Paul Tavolato N/A
Detecting Malware Samples with Similar Image Sets Alexander Long , Josh Saxe , Robert Gove N/A
SEEM: A Scalable Visualization for Comparing Multiple Large Sets of Attributes for Malware Analysis Joshua Saxe , Giacomo Bergamo , Robert Gove , Sigfried Gold , Alex Long N/A