hushcon 2014 Oct. 10, 2014 to Oct. 11, 2014, Seattle,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Creatively Avoiding Work: Techniques for Generating Evasive NOP Sleds Falcon Darkstar Momot N/A
Automatic Detection and Exploitation of Padding Oracles Rich Lundeen N/A
Building your Own Static Analysis Tools for Automated Bug Hunting Joe Rozner N/A
VMA Vudu - ELF Runtime Infection Forensics in Linux Elfmaster N/A
Shellcode Time: Come on Grab Your Friends Wartortell N/A
Attack on Rolfan: Binary Obfuscation In the Face of Semantics-based Optimizations Frank2 N/A
Password Hashing: Not a Single Fuck Given Jeremi Gosney N/A
Keynote Sergey Bratus N/A
There Will Be Coins: A Security Analysis of the Bitcoin Mining Network Mick Ayzenberg N/A
Kerberos Golden Tickets... What's the BFD? Skip Duckwall , Gentilkiwi N/A
Making Threat Patterns Useful – Breaking the Bonds of Kill Chain and Malware Fetishes Jon Espenschied N/A
Red Teaming: Back and Forth 5ever Fuzzynop N/A
Beyond the Lock: Attack Vector Evolution Eric Michaud N/A
Measuring the IQ of your Threat Intelligence Feeds Alex Pinto N/A
ShellForth - Shell-code cross-compiler for Forth Dave Weinstein N/A