ACSAC 2014 Dec. 8, 2014 to Dec. 12, 2014, new orleans,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
M1. Understanding and Contrasting Android Malware at Runtime Giovanni Russello N/A
M2. Iron-Clad Software Development : How To Build Secure Web Applications Jim Manico N/A
M3. Security Risk Management using the Security Engineering Risk Analysis (SERA) Method Carol Woody N/A
Layered Assurance Workshop (LAW) Peter G. Neumann , Gabriela Ciocarlie , Rance J. Delong N/A
Tracer FIRE Kevin Nauer , Ben Anderson , Theodore Reed N/A
M4. Introduction to Virtual Machine Introspection Zhiqiang Lin N/A
T5. Advanced Digital Forensics Vrizlynn Thing N/A
T6. Cloud Security and Privacy Paolina Centonze N/A
Systems Security Engineering: NIST SP 800-160 Carol Woody N/A
Malware Memory Forensics Workshop (MMF) Golden Iii , Harvey H. Rubinovitz N/A
Program Protection and Reverse Engineering Workshop (PPREW) Mila Dalla Preda , J. Todd Mcdonald N/A
Welcome (DH Holmes AB(C)) Jeremy Epstein , Kevin Butler , Charles Payne N/A
Introduction W. Olin Sibert N/A
Before Multics Professor Schell N/A
Multics Development Tom Van Vleck N/A
Influence after Multics Steven B. Lipner N/A
Panel: Cybersecurity and Cyber-Physical Systems: A Government Perspective Dan Massey , David Corman , John Launchbury , Vicky Pillitteri , Suzanne Schwartz N/A
Secure Builds and Configuration Justin Cappos N/A
Hot-Hardening: Getting More Out of Your Security Settings Stefan Katzenbeisser , Jakub Szefer , Sebastian Biedermann N/A
Challenges and Implications of Verifiable Builds for Security-Critical Open-Source Software Xavier Carnavalet , Mohammad Mannan N/A
Cloud Radar: Near Real-Time Detection of Security Failures in Dynamic Virtualized Infrastructures Sören Bleikertz , Thomas Groß , Carsten Vogel N/A
Scippa: System-Centric IPC Provenance on Android Michael Backes , Sebastian Gerling , Sven Bugiel N/A
Android Security Framework: Extensible Multi-Layered Access Control on Android Michael Backes , Sebastian Gerling , Sven Bugiel , Philipp von Styp-rekowsky N/A
Towards a Salable Resource-driven Approach for Detecting Repackaged Android Applications Lei Zhang , Xiapu Luo , Yuru Shao , Chenxiong Qian , Pengfei Zhu N/A
DHS's Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Program (CDM) George Moore N/A
Panel: CPS: Cybersecurity, Resilience, Safety, and Fault Tolerance Patricia Muoio , William Sanders , Lillian Ratliff , Apurva Mohan N/A
Social Computing and Networks Daniela Oliveira N/A
TROGUARD: Context-Aware Protection Against Web-Based Socially Engineered Trojans Mihai Christodorescu , Saman A. Zonouz , Rui Han N/A
Spam ain't as Diverse as It Seems: Throttling OSN Spam with Templates Underneath Yan Chen , Kai Bu , Yi Yang , Hongyu Gao , Doug Downey , Kathy Lee , Alok Choudhary N/A
A Taste of Tweet: Reverse Engineering Twitter Spammers Guofei Gu , Chao Yang , Jialong Zhang N/A
Systems Security William Enck N/A
New Models of Cache Architectures Characterizing Information Leakage from Cache Side Channels Tianwei Zhang , Ruby b. Lee N/A
ICE: A Passive, High-Speed, State-Continuity Scheme for Intel SGX Bart Jacobs , Raoul Strackx , Frank Piessens N/A
Interrupt-oriented Bugdoor Programming: A minimalist approach to bugdooring embedded systems firmware Sergey Bratus , Travis Goodspeed , Sam Tan N/A
NIST Cyber Security Framework Victoria Pillitteri N/A
Celebrating 30 Years (DH Holmes AB(C)) Charles Payne N/A
Taking Two-Factor to the Next Level: Protecting Online Poker, Banking, Healthcare and Other Applications Aviel D. Rubin N/A
Firewalling: Passwords, Financial Transactions and Human Privileges from CPU Resident Malware, Jim Mcalear N/A
Smart Card support Embedded Within OpenSSL to Secure Virtual Machines, Hassane Aissaoui-mehrez N/A
Red October: Implementing the two-man rule for keeping secrets, Nick Sullivan N/A
CPS: Through the Eye of the PLC: Semantic Security Monitoring for Industrial Processes Emmanuele Zambon , Robin Sommer , Pieter Hartel , Dina Hadziosmanovic N/A
CPS: Market Analysis of Attacks Against Demand Response in the Smart Grid Alvaro A. Cárdenas , Carlos Barreto , Nicanor Quijano , Eduardo Mojica-nava N/A
CPS: Flying blind - Challenges and Uncertainties for Timing Attacks on Process Control Systems Alvaro A. Cárdenas , Jason Larsen , Marina Krotofil , Bradley Manning N/A
Uncovering Network Tarpits with Degreaser Lance Alt , Robert Beverly , Alberto Dainotti N/A
Network Dialog Minimization and Network Dialog Diffing: Two Novel Primitives for Network Security Applications Juan Caballero , Christophe Huygens , Wouter Joosen , M. zubair Rafique N/A
Lightweight Authentication of Freshness in Outsourced Key-Value Stores Jiyong Jang , Xin Hu , Ting Wang , Yuzhe Tang , Ling Liu N/A
Forum: Systems Security Engineering: An Integrated Approach to Building Trustworthy Resilient Systems, Part 1 Ron Ross , Michael Mcevilley N/A
Panel: The Attacker Among Us: Insider Threats Within the Energy Sector Nader Mehravari , William Claycomb , Shawn Taylor , Mr. Randy Trzeciak N/A
Securing Memory and Storage Cristina Serban N/A
SEER: Practical Memory Virus Scanning as a Service Xiaolan (Catherine) Zhang , Ahmed Azab , William Enck , Jason Gionta , Peng Ning N/A
MACE: High-Coverage and Robust Memory Analysis For Commodity Operating Systems Heng Yin , Aravind Prakash , Zhiqiang Lin , Qian Feng N/A
Assisted Deletion of Related Content Srdjan Capkun , Nikolaos Karapanos , Hubert Ritzdorf N/A
Mobile Systems Security II Zhiqiang Lin N/A
Morpheus: Automatically Generating Heuristics to Detect Android Emulators Gail-joon Ahn , Ziming Zhao , Hongxin Hu , Yiming Jing N/A
Design and Implementation of an Android Host-based Intrusion Prevention System Xuxian Jiang , Min Zheng , Mingshen Sun , John C.s. Lui N/A
MoRePriv: Mobile Os Support For Application Personalization And Privacy Drew Davidson , Matt Fredrikson , Benjamin Livshits N/A
Forum: Systems Security Engineering: An Integrated Approach to Building Trustworthy Resilient Systems, Part 2 Ron Ross , Michael Mcevilley N/A
Panel: Moving Target Defenses: Johnny Can't Secure, So He Moves Hamed Okhravi , Samuel Weber , Prof. Ehab Al-shaer , Todd R. Andel N/A
IMSI-Catch Me If You Can: IMSI-Catcher-Catchers Adrian ( atrox ) Dabrowski , Martin Mulazzani , Edgar Weippl , Nicola Pianta , Thomas Klepp N/A
Advanced WiFi Attacks Using Commodity Hardware Frank Piessens , Mathy Vanhoef N/A
Whitewash: Outsourcing Garbled Circuit Generation for Mobile Devices Patrick Traynor , Henry Carter , Charles Lever N/A
It's the Psychology Stupid: How Heuristics Explain Software Vulnerabilities and How Priming Can Illuminate Developer's Blind Spots Daniela Oliveira , Yanyan Zhuang , Justin Cappos , Marissa Rosenthal , Nicole Morin , Kuo-chuan Yeh N/A
Understanding Visual Perceptions of Usability and Security of Androids' Graphical Password Pattern Adam Aviv , Dan Fichter N/A
Using Automatic Speech Recognition for Attacking Acoustic CAPTCHAs: The Trade-off between Usability and Security Thorsten Holz , Viet hung Nguyen , Hendrik Meutzner , Dorothea Kolossa N/A
DHS Programs: Cybersecurity for Government Vehicles Dan Massey , David Balenson , Kevin Harnett , Ulf Lindqvist N/A
NIST's Cyber-Physical Systems Public Working Group (CPS PWG) Cybersecurity and Privacy Subgroup Victoria Pillitteri N/A
Exploring and Mitigating Privacy Threats of HTML5 Geolocation API Sangho Lee , Hyungsub Kim , Jong Kim N/A
Differentially Private Data Aggregation with Optimal Utility Aniket Kate , Matteo Maffei , Fabienne Eigner , Francesca Pampaloni , Ivan Pryvalov N/A
On the Privacy Provisions of Bloom Filters in Lightweight Bitcoin clients Srdjan Capkun , Ghassan O. Karame , Arthur Gervais , Damian Gruber N/A
OSPF Vulnerability to Persistent Poisoning Attacks: A Systematic Analysis Gabi Nakibly , Yuval Elovici , Adi Sosnovich , Eitan Menahem , Ariel Waizel N/A
Less is More: Cipher-Suite Negotiation for DNSSEC Amir Herzberg , Haya Shulman , Bruno Crispo N/A
DNS Authentication as-a-Service Against Amplification Attacks Amir Herzberg , Haya Shulman N/A
Readout from the 4th Annual Secure and Resilient Architectures Invitational Workshop Rich Graubart , Deb Bodeau , Rosalie Mcquaid N/A
Works-in-Progress (DH Holmes BC) Raheem Beyah N/A
Poster Reception with light refreshments (Lafitte AB) Raheem Beyah N/A
Panel: SCADA System Security: Challenges and Future Directions Chris Sistrunk , Zach Tudor , Irfan Ahmed , Tommy Morris , Eric J. Byres N/A
Access Control and Malware John Mcdermott N/A
Relation Extraction for Inferring Access Control Rules from Natural Language Artifacts Laurie Williams , John Slankas , Tao Xie , Xusheng Xiao N/A
Centrality Metrics of Importance in Access Behaviors and Malware Detections Weixuan Mao , Zhongmin Cai , Xiaohong Guan , Don Towsley N/A
Scalability, Fidelity and Stealth in the DRAKVUF Dynamic Malware Analysis System Aggelos Kiayias , Sebastian Vogl , Bryan D. Payne , Tamas K. Lengyel , Steve Maresca , George Webster N/A
Software Security Thomas Moyer N/A
Towards Automated Integrity Protection of C++ Virtual Function Tables in Binary Programs Thorsten Holz , Robert Gawlik N/A
Leveraging Semantic Signatures for Bug Search in Binary Programs Thorsten Holz , Felix Schuster , Jannik Pewny , Christian Rossow , Lukas Bernhard N/A
IntFlow: Improving the Accuracy of Arithmetic Error Detection Using Information Flow Tracking Angelos D. Keromytis , Michalis Polychronakis , Theofilos Petsios , Marios Pomonis , Kangkook Jee N/A
Cyber Resiliency Table-Top Exercise, Part 1 Rich Graubart , Deb Bodeau , Rosalie Mcquaid N/A
Aviation Cyber Security R&D: What might be done?, Scott (dhs) N/A
A Process of Security Assurance Properties Unification for Application Logic, Faisal Nabi N/A
Cyber Physical Systems II Gabriela Ciocarlie N/A
CPS: Beyond Usability: Applying VSD-Based Methodologies to Investigate Domain Characteristics for Security for Implantable Cardiac Devices Tadayoshi Kohno , Tamara Denning , Brian T. Gill , Batya Friedman , Daniel B. Kramer , Matthew R. Reynolds N/A
CPS: A Security Evaluation of AIS, Automated Identification System Kyle Wilhoit , Alessandro Pasta , Marco ‘embyte’ Balduzzi N/A
NodeSentry: Least-Privilege Library Integration for Server-Side JavaScript Frank Piessens , Fabio Massacci , Willem de Groef N/A
TrueClick: Automatically Distinguishing Trick Banners from Genuine Download Links William Robertson , Engin Kirda , Kaan Onarlioglu , Sevtap Duman , Ali Osman Ulusoy N/A
JShield: Towards Real-time and Vulnerability-based Detection of Polluted Drive-by Download Attacks Yan Chen , Jianwei Zhuge , Yinzhi Cao , Xiang Pan N/A