AsiaCrypt 2014 Dec. 7, 2014 to Dec. 11, 2014, kaohsiung,taiwan

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Technical session 1: Cryptology and Coding Theory Huaxiong Wang N/A
Solving LPN Using Covering Codes Thomas Johansson , Qian Guo , Carl Löndahl N/A
Algebraic Attack against Variants of McEliece with Goppa Polynomial of a Special Form Jean-charles Faugère , Ludovic Perret , Frédéric De Portzamparc N/A
Technical session 2: New Proposals Serge Vaudenay N/A
Bivariate Polynomials Modulo Composites and their Applications Dan Boneh , Henry Corrigan-gibbs N/A
Cryptographic Schemes Based on the ASASA Structure: Black-box, White-box, and Public-key Alex Biryukov , Dmitry Khovratovich , Charles Bouillaguet N/A
Technical session 3: Authenticated Encryption Thomas Peyrin N/A
Beyond 2^{c/2} Security in Sponge-Based Authenticated Encryption Modes Bart Mennink , Atul Luykx , Philipp Jovanovic N/A
How to Securely Release Unverified Plaintext in Authenticated Encryption Andrey Bogdanov , Bart Mennink , Elena Andreeva , Atul Luykx , Kan Yasuda , Nicky Mouha N/A
Forging Attacks on two Authenticated Encryption Schemes COBRA and POET Mridul Nandi N/A
Technical session 4: Symmetric Key Cryptanalysis Itai Dinur N/A
Low Probability Differentials and the Cryptanalysis of Full-Round CLEFIA-128 Huaxiong Wang , San Ling , Josef Pieprzyk , Sareh Emami , Ivica Nikolić N/A
Automatic Security Evaluation and (Related-key) Differential Characteristic Search: Application to SIMON, PRESENT, LBlock, DES(L) and Other Bit-oriented Block Ciphers Peng Wang , Lei Hu , Ling Song , Xiaoshuang Ma , Siwei Sun , Kexin Qiao N/A
Scrutinizing and Improving Impossible Differential Attacks: Applications to CLEFIA, Camellia, LBlock and Simon Christina Boura , María Naya-plasencia , Valentin Suder N/A
A Simplified Representation of AES Henri Gilbert N/A
Technical session 5: Side Channel Analysis I Mitsuru Matsui N/A
Simulatable Leakage: Analysis, Pitfalls, and new Constructions Martijn Stam , Elisabeth Oswald , Jake Longo , Daniel P. Martin , Daniel Page , Michael J. Tunstall N/A
Multi-target DPA attacks: Pushing DPA beyond the limits of a desktop computer Luke Mather , Elisabeth Oswald , Carolyn Whitnall N/A
GLV/GLS Decomposition, Power Analysis, and Attacks on ECDSA Signatures With Single-Bit Nonce Bias Pierre-alain Fouque , Mehdi Tibouchi , Jean-christophe Zapalowicz , Diego F. Aranha , Benoît Gérard , Jean-gabriel Kammerer N/A
Soft Analytical Side-Channel Attacks Nicolas Veyrat-charvillon , Francois-xavier Standaert , Benoît Gérard N/A
Technical session 6: Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography Steven Galbraith N/A
On the Enumeration of Double-Base Chains with Applications to Elliptic Curve Cryptography Christophe Doche N/A
Kummer strikes back: new DH speed records Daniel J. Bernstein , Tanja Lange , Peter Schwabe , Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup N/A
Jacobian Coordinates on Genus 2 Curves Craig Costello , Huseyin Hisil N/A
Technical session 7: Factoring and Discrete Log Tanja Lange N/A
Mersenne factorization factory Joppe w. Bos , Thorsten Kleinjung , Arjen K. Lenstra N/A
Improving the Polynomial time Precomputation of Frobenius Representation Discrete Logarithm Algorithms - Simplified Setting for Small Characteristic Finite Fields Antoine Joux , Cécile Pierrot N/A
Technical session 8: Invited Talk I Tetsu Iwata N/A
Big Bias Hunting in Amazonia: Large-scale Computation and Exploitation of RC4 Biases Kenneth g. Paterson N/A
Technical session 9: Cryptanalysis Xuejia Lai N/A
Multi-user collisions: Applications to Discrete Logarithm, Even-Mansour and PRINCE Pierre-alain Fouque , Antoine Joux , Chrysanthi Mavromati N/A
Cryptanalysis of Iterated Even-Mansour Schemes with Two Keys Orr Dunkelman , Adi Shamir , Itai Dinur , Nathan Keller N/A
Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks on Generic Feistel Constructions Yu Sasaki , Jian Guo , Jeremy Jean , Ivica Nikolić N/A
XLS is not a Strong Pseudorandom Permutation Mridul Nandi N/A
Technical session 10: Signatures Mehdi Tibouchi N/A
Structure-Preserving Signatures on Equivalence Classes and their Application to Anonymous Credentials Daniel Slamanig , Christian Hanser N/A
On Tight Security Proofs for Schnorr Signatures Tibor Jager , Nils Fleischhacker , Dominique Schröder N/A
Technical session 11: Zero-Knowledge Eiichiro Fujisaki N/A
Square Span Programs with Applications to Succinct NIZK Arguments George Danezis , Markulf Kohlweiss , Cedric Fournet , Jens Groth N/A
Better Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Lattice Encryption and Their Application to Group Signatures Gregory Neven , Stephan Krenn , Jan Camenisch , Fabrice Benhamouda , Vadim Lyubashevsky N/A
Technical session 12: Encryption Schemes Duong-hieu Phan N/A
Concise Multi-Challenge CCA-Secure Encryption and Signatures with Almost Tight Security Moti Yung , Benoit Libert , Thomas Peters , Marc Joye N/A
Efficient Identity-Based Encryption over NTRU Lattices Leo Ducas , Vadim Lyubashevsky , Thomas Prest N/A
Order-Preserving Encryption Secure Beyond One-Wayness Moti Yung , Tal Malkin , Isamu Teranishi N/A
Technical session 13: Outsourcing and Delegation Hugo Krawczyk N/A
Statistically-secure ORAM with $tilde{O}(log^2 n)$ Overhead Rafael Pass , Kai-min Chung , Zhenming Liu N/A
Adaptive Security of Constrained PRFs Krzysztof Pietrzak , Georg Fuchsbauer , Momchil Konstantinov , Vanishree Rao N/A
Technical session 14: Invited Talk II Palash Sarkar N/A
The Legal Infrastructure Around Information Security in Asia Helaine Leggat N/A
Technical session 15: Obfuscation Jens Groth N/A
Poly-Many Hardcore Bits for Any One-Way Function and a Framework for Differing-Inputs Obfuscation Mihir Bellare , Stefano Tessaro , Igors Stepanovs N/A
Using Indistinguishability Obfuscation via UCEs Arno Mittelbach , Christina Brzuska N/A
Indistinguishability Obfuscation versus Multi-Bit Point Obfuscation with Auxiliary Input Christina Brzuska , Arno Mittelbach N/A
Bootstrapping Obfuscators via Fast Pseudorandom Functions Benny Applebaum N/A
Technical session 16: Homomorphic Cryptography Sherman s.m. Chow N/A
Homomorphic Authenticated Encryption Secure Against Chosen-Ciphertext Attack Chihong Joo , Aaram Yun N/A
Authenticating Computation on Groups: New Homomorphic Primitives and Applications Dario Catalano , Orazio Puglisi , Antonio Marcedone N/A
Compact VSS and Efficient Homomorphic UC Commitments Bernardo David , Jesper buus Nielsen , Ivan Damgård , Irene Giacomelli N/A
Technical session 17: Secret Sharing Moti Yung N/A
Round-Optimal Password-Protected Secret Sharing and T-PAKE in the Password-Only Model Stanislaw Jarecki , Aggelos Kiayias , Hugo Krawczyk N/A
Secret-Sharing for NP Moni Naor , Ilan Komargodski , Eylon Yogev N/A
Technical session 18: Block Ciphers and Passwords Christina Boura N/A
Tweaks and Keys for Block Ciphers: the TWEAKEY Framework Thomas Peyrin , Jeremy Jean , Ivica Nikolić N/A
Memory-Demanding Password Scrambling Stefan Lucks , Christian Forler , Jakob Wenzel N/A
Technical session 19: Side Channel Analysis II Marc Stevens N/A
Side-Channel Analysis of Multiplications in $GF(2^{128})$: Application to AES-GCM Pierre-alain Fouque , Sonia Belaid , Benoît Gérard N/A
Higher-Order Threshold Implementations Svetla Nikova , Vincent Rijmen , Ventzislav Nikov , Begül Bilgin , Benedikt Gierlichs N/A
Masks will Fall Off: Higher-Order Optimal Distinguishers Sylvain Guilley , Annelie Heuser , Olivier Rioul , Nicolas Bruneau N/A
Technical session 20: Black-Box Separation Kai-min Chung N/A
Black-Box Separations for One-More (Static) CDH and Its Generalization Yu Chen , Zongyang Zhang , Zhenfeng Zhang , Yanfei Guo , Jiang Zhang N/A
Black-Box Separations for Differentially Private Protocols Amit Sahai , Hemanta K. Maji , Dakshita Khurana N/A
Technical session 21: Composability Benoit Libert N/A
Composable Security of Delegated Quantum Computation Renato Renner , Vedran Dunjko , Joseph F. Fitzsimons , Christopher Portmann N/A
All-But-Many Encryption: A New Framework for Fully-Equipped UC Commitments Eiichiro Fujisaki N/A
Technical session 22: Multi-Party Computation Josef Pieprzyk N/A
Multi-Valued Byzantine Broadcast: the t < n Case Martin Hirt , Pavel Raykov N/A
Fairness Versus Guaranteed Output Delivery in Secure Multiparty Computation Yehuda Lindell , Ran Cohen N/A
Actively Secure Private Function Evaluation Payman Mohassel , Nigel P. Smart , Saeed Sadeghian N/A