CarolinaCon 1 June 10, 2005 to June 12, 2005, Raleigh, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Carolinacon Welcome Lexicon Community
Introduction To Lock Manipulation Quietriot Hardware Reverse Engineering
Wifi And Wardriving Snide None Security
Hacker Trivia (Round #1) Vic Vandal , Alstrowger None Security
Ethics In Hacking Endgame None Security
Basic Bitmaps, Vectors, Polygons And Envelopes Lexicon None Security
Ipv6 Implementations Tokachu None Security IPv6
Pirate Radio Mr Anonymous None Security
Biohacking Vic Vandal None Security
Application Hacking Txs None Security
Hacker Trivia (Round #2) Vic Vandal/alstrowger None Security
Events Wrapup & Ctf Results Lexicon None Security
Risk Analysis/Mitigation/Management Stuart Thomas None Security Risk
Cauterize: A Tool For The Prevention Of The Infection And Spread Of Bot Nets Ryan Karetas None Security
Developing Secure Web Applications Workshop Dennis Hurst None Security Web
Hacking For Script Kiddies Joshua Falken None Security