CCC 2014 Dec. 27, 2014 to Dec. 30, 2014, Hamburg,Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Too Many Cooks - Exploiting the Internet-of-TR-069-Things Lior Oppenheim , Shahar Tal N/A
Fernvale: An Open Hardware and Software Platform, Based on the (nominally) Closed-Source MT6260 SoC Bunnie , Xobs N/A
Snowden Effect vs. Privacy Paradox Matthias Herz , Michael Johann N/A
Space Hacker Karsten Becker , Robert N/A
Thunderstrike: EFI bootkits for Apple MacBooks Trammell Hudson N/A
Damn Vulnerable Chemical Process Marmusha N/A
Rocket Kitten: Advanced Off-the-Shelf Targeted Attacks Against Nation States Tw , Gadi N/A
„Wir beteiligen uns aktiv an den Diskussionen“ Martin Haase/maha N/A
NSA Points of Presence in AT Erich Moechel N/A
Axoloti Johannes Taelman N/A
Serenität – Anleitung zum Glücklichsein Elektra , Andrea Delete N/A
Switches Get Stitches Eireann Leverett N/A
Mit Kunst die Gesellschaft hacken Philipp Ruch , Stefan Pelzer N/A
Mr Beam goes Kickstarter Teja Philipp , Philipp Engel N/A
Vor Windows 8 wird gewarnt Ruedi N/A
31C3 Keynote Alecempire N/A
Programming with dependent types in Idris Raichoo N/A
Infocalypse now: P0wning stuff is not enough Walter Van Holst N/A
ES GIBT VIEL ZU TUN - HAU'N WIR AB. Robert Verch , Eva Olivin N/A
Rocket science – how hard can it be? David Madlener N/A
Privacy and Consumer Markets Reuben Binns N/A
Low Cost High Speed Photography Polygon N/A
AMD x86 SMU firmware analysis Rudolf Marek N/A
Ich sehe, also bin ich ... Du Starbug Bei der Passworteingabe über die Schultern schauen? Die Mateflasche klauen, um an Fingerabdrücke zu kommen? ... IncludeThinkstScapes
net neutrality: days of future past? Rejo Zenger , Thomas Lohninger N/A
Hacking Ethics in Education Jeroen Ham N/A
Traue keinem Scan, den du nicht selbst gefälscht hast David Kriesel N/A
Beyond PNR: Exploring airline systems Saper N/A
Eye Wear Computing Kai Kunze N/A
The Maker movement meets patent law Natalia Lukaszewicz N/A
The Only Thing We Know About Cyberspace Is That Its 640x480 Olia Lialina N/A
Freedom in your computer and in the net Richard Stallman N/A
The Perl Jam: Exploiting a 20 Year-old Vulnerability Netanel Rubin N/A
Funky File Formats Ange ( ange4771 ) Albertini N/A
The Time is Right C-atre N/A
What Ever Happened to Nuclear Weapons? Michael Büker N/A
Uncaging Microchips Peter Laackmann , Marcus Janke N/A
Tell no-one James Bamford N/A
Cyber Necromancy Joseph Tartaro , Matthew Halchyshak N/A
Krypto für die Zukunft Ruedi N/A
Fnord News Show Frank , Fefe N/A
"Exploit" in theater Cyphunk Fain N/A
SS7map : mapping vulnerability of the international mobile roaming infrastructure Laurent Ghigonis , Alexandre De Oliveira N/A
Jugend hackt Fiona Krakenbürger , Maria Reimer , Philipp Kalweit , Max Nagy , Lukas And Nico N/A
The Invisible Committee Returns with "Fuck Off Google" Anonymous Committee , Tarnac Nine N/A
Lightning Talks Day 2 Gedsic N/A
Global Civil Society Under Attack Michael Carbone N/A
The automobile as massive data gathering source and the consequences for individual privacy Dr. Rüdiger Hanig , Jimmy Schulz N/A
»Hard Drive Punch« Aram Bartholl N/A
Information Control and Strategic Violence Anita Gohdes N/A
The Magical Secrecy Tour Leslie Dunton-downer N/A
Personal Tracking Devices and Online Identity Silvia N/A
DP5: PIR for Privacy-preserving Presence Ian Goldberg , George Danezis , Nikita Borisov N/A
SCADA StrangeLove: Too Smart Grid in da Cloud Sergey Gordeychik , Aleksandr Timorin N/A
Why do we need an open food information platform Alexis N/A
Reconstructing narratives Jacob , Laura Poitras N/A
Why is GPG "damn near unusable"? Arne Padmos N/A
Deine Rechte sind in diesen Freihandelsabkommen nicht verfügbar Katharina Nocun N/A
Trustworthy secure modular operating system engineering Hannes , David Kaloper N/A
The eXperimental Robot Project Norbert Braun , Darthrake N/A
SS7: Locate. Track. Manipulate. Tobias Engel N/A
Long war tactics Sacha Van Geffen N/A
Security Analysis of a Full-Body X-Ray Scanner Hovav Shacham , Eric Wustrow N/A
Higher-Dimensional Geometry and Fractals Magnus N/A
UNHash - Methods for better password cracking Tonimir Kišasondi N/A
Inside Field Station Berlin Teufelsberg Bill Scannell N/A
10 Jahre OpenStreetMap Thomas Skowron , Ubahnverleih N/A
Practical EMV PIN interception and fraud detection Andrea Barisani N/A
MegaCode to facility gates Kevin Redon N/A
(In)Security of Mobile Banking Ericfiliol , Paul Irolla N/A
Doing right by sources, done right Sarah Harrison , Gracefire Whistleblowing is becoming a progressively popular topic and ways to technically support anonymous submissions by ... IncludeThinkstScapes
GIFs: Tod eines Mediums. Und sein Leben nach dem Tod. Felix Mütze N/A
Crypto Tales from the Trenches Nadia Heninger , Julia Angwin , Laura Poitras , Jack Gillum N/A
Attacks on UEFI security, inspired by Darth Venamis's misery and Speed Racer Rafal Wojtczuk , Corey Kallenberg N/A
Internet of toilets Tbsprs N/A
Jahresrückblick des CCC Erdgeist , Frank Rieger , Constanze Kurz , Linus Neumann , Heckpiet N/A
From Maxwell to antenna arrays Friederike N/A
Open-BCI DIY-Neuroscience Maker-Art Mind-Hacking Metamind Evolution N/A
Die Krise der Bilder ist die Krise der Politik Mareike Foecking N/A
ECCHacks Tanja Lange , Djb N/A
The Cloud Conspiracy 2008-2014 Caspar Bowden N/A
31C3 Opening Event Erdgeist , Geraldine De Bastion N/A
Iridium Pager Hacking Sec , Schneider N/A
Source Code and Cross-Domain Authorship Attribution Aylin , Rebekah Overdorf , Greenie N/A
3D Casting Aluminum Julia Longtin N/A
Glitching For n00bs Exide N/A
Security Analysis of Estonia's Internet Voting System J. Alex Halderman N/A
Revisiting SSL/TLS Implementations Sebastian Schinzel N/A
Let's build a quantum computer! Andreas Dewes N/A
osmo-gmr: What's up with sat-phones ? Sylvain Munaut N/A
The Matter of Heartbleed Zakir Durumeric N/A
Forging the USB armory Andrea Barisani N/A
Superheroes Still Need Phoneboxes Ben Dalton N/A
Correcting copywrongs Julia Reda N/A
Code Pointer Integrity Gannimo N/A
The Machine To Be Another Beanotherlab N/A
Lightning Talks Day 3 Theresa N/A
IFG – Mit freundlichen Grüßen Stefan Wehrmeyer N/A
Mining for Bugs with Graph Database Queries Fabs ( Fabs ) N/A
CAESAR and NORX Philipp Jovanovic , Aumasson N/A
Automatically Subtitling the C3 Timobaumann , Arne Köhn N/A
Trackography Maria Xynou , Claudio ࿓ Vecna N/A
Finding the Weak Crypto Needle in a Byte Haystack Ben H. N/A
Computer Science in the DPRK Will Scott N/A
Let’s build our own personalized open textile production line Hong Phuc Dang N/A
Das Transparenzportal Hamburg Lothar Hotz N/A
Mobile self-defense Karsten Nohl N/A
Preserving arcade games Ange ( ange4771 ) Albertini N/A
Mein Bot, der Kombattant Josch , Arche3000 N/A
Reproducible Builds Mike Perry , Seth Schoen , Hans Steiner N/A
EMET 5.1 - Armor or Curtain? René Freingruber N/A
Agri-tech and the Arts: From Barns to D-Space Richard Marggraf Turley N/A
Living Drones Anja Drephal N/A
Heartache and Heartbleed: The insider’s perspective on the aftermath of Heartbleed Nick Sullivan N/A
From Computation to Consciousness Joscha N/A
Safer playing with lasers Sarah N/A
Towards General Purpose Reconfigurable Computing on Novena Stars , Andy Isaacson N/A