EMEAcongress 2014 Dec. 8, 2014 to Dec. 10, 2014, London,UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Chairman’s Introduction John A. Colley N/A
Opening Ceremony Wim Remes N/A
Keynote - Cyber Risk: Tier 1 Recognition of our Vulnerability David Blunkett N/A
Panel - Key Challenges Today John A. Colley , Ray Stanton , David Blunkett , Stefan Lüders , James Romer , Robert Coles N/A
Governance, Risk & Compliance Marcus Alldrick N/A
Mobile Security David Cripps N/A
Human Factor Richard Nealon N/A
Risk Engineering Yiannis Pavlosoglou N/A
Mobile Hacking Demo Jason Hart N/A
Cyber TSCM - Supporting IT and Security Steve Whitehead N/A
Transforming Security Management: A Personal Journey Peter Berlich N/A
iOS Forensics: Acquisition and analysis of iOS devices Dott. Mattia Epifani N/A
Responsible Disclosure; Why Listen to Someone Who Owned You Hielke Bontius N/A
Developing a Standardised and Risk-oriented IS Portfolio Jürgen Englert N/A
BYOD Updates David Cripps N/A
Hacking the Human - The Adventures of a Social Engineer Ian Mann N/A
Role of Culture in the Information Security Risk Perception Rasheed Ahmad , Zoltan Hidvegi N/A
Attack and Defence in Mobile Applications David Johansson N/A
Casting The Fraud Matrix John Wallhoff N/A
Keynote - Forensics, Mobility and Security: An Arms Race; Digital Forensics and Security Versus Evidence Mark Stokes N/A
Panel - Educating the Future: What Can Employers be Doing? Rainer Rehm , Richard Nealon , Carsten Maple , Charles Pask , Mag. Klemen What is the employers’ role; How do we get employers’ buy-in?; What can your employers ...
Keynote - Security Lessons from Bletchley Park and Enigma Craig Heath N/A
Keynote - The Science of Secrecy Simon Singh N/A
Chairman’s Re-opening John A. Colley N/A
Keynote - Balance between Academic Freedom, Operations & Computer Security Stefan Lüders N/A
Keynote - Money, Power and Drugs Robert Coles N/A
Panel – Keeping Your Boss Out of Jail! Jaya Baloo , Tim Williams , Adrian Davis N/A
InfoSec Quiz: 2 teams battle it out to win a prize! Adrian Davis N/A
Security Architecture Rainer Rehm N/A
Data Security Tim Williams N/A
An IAM journey to manage identities and logical access in the enterprise Lunga Newman N/A
Incident Prevention Methods, Technologies & Response Alexander Sverdlov N/A
Security Architecture - A Case Study Harry Bains N/A
DLP Tools, from Policing to Understanding User Vulnerabilities Yazan Almasri N/A
Building Secure Infrastructure Abdirashid Samater N/A
Medical Data: Privacy, Anonymity, and Security. What can we learn from the furore around the NHS data sharing plans (“care.data”)? Eerke Boiten N/A
Secure Business Transformation Jamal Elmellas N/A
Taking Over a Critical Infrastructure with a Leaflet Agostino Panico N/A
Keynote - Data Security Today - A Tale of Evolution Jaya Baloo N/A
Keynote - Security Architecture Insights Michael Colao N/A