PASSAT 2014 Dec. 14, 2014 to Dec. 16, 2014, Cambridge,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Morning Session Justin Zhan , Merce Crosas , Pravin Chopade , Christoph Riedl N/A
Speech Title: Open Language Grid - Towards a Global Language Service Infrastructure Toru Ishida N/A
Spam Campaign Cluster Detection Using Redirected URLs and Randomized Sub-Domains Gary Warner , Alan Sprague , Abu Shoeb , Dibya Mukhopadhyay , Shahid Al Noor N/A
A Smart Assignment Technique with Consideration of Multicriteria Reciprocal Judgements Zeynab Bahrami Bidoni , Roy George , Ahmad Makui N/A
Management of Optimized Knowledge Diffusion and Creation in Organizational Structured Social Networks Jie Wang , Tianshu Chu N/A
User-controlled Privacy for Personal Mobile Data Sharon Paradesi , Lalana Kagal N/A
Koonkie: An Automated Software Tool for Processing Environmental Sequence Information using Hadoop Dongjae Kim , Kishori Konwar , Niels Hanson , Steven Hallam N/A
Privacy Informer: An Automatic Privacy Description Generator for Mobile Apps Lalana Kagal , Daniela Miao N/A
LogitTrust: A Logit Regression-based Trust Model for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Yating Wang , Yen-cheng Lu , Ing-ray Chen , Jin-hee Cho , Ananthram Swami , Chang-tien Lu N/A
Lunch Speech Title: The Hidden Trade in Personal Medical Data Adam Tanner N/A
Afternoon Session Simon Liu , Holly Jimison , May Wang , Gil Alterovitz N/A
Visualization Techniques for Large-Scale Big Data Networks: Smart Power Grid Survivability in a Complex Operating Environment Justin Zhan , Pravin Chopade , Kenneth Flurchick , Marwan Bikdash N/A
Synthetic Generators for Cloning Social Network Data Gita Sukthankar , Kiran Lakkaraju , Awrad Mohammed Ali , Hamidreza Alvari , Alireza Hajibagheri N/A
Tweets You Like: Personalized Tweets Recommendation based on Dynamic Users Interests Denis Gracanin , Shaymaa Khater , Hicham Elmongui N/A
Sentiment Analysis of Colloquial Arabic Tweets Nagwa El-makky , Khaled Nagi , Alaa El-ebshihy , Esraa Apady , Omneya Hafez , Samar Mostafa , Shimaa Ibrahim N/A
Cultural and Geolocation Aspects of Communication in Twitter Elena Daehnhardt , Yanguo Jing , Nick Taylor N/A
Protecting Private Information: Current Attitudes Concerning Privacy Policies Nitin Agarwal , Therese Williams , Rolf Wigand N/A
Nemesis: Automated Architecture for Threat Modeling and Risk Assessment for Cloud Computing Krishna Kavi , Mahadevan Gomathisankaran , Patrick Kamongi N/A
Risk Characteristics, Mental Models, and Perception of Security Risks Vaibhav Garg , Jean Camp N/A
Towards Trusting User-Generated Content in Web Applications Yannis Georgalis , Yuzuru Tanaka N/A
Radium: Race-free On-demand Integrity Measurement Architecture Srujan Kotikela , Mahadevan Gomathisankaran , Tawfig Shah , Gelareh Taban N/A
Using machine learning techniques for traffic classification and preliminary surveying of an attacker's prole Edgar Weippl , Sebastian Schrittwieser , Peter Frühwirt N/A
Msi Windows Installer Security Martin Mulazzani , Lorenz Zechner , Edgar Weippl , Sebastian Neuner , Christian Kadluba N/A
Network Performance Rank: An Approach for Comparison of Complex Networks Roy George , Zeyanab Bahrami Bidoni N/A
Intelligent Data Management Through The Data Burst (Best Practices). Hussain Alajmi N/A
A New Instrument for Moderator Evaluation: Updating Fiedler’s Contingency Model for Online Communities Alicia Takaoka N/A
Speech Title: Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data Salil P Vadhan N/A
Speech Title: Big Data Issues with Health Monitoring and Streaming Sensor Data from the Home Misha Pavel N/A
Speech Title: How SQL Can Take Us From Hadoop to Energy Independence Ravi Chiruvolu , Michael Hoskins N/A
Speech Title: Big Data versus Big Insight - A Case Study from Call Center Optimization Bernhard Suhm N/A
Speech Title: SciDB: For scientists who want to do science, not computer science Marilyn Matz , Alex Poliakov N/A
Panel Title: Big Data, Privacy and Information Technology: Harnessing the Power of the Multi Stakeholder Networks Simon reay Atkinson , May Wang , Anne C. Bader , Latanya Sweeney , Holly B Jimison N/A
Constructing a Post Influence-Predicting Model in Social Networking Service Based on NGD and fuzzy C-Means Algorithm Hsiao-wei Hu , Chia-wei Huang N/A
Incremental and Parallel Association Mining from Evolving Spatial Databases: A Less Iterative Approach on MapReduce Jin Soung Yoo , Douglas Boulware , David Kimmey N/A
A Socio-Technical Study on User Centered Trust Notions and Their Correlation to Stake in Practical Information Technology Scenarios Jiun Yi Yap , Allan Tomlinson N/A
Policy-based Pre-Processing in Hadoop Yi Cheng , Christian Schaefer N/A
Utilizing Dynamic Precedence Criteria To Ensure the Production of Critical Results from Big Data Streams Karen Works , Elke Rundensteiner N/A
Dynamic Connected Components in Large Fully Distributed Graphs Ellison Anne Williams , Brant Chee N/A
Equity-preserving Management of Privacy Conflicts in Social Network Systems Christophe Bidan , Regina Marin , Guillaume Piolle N/A
EStarMom: Extendable Simulator for Trust and Reputation Management in Online Marketplaces Thao Nguyen , Brian D'auriol N/A
“Age shall not wither them”: But it Will Change Their Priorities About Protecting Their Information Privacy Anthony Morton N/A
A novel Classi_cation-based Hybrid IDS Oscar Rodas , Jose Alvarez , Gerardo Morales , Stephane Maag N/A
Towards Leveraging Late-Launch to Create Trustworthy Thin-Terminal Clients Craig A. Shue , Evan Frenn N/A
Adapting Jurisprudential Networks to Stateless Jurisdictions Gregory Tolhurst , Simon reay Atkinson N/A
What do they know about me? Contents and Concerns of Online Behavioral Profiles Ashwini Rao , Florian Schaub , Norman Sadeh N/A
Identifiability of Vehicle Tollgate Records: The Milan Tollgate Dataset Nick Manfredi , Darakhshan Mir , Claire Schlenker N/A
Speech Title: Soon Everyone Will Be a “Data Scientist” or a "Data Explorer." What Data Systems Will They Be Using? Stratos Idreos N/A
Speech Title: Cybersecurity Education and Workforce Developmentat the National Science Foundation Corby Hovis N/A
Performance Comparison of Big-Data Technologies in Locating Intersections in Satellite Ground Tracks Khoa Doan , Amidu Oloso , Kwo-sen Kuo , Thomas Clune N/A
New Quality Function Deployment Integrated Methodology for Design of Big Data E-Government System in Egypt Ahmed Attia , Hesham Mahmoud N/A
Customer Churn Prediction, Segmentation and Fraud Detection in Telecommunication Industry Ahsan Rehman , Abbas Raza Ali N/A
Connectors, Mavens, Salesmen and More: An Actor-Based Online Social Network Analysis Method Using Tensed Predicate Logic Joshua White , Jeanna Matthews N/A
Robust High-dimensional Data Stream Clustering in Arbitrary Subspaces Katelyn Gao N/A
Content Sharing in Global Organization: A Cross-Country Perspective Toru Ishida , Amit Pariyar , Yohei Murakami , Donghui Lin N/A
Incremental Wrapper based Gene Selection with Markov Blanket Aiguo Wang , Ning An , Jing Yang , Lian Li , Gil Alterovitz. N/A
Pseudonymization for Secondary Use of Cloud Based Electronic Health Records Liangyu Xu , Armin B. Cremers , Tobias Wilken N/A
An Innovative Genetic Programming Framework in modelling a real Epileptic Seizure detection system Arpit Bhardwaj , Aruna Tiwari , Ramesh Krishna Maddula , Vishaal Varma Madaka N/A
Towards a Cognitive Metric using Normalized Transfer Entropy Jia tina Du , Md. Shovon , D Nanda Nandagopal , Vijayalakshmi Ramasamy , Bernadine Cocks N/A
Music Data Analysis: A State-of-the-art Survey Shubhanshu Gupta N/A
A New Objective Automatic Computational Framework for Evaluating and Visualizing the Results of Binhang Yuan , David Khechoyan , Ron Goldman. N/A
CoGAPS: Stochastic Nonnegative Matrix Factorization by Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo Wai-shing Lee , Conor Kelton , John Stansfield , Ondrej Maxian , Alexander Favorov , Elana Fertig , Michael Ochs N/A
Implementation of a Mobile Health System for Monitoring ECG signals Nassim Amour , Ahmad Hersi , Naif Alajlan , Yakoub Bazi , Haikel Alhichri. N/A