SSR 2014 Dec. 16, 2014 to Dec. 17, 2014, London,UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote 1: How to Make Standards. Charles Brookson N/A
Session 1: Cryptographic evaluation Michael Ward N/A
Contributed talk 1: Unpicking PLAID - A Cryptographic Analysis of an ISO-standards-track Authentication Protocol. Marc Fischlin , Arno Mittelbach , Tommaso Gagliardoni , Felix Günther , Jean Paul Degabriele , Victoria Fehr , Giorgia Azzurra Marson , Kenneth G. Paterson. N/A
Contributed talk 2: Improving the ISO/IEC 11770 Standard for Key Management Techniques. Cas Cremers , Marko Horvat. N/A
Contributed talk 3: Analyzing Proposals for Improving Authentication on the TLS/SSL-protected Web. Christopher Brown , Michael Jenkins. N/A
Session 2: Standards development Kenneth g. Paterson N/A
Contributed talk 4: Standardization Transparency - An Out of Body Experience. Phillip Griffin. N/A
Contributed talk 5: Size-Efficient Digital Signatures with Appendix by Truncating Unnecessarily Long Hashcode. Jinwoo Lee , Pil Joong Lee. N/A
Contributed talk 6: Duncan Payments. N/A
Session 3: Analysis with formal methods Phillip Griffin N/A
Contributed talk 7: Security Goals and Evolving Standards. Paul Rowe , Moses Liskov , Joshua Guttman. N/A
Contributed talk 8: Analysis of the IBM CCA Security API Protocols in Maude-NPA. Catherine Meadows , Antonio Gonzalez , Sonia Santiago , Santiago Escobar , Jose Meseguer. N/A
Contributed talk 9: Robustness Modelling and Verification of a Mix Net Protocol. Steve Schneider , Efstathios Stathakidis , James Heather. N/A
Keynote Session Liqun Chen N/A
Keynote 2: Bridging Security Standardisation Research with Industry and Government. Marijke De Soete. N/A
Session 4: Potential future areas of standardisation Catherine Meadows N/A
Contributed talk 10: Stego Quality Enhancement by Message Size Reduction and Fibonacci Bit-plane Mapping. Alan Abdulla , Sabah Jassim , Harin Sellahewa. N/A
Contributed talk 11: Secure Modular Password Authentication for the Web using Channel Bindings. Mark Manulis , Douglas Stebila , Nick Denham. N/A
Contributed talk 12: A Modular Framework for Multi-Factor Authentication and Key Exchange. Mark Manulis , Nils Fleischhacker , Amir Azodi. N/A
Panel Session :Formal Verification and Analysis of Protocols in Standards Development and Evolution Chris Mitchell , Cas Cremers , Karthikeyan Bhargavan , Kenneth g. Paterson , Ed Zieglar N/A
Session 5: Pil Joong Lee Improving Existing Standards N/A
Contributed talk 13: The SPEKE Protocol Revisited. Siamak Shahandashti. , Feng Hao N/A