WIFS 2014 Dec. 3, 2014 to Dec. 5, 2014, Atlanta,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Lecture Session #1: Biometrics Pedro Comesaña Alfaro N/A
Minutiae Set to Bit­String Conversion using Multi­scale Bag­of­Words Paradigm Wei Jing Wong , M. Wong , Yau Hee Kho , Andrew Jin N/A
Metadata­Based Understanding of Impostor Pair Score Variations Amanda Sgroi , Kevin Bowyer , Patrick Flynn N/A
Face Recognition via Adaptive Sparse Representations of Random Patches Kevin Bowyer , Domingo Mery N/A
Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition­based unlighting for Face Recognition Miguel A. Ochoa­villegas , Juan Nolazco Flores , Olivia Barron­cano , Ioannis Kakadiaris N/A
Lecture Session #2: Watermarking and Steganography Jessica Fridrich N/A
Tardos codes for real Teddy Furon , Mathieu Desoubeaux N/A
10Security Analysis of Radial­based 3D Watermarking Systems Gwenaël Doërr , Xavier Rolland­nevière , Pierre Alliez N/A
Iterative Filtering for Semi­Fragile Self­Recovery Pawel Korus , Jarosław Białas , Andrzej Dziech N/A
Modeling the flicker effect in camcorded videos to improve watermark robustness Bertrand Chupeau , Gwenaël Doërr , Séverine Baudry , Mario De Vito N/A
Selection­Channel­Aware Rich Model for Steganalysis of Digital Images Remi Cogranne , Jessica Fridrich , Vojtech Holub , Tomas Denemark , Vahid Sedighi N/A
Lecture Session #3: Privacy­Preserving Computation and Communication Mauro Barni N/A
State estimation using an Extended Kalman Filter with privacy­protected observed inputs Francisco Serrano , Adrián Amor­martín , Jorge Casamayón Antón N/A
Security aspects of privacy­preserving biometric authentication based on ideal lattices and ring­LWE Aikaterini Mitrokotsa , Aysajan Abidin N/A
Puzzling Face Verification Algorithms for Privacy Protection Teddy Furon , Binod Bhattarai , Alexis Mignon , Frédéric Jurie N/A
Understanding the Effects of Real­World Behavior in Statistical Disclosure Attacks Carmela Troncoso , Simon Oya , Fernando Pérez­gonzález N/A
Asymptotic MIMO Artificial­Noise Secrecy Rates with Eigenmode Partitioning Andrew D. Harper , Robert John Baxley N/A
Lecture Session #4: Special Session: Security and Internet of Things Nasir Memon N/A
FiberID: Molecular­level Secret for Identification of Things Tao Wei , Zhen Chen , Yongbo Zeng , Gerald Hef Erman , Yan Sun N/A
Malicious Attacks on State Estimation in Multi­Sensor Dynamic Systems Jingyang Lu , Ruixin Niu N/A
Detecting Misreporting Attacks to the Proportional Fair Scheduler Jorge F. Schmidt , Roberto López­valcarce N/A
Botnet Identification Via Universal Anomaly Detection Shachar Siboni , Asaf Cohen N/A
Bootstrap­based Proxy Reencryption for Private Multi­user Computing Juan R. Troncoso­pastoriza , Serena Caputo N/A
Lecture Session #5: Forensic Analysis 1 Gwenaël Doërr N/A
Multiple JPEG compression detection by means of Benford­Fourier coefficients Fernando Pérez­gonzález , Cecilia Pasquini , Giulia Boato N/A
Adaptive Matching for Copy­Move Forgery Detection Mohsen Zandi , Ahmad Mahmoudi­aznaveh , Azadeh Mansouri N/A
Multi­Clue Image Tampering Localization Paolo Bestagini , Marco Tagliasacchi , Stefano Tubaro , Lorenzo Gaborini , Simone Milani N/A
12Unsupervised Feature Learning For Bootleg Detection Using Deep Learning Architectures Paolo Bestagini , Stefano Tubaro , Michele Buccoli , Massimiliano Zanoni , Augusto Sarti N/A
The optimal attack to histogram­based forensic detectors is simple(x) Pedro Comesaña , Fernando Pérez­gonzález N/A
Poster/Demo Session H. Vicky Zhao N/A
Optimal Effective Capacity for Secure Information Transmission with Partial Channel Knowledge Chao Zhang , Gangming Lv , Hua Tian N/A
Visualization of Cascading Failures in Power Grids Jun Yan , Yan Sun , Yihai Zhu , Haibo He N/A
A Theoretical Framework for Distributed Secure Outsourced Computing Using Secret Sharing Zhaohong Wang , Ting Gu , Sen­ching Samson Cheung N/A
Lecture Session #6: Forensic Analysis 2 Teddy Furon N/A
Splicing Forgeries Localization through the Use of First Digit Features Irene Amerini , Roberto Caldelli , Rudy Becarelli , Andrea Del Mastio N/A
A feature­based approach for image tampering detection and localization Luisa Verdoliva , Davide Cozzolino , Giovanni Poggi N/A
Forensic Characterization of Pirated Movies: Digital Cinema Cam vs. Optical Disc Rip Bertrand Chupeau , Gwenaël Doërr , Séverine Baudry N/A
Video forensics based on expression dynamics Valentina Conotter , Giulia Boato , Duc­tien Dang­nguyen , Francesco Natale N/A
Theoretical Model of the FLD Ensemble Classifier Based on Hypothesis Testing Theory Remi Cogranne , Jessica Fridrich , Tomas Denemark N/A
Lecture Session #7: Statistical Methods in Security Juan Ramon Troncoso­pastoriza N/A
Analysis of the Security of Compressed Sensing with Circulant Matrices Tiziano Bianchi , Enrico Magli N/A
Optimal Detection of OutGuess using an Accurate Model of DCT Coefficients Remi Cogranne , Thanh Hai Thai , Florent Retraint N/A
14Rich Model for Steganalysis of Color Images Remi Cogranne , Jessica Fridrich , Miroslav Goljan N/A
Secure Compressed Sensing over Finite Fields Tiziano Bianchi , Enrico Magli , Valerio Bioglio N/A
Source Distinguishability under Corrupted Training Mauro Barni , Benedetta Tondi N/A
Lecture Session #8: Anomaly Detection Yan Lindsay Sun N/A
Anomaly Traceback using Software Defined Networking Olivier Festor , Jérôme François N/A
Video Anomaly Detection based on Wake Motion Descriptors and Perspective Grids Roberto Leyva , Victor Sanchez , Chang­tsun Li N/A
Can Leakage Models Be More Efficient? Non­Linear Models in Side Channel Attacks Qizhi Tian , Maire O’neill , Neil Hanley N/A
Malware Detection Using HTTP User­Agent Discrepancy Identification Martin Rehak , Martin Grill N/A