CarolinaCon 3 April 20, 2007 to April 21, 2007, Raleigh, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
How To 0Wn Capture The Flag David Burt This presentation will cover the knowledge needed to setup, run, and win a capture the ... Security
Freebsd Jails 101 Wxs Start out with an overview of chroot (Cool and chroot(2) and why they are ultimately ... Security
Building And Maintaining A Community Hacker Lab Vic Vandal , Nick Fury , Curbob , Uncue This panel discussion will cover the major hurdles to be made in creating and maintaining ... Security Community
Intro To Electronic Circuits And Circuit Elements Nick Fury This presentation would encompass a wide variety of simple electronic circuit elements and how to ... Security Testing
Examining The On-Line Black Market Professor Tom Holt Computer attackers no longer need to rely on their abilities, as malware and automated tools ... Security Web Access Malware
Keeping Secret Secrets Secret And Sharing Secret Secrets Secretly Vic Vandal Secrecy is the practice of hiding information from others, yet often involves sharing that same ... Security
The Evolution Of Telephone Switching Telcobob This mostly historical talk will go over the very basics of American telephone switching and ... Security
Introduction To Human Natural Intelligence And A Cortical Primer Al Strowger This presentation will address the reasons why understanding of cortical theory and human natural intelligence ... Security Privacy
Filesystem Forensics : Your Hard Drive Has Been Siezed As Evidence. Quietriot This talk will include a demonstration on what is knowingly and unknowingly stored on a ... Security Forensics
Demystifying Data Using Visualization Techniques Amit Prakash Sawant The goal of this talk is to introduce participants to the theory of visualization and ... Security