AsiaARES 2014 April 14, 2014 to April 17, 2014, Bali,indonesia

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Title: Interoperability – Problems and Solution Erich Neuhold Interoperability is a qualitative property of computing infrastructures that denotes the ability of the sending ...
A Real-Time Intrusion Detection and Protection System at System Call Level under the Assistance of a Grid Ilsun You , Kangbin Yim , Fang-yie Leu , Yi-ting Hsiao N/A
A Hybrid System for Reducing Memory and Time Overhead of Intrusion Detection System Zhi-guo Chen , Sung-ryul Kim N/A
LDFGB Algorithm for Anomaly Intrusion Detection Zhi-guo Chen , Sung-ryul Kim , Shang-nan Yin N/A
Assets Dependencies Model in Information Security Risk Management Jakub Breier , Frank Schindler N/A
Creation of Assurance Case Using Collaboration Diagram Takuya Saruwatari , Shuichiro Yamamoto N/A
Using Model Driven Security Approaches in Web Application Development Edgar Weippl , Sebastian Schrittwieser , Peter Kieseberg , Christoph Hochreiner , Zhendong Ma N/A
An Evaluation of Argument Patterns Based on Data Flow Shuichiro Yamamoto N/A
A Design of Web Log Integration Framework using NoSQL Ilsun You , Pankoo Kim , Huijin Jeong , Junho Choi , Chang Choi N/A
Motivation-Based Risk Analysis Process for IT Systems (virtual) Agata Niescieruk , Bogdan Ksiezopolski N/A
Sifting through the Rubble of Big Data for the Human Face of Mobile Ismail Khalil As the landscape around Big data continues to exponentially evolve, the « big » facet ...
Formalizing Information Flow Control in a Model-Driven Approach Kuzman Katkalov , Kurt Stenzel , Marian Borek , Wolfgang Reif N/A
Security Assessment of Computer Networks Based on Attack Graphs and Security Events Igor Kotenko , Elena Doynikova N/A
A Pipeline Optimization Model for QKD Post-processing System (virtual) Jianyi Zhou , Bo Liu , Baokang Zhao N/A
Aggregation of Network Protocol Data Near its Source Marcel Fourné , Kevin Stegemann , Dominique Petersen , Norbert Pohlmann N/A
The Mediating Role of Social Competition Identity Management Strategy in the Predictive Relationship between Susceptibility to Social Influence, Internet Privacy Concern, and Online Political Efficacy Juneman Abraham , Murty Magda Pane N/A
Formal Security Analysis and Performance Evaluation of the Linkable Anonymous Access Protocol (virtual) Rima Addas , Ning Zhang N/A
On Safety of Pseudonym-based Location Data in the Context of Constraint Satisafation Problems Tomoya Tanjo , Kazuhiro Minami , Ken Mano , Hiroshi Maruyama N/A
Advanced Techniques for Computer Sharing and Management of Strategic Data (virtual) Marek r. Ogiela , Lidia Ogiela , Urszula Ogiela N/A
On the Modelling of the Computer Security Impact on the Reputation Systems (virtual) Bogdan Ksiezopolski , Adam Wierzbicki , Damian Rusinek N/A
Efficient Variant of Rainbow without Triangular Matrix Representation Tsuyoshi Takagi , Kouichi Sakurai , Takanori Yasuda N/A
Efficient Lattice HIBE in the Standard Model with Shorter Public Parameters Kunwar Singh , C Pandu Rangan , A.k. Banerjee N/A
Security Analysis of Public Key Encryptions Based on Conjugacy Search Problem Akihiro Yamamura N/A
Cryptanalysis of Unidirectional Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme Kunwar Singh , C Pandu Rangan , A.k. Banerjee N/A
An Algorithm to Analyze Non-injective S-Boxes Leandro Marin , Ludo Tolhuizen N/A
Attribute-based Fine-grained Access Control with User Revocation (virtual) Jun Ye , Wujun Zhang , Shu-lin Wu , Yuan-yuan Gao , Jia-tao Qiu N/A
A Full Privacy-Preserving Scheme for Location-Based Services Fangguo Zhang , Fei Shao , Rong Cheng N/A
Implementation of Efficient Operations over GF(2³²) using Graphics Processing Units Kouichi Sakurai , Takanori Yasuda , Satoshi Tanaka N/A
M-SRS: Secure and Trustworthy Mobile Service Review System Based on Mobile Cloudlet (virtual) Xiaofeng Chen , Jin Li , Tao Jiang , Jianfeng Ma N/A
High-quality Reversible Data Hiding Approach Based on Evaluating Multiple Prediction Methods Cheng-hsing Yang , Kuan-liang Liu , Chun-hao Chang , Yi-jhong Jhang N/A
Steganalysis to Data Hiding of VQ Watermarking Upon Grouping Strategy Ya-ting Chang , Min-hao Wu , Shiuh-jeng Wang N/A
Experimental Evaluation of an Algorithm for the Detection of Tampered JPEG Images (virtual) Giuseppe Cattaneo , Umberto Ferraro Petrillo , Gianluca Roscigno N/A
A Semantic-based Malware Detection System Design Based on Channels (virtual) Xiaofeng Wang , Baokang Zhao , Peige Ren , Chunqing Wu , Hao Sun N/A
An Efficient Semantic-based Organization and Similarity Search Method for Internet Data Resources (virtual) Xiaofeng Wang , Baokang Zhao , Peige Ren , Chunqing Wu , Hao Sun N/A
Efficient DVFS to Prevent Hard Faults for Many-core Architectures (virtual) Baokang Zhao , Zhiquan Lai , Jinshu Su N/A
Improving availability through energy-saving optimization in LEO satellite networks (virtual) Baokang Zhao , Chunqing Wu , Zhu Tang , Zhenqian Feng , Wanrong Yu N/A