FC15 2015 Jan. 26, 2015 to Jan. 30, 2015, San Juan,Puerto Rico

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening remarks Joseph Bohme N/A
Keynote Address: What Satoshi Didn't Know Gavin Andresen , Chief Scientist , Bitcoin Foundation N/A
Are You at Risk? Profiling Organizations and Individuals Subject to Targeted Attacks Olivier Thonnard , Leyla Bilge , Anand Lee N/A
Computer-Supported Cooperative Crime (Short Paper) Vaibhav Garg , Sadia Afroz , Rebekah Greenstadt N/A
There's No Free Lunch, Even Using Bitcoin: Tracking the Popularity and Profits of Virtual Currency Scams Marie Moore N/A
Multi-Class Traffic Morphing for Encrypted VoIP Communication W. Brad Moore , Henry Tan , Micah Maloof. N/A
Protecting encrypted cookies from compression side-channel attacks Janaka Alawatugoda , Douglas Boyd N/A
Fingerprinting web users through font metrics David Egelman N/A
Sorting and Searching Behind the Curtain Foteini Ohrimenko N/A
Resizable Tree-Based Oblivious RAM Tarik Moataz , Travis Mayberry , Erik-oliver Chan N/A
Sublinear Scaling for Multi-Client Private Information Retrieval Wouter Goldberg N/A
Relay Cost Bounding for Contactless EMV Payments Tom Chothia , Flavio D. Garcia , Joeri De Ruiter , Jordi Thompson N/A
Private and Secure Public-Key Distance Bounding: Application to NFC Payment (Short Paper) Serge Vaudenay N/A
Purchase details leaked to PayPal (Short Paper) Sören Preibusch , Thomas Peetz , Günes Berendt N/A
A Short Paper on How the National Tax Office Evaluated a Tax Fraud Detection System Based on Secure Multi-party Computation Dan Bogdanov , Marko Jõemets , Sander Vaht N/A
Tactile One Time Pad: Leakage-Resilient Authentication for Smartphones Thomas Hupperich , Sebastian Uellenbeck , Thorsten Wolf N/A
User Authentication Using Human Cognitive Abilities Asadullah Safavi-naini N/A
Smart and Secure Cross-Device Apps for the Internet of Advanced Things Christoph Busold , Stephan Heuser , Jon Rios , Ahmad-reza Asokan N/A
Signatures and Efficient Proofs on Committed Graphs and NP-Statements Thomas Gross N/A
Efficient Statically-Secure Large-Universe Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption Yannis Waters N/A
Augmented Learning with Errors: The Untapped Potential of the Error Term Rachid El Bansarkhani , Özgür Buchmann N/A
BabelCrypt: The Universal Encryption Layer for Mobile Messaging Applications Collin Mulliner , Kaan Onarlioglu , Michael Weissbacher , Ahmet Talha Ozcan , Can Gemicioglu , William Kirda N/A
METDS - A Self-contained, Context-Based Detection System for Evil Twin Access Points Christian Szongott , Michael “drbearsec” Smith N/A
Market-driven Code Provisioning to Mobile Secure Hardware Alexandra Dmitrienko , Stephan Heuser , Thien Duc Nguyen , Marcos Ramos , Andre Sadeghi N/A
On Non-cooperative Genomic Privacy Erman Ayday , Mathias Humbert , Jean-pierre Telenti N/A
Incentives to Share Private Information for Population Estimates (Short Paper) Michela Chessa , Jens Loiseau N/A
Paying the Guard: an Entry-Guard-based Payment System for Tor (Short Paper) Paolo Pouwelse N/A
Proof-of-Work as Anonymous Micropayment: Rewarding a Tor Relay (Short Paper) Alex Pustogarov N/A
Privacy Preserving Collaborative Filtering from Asymmetric Randomized Encoding Yongjun Chow N/A
Anonymous and Publicly Linkable Reputation Systems (Short Paper) Jakob Juhnke , Johannes Kolb N/A
Hard Drive Side-Channel Attacks using Smartphone Magnetic Field Sensors (Short Paper) Sebastian Biedermann , Stefan Szefer N/A
Hierarchical deterministic Bitcoin wallets that tolerate key leakage (Short Paper) Gus Stebila N/A
Secure High-Rate Transaction Processing in Bitcoin Yonatan Zohar N/A
Inclusive Block Chain Protocols Yonatan Zohar , Yoad Lewenberg N/A