threads 2014 Nov. 12, 2014 to Nov. 15, 2014, New york,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Research Keynote Robert E. Joyce N/A
Static Translation of x86 Instruction Semantics to LLVM with McSema (slides) Artem Dinaburg N/A
Reverse All the Things with PANDA (slides) Brendan Dolan-gavitt N/A
Code Pointer Integrity (slides) László Szekeres N/A
Smten and the Art of Satisfiability-based Search (slides) Nirav Dave N/A
Transparent ROP Detection Using CPU Performance Counters (slides) Xiaoning Li , Michael Crouse N/A
Reasoning about Optimal Solutions to Automation Problems (slides) Jared Carlson , Andrew Reiter N/A
Integrated Cyber Analysis System (ICAS) Program Brief by John Everett N/A
Improving Scalable, Automated Baremetal Malware Analysis (slides) Paul Royal , Adam Allred N/A
Development Keynote Michael Tiffany N/A
CRITs: Collaborative Research Into Threats (slides) Mike Goffin N/A
Operating System Analytics and Host Intrusion Detection at Scale (slides) Mike Arpaia N/A
Github AppSec: Keeping Up With 111 Prolific Engineers Ben Toews N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
Making Sense of Content Security Policy (CSP) Reports @ Scale (slides) (blog) Ivan Leichtling N/A
Cleaning Up The Internet With Scrumblr and Sketchy (slides) Andy Hoernecke N/A
Augmenting Binary Analysis with Python and Pin (slides) Tyler Bohan , Omar N/A
Are Attacking Using Automation More Efficiently Than Defenders? Marc-etienne M.léveillé N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
Automating Application Security @twitter (slides) Neil Matatall N/A