CarolinaCon 4 March 29, 2008 to March 29, 2008, Raleigh, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Format String Vulnerabilities 101 Deral Heiland A comprehensive presentation on format string vulnerabilities within the Windows Intel Architecture environment. This presentation ... Security
Local-Link Networking Christopher Gragsone As the SOHO networks grow with home-automation and networked entertainment systems, the home user will ... Security
Ethical Hacking For Forensic Investigations Robert Ii When conducting a digital forensic investigation that involves a breach or compromise of network systems, ... Security
Blogging For Bad Guys: What Not To Say On-Line Thomas J. Holt The preponderance of social networking sites enables individuals to share all sorts of information about ... Security Malware
Zfs (On Freebsd) Wesley Shields (wxs) ZFS, developed by Sun Microsystems, is a big shift in filesystem concepts and design. Without ... Security
Monumental Women Who Influenced Today'S Technology L33tphreak A topic-organized summary of women who either participated in or were leaders of advancements that ... Security
An Introduction To The Alteration Of Electrical Control Units For Purposes Unintended, Or Console Modding 101. Nick Fury Video Game consoles are not new and modifying them for the purpose of altering their ... Security
Exploit-Me Series: Firefox Application Penetration Testing Suite Sahba Kazerooni , Dan Sinclair The cost of fixing bugs is drastically reduced in the development stage compared to production. ... Security Testing
Rootkits 101 Txs Rootkits 101. A brief history of subversive software will be provided. We will discuss the ... Security Rootkits
Layer 7 Attacks Travis Altman It used to be that the majority of attacks occurred at the network and data ... Security Web
An Update On Riaa Lawsuits Under The Dmca Sapna Kumar This talk will focus on RIAA and other recording groups' more recent file-sharing lawsuits. New ... Security Others Legal
Introduction To Tscm Tim Johnson TSCM is the systematic physical and electronic examination of a designated area by a qualified ... Security