bsidesindy 2015 Feb. 21, 2015 to Feb. 21, 2015, indianapolis,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
How to use Content Security Policy the right way Ksenia Dmitrieva N/A
Interesting Honeypot Trends Ebrinkster N/A
Submission Title: Um?.. Kung pow chicken Cameron Maerz N/A
How to budget IDS’s and get results Brian Heitzman N/A
Local Admin Strats and How to Stop the Lateral Play Michael Dunten N/A
Take Charge of Your Infosec Career Glen Roberts N/A
Shooting Phish in a Barrel" and other terrible fish related puns... Amanda Berlin N/A
IDA and You: Better Together Reid Wightman N/A
PlagueScanner: An Open Source Multiple AV Scanner Framework Robert Simmons N/A
Fixing CSRF So Your Users Can Keep a Dozen Tabs Open Forever Barry Schatz N/A