FAST 2015 Feb. 17, 2015 to Feb. 19, 2015, Santa clara,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Software-defined Storage from an SDN Perspective Greg O'shea , Eno Thereska This tutorial will provide technical background on the (often-vague) concept of software-defined storage (SDS). The ...
Clustered and Parallel Storage System Technologies Brent Welch This tutorial is oriented toward administrators and developers who manage and use large-scale storage systems. ...
Flash Memory and Its By-products: A to Z in a Flash Sam H. Noh , Yang-suk Kee This tutorial will be a crash course on flash memory. We will cover the major ...
Architecting Applications on Hadoop Ryan Blue During the first half of the tutorial, we will provide an intro to Apache Hadoop ...
Opening Remarks and Awards Erez Zadok , Jiri Schindler N/A
The Theory of Everything: Scaling for Future Systems Raju Rangaswami N/A
CalvinFS: ConsistentWAN Replication and Scalable Metadata Management for Distributed File Systems Alexander Thomson , Daniel J. Abadi N/A
Analysis of the ECMWF Storage Landscape Matthias Grawinkel , Lars Nagel , Markus Mäsker , Federico Padua , André Brinkmann , Lennart Sorth N/A
Efficient Intra-Operating System Protection Against Harmful DMAs Dan Tsafrir , Moshe Malka , Nadav Amit N/A
NVML: Implementing Persistent Memory Applications Paul Von Behren NVML is an open-source library that simplifies development of applications utilizing byte-addressable persistent memory. The ...
Combining SNIA Cloud, Tape, and Container Format Technologies for Long-Term Retention Sam Fineberg Generating and collecting very large data sets is becoming a necessity in many domains that ...
Big: Big Systems Nisha Talagala N/A
FlashGraph: Processing Billion-Node Graphs on an Array of Commodity SSDs Da Zheng , Disa Mhembere , Randal Burns , Joshua Vogelstein , Carey E. Priebe , Alexander S. Szalay N/A
Host-side Filesystem Journaling for Durable Shared Storage Andromachi Hatzieleftheriou , Stergios Anastasiadis N/A
LADS: Optimizing Data Transfers Using Layout-Aware Data Scheduling Youngjae Kim , Scott Atchley , Geoffroy R. Vallée , Galen M. Shipman N/A
Having Your Cake and Eating It Too: Jointly Optimal Erasure Codes for I/O, Storage, and Network-bandwidth Kv Rashmi , Preetum Nakkiran , Jingyan Wang , Nihar B. Shah , Kannan Ramchandran N/A
SMB Remote File Protocol (Including SMB 3.0) Tom Talpey The SMB protocol has evolved over time from CIFS to SMB1 to SMB2, with implementations ...
Separate vs. Combined Server Clusters for App Workloads and Shared Storage Craig Dunwoody A widely used "separate-cluster" architecture for datacenters uses a server cluster, sometimes called a "storage ...
Hackers: Cutting Things to Pieces Nitin Agrawal N/A
Efficient MRC Construction with SHARDS Carl Waldspurger , Alexander Garthwaite , Irfan Ahmad N/A
ANViL: Advanced Virtualization for Modern Non-Volatile Memory Devices Swaminathan Sundararaman , Andrea C. Arpaci-dusseau , Remzi H. Arpaci-dusseau , Sriram Subramanian , Nisha Talagala , Zev Weiss N/A
Reducing File System Tail Latencies with Chopper Andrea C. Arpaci-dusseau , Remzi H. Arpaci-dusseau , Jun He , Duy Nguyen N/A
Skylight—A Window on Shingled Disk Operation Abutalib Aghayev , Peter Desnoyers N/A
Storage Grid Using iSCSI Felix Xavier The advent of cloud brought a new requirement on storage. The storage nodes in the ...
Practical Secure Storage: A Vendor-agnostic Overview Walt Hubis This tutorial will explore the fundamental concepts of implementing secure enterprise storage using current technologies. ...
Storage Industry Forging Academic Alliances Ramin Elahi The three most common challenges facing the IT Managers and CTOs today are: 1) Ingesting ...
A Brief History of the BSD Fast Filesystem Marshall Kirk Mckusick This talk provides a taxonomy of filesystem and storage development from 1979 to the present ...
Non-blocking Writes to Files Raju Rangaswami , Ricardo Koller , Daniel Campello , Hector Lopez , Luis Useche N/A
NV-Tree: Reducing Consistency Cost for NVM-based Single Level Systems Cheng Chen , Jun Yang , Qingsong Wei , Chundong Wang , Khai Leong Yong , Bingsheng He N/A
Towards SLO Complying SSDs Through OPS Isolation Sam H. Noh , Jaeho Kim , Donghee Lee N/A
Boosting Quasi-Asynchronous I/O for Better Responsiveness in Mobile Devices Daeho Jeong , Youngjae Lee , Jin-soo Kim N/A
The Fault in Our Stars: Reliability Haryadi S. Gunawi N/A
Failure-Atomic Updates of Application Data in a Linux File System Charles Iii , Stan Park , Rajat Verma , Anton Ajay Mendez , Sandya Mannarswamy , Terence Kelly N/A
A Tale of Two Erasure Codes in HDFS Mingyuan Xia , Mohit Saxena , Mario Blaum , David A. Pease N/A
How Much Can Data Compressibility Help to Improve NAND Flash Memory Lifetime? Jiangpeng Li , Kai Zhao , Xuebin Zhang , Jun Ma , Ming Zhao , Tong Zhang N/A
RAIDShield: Characterizing, Monitoring, and Proactively Protecting Against Disk Failures Fred Douglis , Ao Ma , Guanlin Lu , Darren Sawyer , Surendar Chandra , Windsor Hsu N/A
Quoth the Raven, Neveread: Write-Optimized File Systems Geoff Kuenning N/A
Write Once, Get 50% Free: Saving SSD Erase Costs Using WOM Codes Assaf Schuster , Gala Yadgar , Eitan Yaakobi N/A
F2FS: A New File System for Flash Storage Sangyeun Cho , Changman Lee , Dongho Sim , Jooyoung Hwang N/A
A Practical Implementation of Clustered Fault Tolerant Write Acceleration in a Virtualized Environment Deepavali Bhagwat , Mahesh Patil , Michal Ostrowski , Murali Vilayannur , Woon Jung , Chethan Kumar N/A
BetrFS: A Right-Optimized Write-Optimized File System Rob Johnson , Jun Yuan , Donald E. Porter , William Jannen , Yang Zhan , Amogh Akshintala , John Esmet , Yizheng Jiao , Ankur Mittal , Prashant Pandey , And Phaneendra Reddy , Leif Walsh , Michael Bender , Martin Farach-colton , Bradley C. Kuszmaul N/A
The Imitation Game: Benchmarking and Workloads Fred Douglis N/A
SDGen: Mimicking Datasets for Content Generation in Storage Benchmarks Danny Harnik , Raúl Gracia-tinedo , Dalit Naor , Dmitry Sotnikov , Sivan Toledo , Aviad Zuck N/A
Design Tradeoffs for Data Deduplication Performance in Backup Workloads Xubin He , Min Fu , Dan Feng , Yu Hua , Zuoning Chen , Wen Xia , Yucheng Zhang , Yujuan Tan N/A
Chronicle: Capture and Analysis of NFS Workloads at Line Rate John D. Strunk , Ardalan Kangarlou , Sandip Shete N/A
The Social Network: Mobile and Social-Networking Systems Dean Hildebrand N/A
Reliable, Consistent, and Efficient Data Sync for Mobile Apps Younghwan Go , Nitin Agrawal , Akshat Aranya , Cristian Ungureanu N/A