ICISSP 2015 Feb. 9, 2015 to Feb. 11, 2015, loire valley,france

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Panel: Privacy and Trust in Digital Societies Bryan Ford , Esma Aimeur , Edgar Weippl , Steven Furnell , Günther Pernul N/A
Keynote Lecture:From Passwords to Biometrics - In Pursuit of a Panacea Steven Furnell N/A
The Palm Vein Graph - Feature Extraction and Matching Hao Hao , Arathi Arakala , Stephen Davis , K. J. Horadam N/A
Balancing is the Key - Performing Finger Vein Template Protection using Fuzzy Commitment Julien Bringer , Herve Chabanne , Mélanie Favre , Sylvaine Picard N/A
Private Web Search with Constant Round Efficiency Bolam Kang , Sung Cheol Goh , Myungsun Kim N/A
Performance-optimized Indexes for Inequality Searches on Encrypted Data in Practice Armin B. Cremers , Jan Lehnhardt , Tobias Rho , Adrian Spalka N/A
Vulnerability Analysis using Network Timestamps in Full Virtualization Virtual Machine M. Noorafiza , H. Maeda , R. Uda , T. Kinoshita , M. Shiratori N/A
Optimizing Cryptographically based Security in Wireless Networks Stuart Jacobs N/A
Malware Classification Method Based on Sequence of Traffic Flow Yukiko Yamaguchi , Hiroki Takakura , Hyoyoung Lim , Hajime Shimada N/A
Clustering Spam Emails into Campaigns Nadia Tawbi , Mina Sheikh Alishahi , Mohamed Mejri N/A
Bilinear Pairing-based Hybrid Mixnet with Anonymity Revocation Andrea Huszti , Zita Kovacs N/A
Privacy and Security Concern of Online Social Networks from User Perspective Weining Zhang , Al Amin Hossain N/A
User-friendly and Tailored Policy Administration Points Manuel Rudolph N/A
Keynote Lecture:Hiding in a Panopticon - Grand Challenges in Internet Anonymity Bryan Ford N/A
Understanding Information Technology Security Standards Diffusion - An Institutional Perspective Sylvestre Uwizeyemungu , Placide Poba-nzaou N/A
A Structural and Content-based Approach for a Precise and Robust Detection of Malicious PDF Files Davide Maiorca , Igino Corona , Giorgio Giacinto , Davide Ariu N/A
Evaluation of the Anonymous I2P Network's Design Choices Against Performance and Security Olivier Festor , Juan Pablo Timpanaro , Thibault Cholez , Isabelle Chrisment N/A
Assessing Information Security Risks of AMI - What Makes it so Difficult? Maria b. Line , Inger Anne Tøndel , Gorm Johansen N/A
Malfinder: Accelerated Malware Classification System through Filtering on Manycore System Taegyu Kim , Woomin Hwang , Chulmin Kim , Dong-jae Shin , Ki-woong Park , Kyu Ho Park N/A
Model-driven Privacy Assessment in the Smart Grid Viktor Prasanna , Dominik Engel , Fabian Knirsch , Christian Neureiter , Marc Frincu N/A
A Scratch-based Graphical Policy Editor for XACML Henrik Nergaard , Nils Ulltveit-moe , Terje Gjøsæter N/A
Adaptive Buffer Resizing for Efficient Anonymization of Streaming Data with Minimal Information Loss Aderonke Busayo Sakpere , Anne Kayem N/A
A Novel Anonymous Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Carsten Büttner , Sorin A. Huss N/A
Multi-sensor Authentication to Improve Smartphone Security Ruby b. Lee , Wei-han Lee N/A
On Detection of Bitcoin Mining Redirection Attacks Nicolas T. Courtois , Pinar Emirdag , Zhouyixing Wang N/A
Implementation and Analysis of Dutch-style Sealed-bid Auctions - Computational vs Unconditional Security Mehrdad Nojoumian , Sriram Krishnamachari , Kemal Akkaya N/A
On the Power Consumption of Cryptographic Processors in Civil Microdrones Joonsang Baek , Abdulhadi Shoufan , Hassan Alnoon N/A
User-defined Privacy Preferences for k-Anonymization in Electronic Crime Reporting Systems for Developing Nations Aderonke Busayo Sakpere N/A
Trust-aware Social Recommender System Design Peixin Gao , John S. Baras , Jennifer Golbeck N/A
Model Repositories at the Enterprises and Systems Scale - The Modelio Constellation Solution Philippe Desfray , Etienne Brosse N/A
Keynote Lecture:Privacy in Social Networks - Existing Challenges and Proposals for Solution Günther Pernul N/A
Analyzing Quality Criteria in Role-based Identity and Access Management Michael Netter , Ludwig Fuchs , Günther Pernul , Michael Kunz N/A
A Policy-based Communications Architecture for Vehicles Vassilis Prevelakis , Mohammad Hamad N/A
Research Ethics and Public Trust, Preconditions for Continued Growth of Internet Mediated Research - Public Confidence in Internet Mediate Research Ansgar Koene , Elvira Perez , Christopher J. Carter , Ramona Statache , Svenja Adolphs , Claire O'malley , Tom Rodden , Derek Mcauley N/A
A Novel Model of Security Policies and Requirements Preetam Mukherjee , Chandan Mazumdar N/A
Modelling of Enterprise Insider Threats Chandan Mazumdar , Puloma Roy N/A
ICS/SCADA Security - Analysis of a Beckhoff CX5020 PLC Marko Schuba , Gregor Bonney , Hans Hoefken , Benedikt Paffen N/A
Title: "European Project Space on Pervasive Systems, Physiological Computing and Information Systems Security and Privacy" Christophe Angot , Julien Van Simaeys , Regis Hamelin , Dajana Cassioli N/A
Research Into Wireless Channels for Intra-vehicle Communication and Positioning Aniruddha Chandra N/A
Symbiotic Mind Computer Interaction for Information Seeking (MindSee) Oswald Barral N/A
Future Internet Research Services and Technology (FIRST) Zita Kovacs N/A
Quality Assessment of Fingerprints with Minutiae Delaunay Triangulation Z. Yao , J. Le Bars , C. Charrier , C. Rosenberger N/A
The Smartphone as a Gait Recognition Device - Impact of Selected Parameters on Gait Recognition Ingo Stengel , Josselyn Le Moing N/A
EvaBio Platform for the Evaluation Biometric System - Application to the Optimization of the Enrollment Process for Fingerprints Devices Z. Yao , C. Charrier , C. Rosenberger , B. Vibert , S. Vernois , J-m. Le Bars N/A
Expansions of CHAP - Modificationless on Its Structures of Packet and Data Exchange Masaki Inamura N/A
Fingerprint Quality Assessment Combining Blind Image Quality, Texture and Minutiae Features Z. Yao , J. Le Bars , C. Charrier , C. Rosenberger N/A
Defeating DDoS using Productive Puzzles Mehmud Abliz , Taieb F. Znati N/A
HIDE: Hybrid Symmetric Key Algorithm for Integrity Check, Dynamic Key Generation and Encryption Jayagopal Narayanaswamy , Raghav V. Sampangi , Srinivas Sampalli N/A
Filtering Unfair Users - A Hidden Markov Model Approach Bushra Anjum , Manish Rajangam , Harry Perros , Wenjuan Fan N/A