nullcon 2015 Feb. 4, 2015 to Feb. 7, 2015, goa,india

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Privacy Pranesh Prakash N/A
Clusterfuzz: Analyzing Chrome crash reports at scale Abhishek Arya N/A
Toliman, a Hadoop Pentesting Tool Jitendra Chauhan N/A
Halcyon - Building custom scans for real world enterprise network Sanoop Thomas N/A
Keynote Katie Moussouris , Paul A. Vixie , Jennifer Steffens , Keshav Dattatreya Nayak N/A
The Windows Sandbox Paradox James Forshaw N/A
CXO Opening note Roland Cloutier N/A
CXO Panel - "Why CISO should promote more of such technical events - pros and cons, benefits etc" Burgess Cooper N/A
ECMA Script 6 from an Attacker's Perspective - Breaking Frameworks, Sandboxes, and everything else Mario Heidrich N/A
Anatomy of a credit card stealing POS malware Amol Sarwate N/A
CXO Panel - "2015: The Global Threat Defense Landscape - A discussion on the challenges faced by enterprises in engaging the bad guys" Shomiron Gupta N/A
Cuckoo Sandbox 102: State-of-the-art malware analysis Jurriaan Bremer N/A
Physical Lock Security Amey , Swapnil N/A
ICS/SCADA Security - Analysis of a Beckhoff CX5020 PLC Hans Höfken N/A
Defender's Diary: Who's attacking? What are my options? Sastry Tumuluri N/A
Drone Attacks: How I hijacked a drone Rahul Sasi N/A
CXO Panel - "Building security and compliance into the software delivery process" Joanne Molesky N/A
Hardware Reverse Engineering: From Boot to Root Yashin Mehaboobe N/A
FinSpy - Inside Spying Attila Marosi N/A
Mobile Self-Defence Karsten Nohl N/A
Warning Ahead: Security Storms are Brewing in Your JavaScript Yuval Idan N/A
When the Sky is Falling: High-Volume Reflection/Amplification Attacks Manish Sinha N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
Cold Boot Attack on DDR2 and DDR3 RAM Marko Schuba N/A
Attack and Defence in Radio and Communication Warfare Akib Sayyed N/A
The NSA Playset: RF Retroreflectors Michael Ossman N/A
Hunting and Decrypting Ghost communications using Memory Forensics Monnappa K.a N/A
NDIS Disassembly for Hackers: Reversing Network Drivers at the Lowest Layer Nitay Artenstein N/A
BugBash Bugcrowd N/A
Hacking Tizen: The OS of Everything Ajin Abraham N/A
Generic Executable Unpacking using Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Shubham Bansal N/A
Pentesting a website with million lines of Javascript Lavakumar Kuppan , Nafeez Ahmed N/A
Parkomagic: a few words about the security of parking terminals Denis Makrushin N/A
Hackonomics and the emergence of Digital Age Heroes followed by Breach - A cyber crime thriller. Book signing and talk Amrita Chowdhury N/A
Startup Panel - "Make in India" Aseem "@" Jakhar N/A