SASKaspersky 2015 Feb. 16, 2015 to Feb. 17, 2015, cancun,mexico

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome and introductions Eugene Kaspersky N/A
Keynote: Offensive resilience taken from the evolution of modern mixed martial arts Cristopher Hoff N/A
Class Warfare: Considering mitigations against the unknown Dan Kaminsky N/A
Following APT OpSec failures Kris Mcconkey N/A
The Billion Dollar APT Peter Zinn , Sergey Lozhkin , Sergey Golovanov N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
The challenges of detecting silent exits of your data Steve Adegbite N/A
Bounty up to the bar: How I learned to relax and love bug bounties Katie Moussouris N/A
The five-point-palm exploding-heart technique Vitaly Kamluk , Costin Raiu , Sergey Mineev , Igor Sumenkov N/A
Visualizing the underbelly of the Internet Staffan Truve N/A
Inferring past activity from partial digital artifacts Jim Jones N/A
Ali Baba and the 40 cyber-thieves Adrian Nish N/A
Blurred lines Nitesh Dhanjani N/A
Bio-hacking and the security implications Hannes Sjöblad N/A
Tools of NSA playset Joe Fitzpatrick N/A
Listening to the sky for snakes and other animals Costin Raiu , Stefan Tanase N/A
Finding government and vendor hardware backdoors Alberto garcia Illera N/A
Tracking Internet threats by visualizing IP and DNS data Thibault Reuille , Dhia Mahjoub N/A
Using encryption to protect sources and secrets Runa a. Sandvik N/A
Wolf in sheep’s clothing: your next APT is already whitelisted Fabio Assolini , Juan Andres Guerrero N/A
Digital Krav Maga: OpSec for security researchers Dani Creus , Vicente Diaz N/A
Darkhotel: ‘Lighting the room’ Vitaly Kamluk , Kurt Baumgartner N/A
Distributors, developers and tools behind black flag comms Rodrigo Bijou N/A
The Data Guild Real world examples of malware using DNS for exfiltration and C&C channels Jaime Blasco N/A
Project Sonar:scanning the global Internet Trey Ford N/A
Desert falcons on a cyberhunt Dmitry Bestuzhev N/A
Routing-based Internet infrastructure attacks and manipulations Doug Madory N/A
The CIA(A): China, Iraq, Australia, and America Josh Phillips N/A
Rebooting DNS analysis Brandon Dixon, 9b+ A fresh look at the BE2/Sandworm campaigns Kurt Baumgartner , Maria Garnaeva , Brian Bartholomew , Drew Robinson N/A
Monitoring Swedish .TLD for malicious code Anne-marie , Eklund Löwinder N/A
.SE Evading anti-APT technologies Roman Vasilenko N/A
Mobile security and legacyinfrastructure integration Sam Phillips N/A
Samsung The circle around Retefe Peter Kruse , Jan Kaastrup N/A
Man in the Binder:He who controls IPC, controls the Droid Michael Shalyt N/A
CheckPoint More libraries! More vulnerabilities! More things! Now with real world case studies Jake Kouns , Kymberlee Price N/A
How I hacked my home David Jacoby N/A
Finding Adobe Flash zero-day Anton Ivanov N/A
When IoT attacks, a case study Billy Rios N/A
Chase and collect - C&C server investigations Boldizsár Bencsáth N/A
Insecurity of police departments surveillance systems Vasilios Hioureas N/A
The evolution of crypto ransomware Artem Semenchenko N/A
Insecure wearables Roman Unuchek N/A
Security lessons from the Sochi Olympics Evgeny Goncharov N/A
Five challenges securing the The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Stefan Lüders N/A
ICS Threats. A Kaspersky Lab view: predictions and reality Alexey Polyakov N/A
Malware in the industrial world Dewan Chowdhury N/A
Under APT attack: a client view Lorenzo Martinez , Koldo Valle Garcia N/A
SCADA in da cloud Sergey Gordeychik N/A
Honeypots suck John Matherly N/A
BadUSB style vulnerabilities for Control Systems Michael Toecker N/A
User confidence vs knowledge Erik Johansson N/A
ICS exploits development: a double-edged game Dmitry Evdokimov N/A
Hacking Smart Cities Cesar Cerrudo N/A
Embedding security in planes, cars, and trains Sergey Tverdyshev N/A
A Standard of OPC-UA security technical study Hisato Yoneda N/A
In search of IoT cyber security Holy Grail. Kaspersky Secure Operating System Andrey Nikishin N/A
Research on 10 years of SCADA vulnerabilities from over 200 industrial plants Daniel Michaud-soucy N/A