BSidesAustin 2015 March 12, 2015 to March 13, 2015, Texas,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Ten Crazy idea for fixing security Wendy Nather N/A
Follow up keynote Jay Mclaughlin N/A
We preach, but do we practice what we preach? Securing yourself and your own workstation Michael Gough N/A
Red team vs blue team panel: A lively discussion full of tips and tactics Kate Brew , Brian Boettcher N/A
SCALE Chester Wisniewski N/A
Malware analysis 101 Adam Kujawa N/A
IPv6: A potentially hidden attack vector Earl Carter N/A
Protecting your cloud server with a cloud IDS Josh Pyorre N/A
acting to win: taking responsible, automated action for high-speed defense Monzy Merza , Jose Hernandez , Steve Brant N/A
blue team responses to people who "hack like a girl:"" Kate Brew , Charisse Castagnoli N/A
the explosion of cybercrime: the 5 ways IT may be an accomplice Mark Villinski N/A
Spanking the monkey/How pen testers can do it better Justin Whitehead , Antonio Herraiz N/A
the deep dark hidden web Aamir Lakhani N/A
communicating for success in security Philip Beyer N/A
is your crack-a-lackin? Julian Dunning N/A
the inmates are running the asylum: why some multi-factor authentication is irresponsible Clare Nelson N/A
beyond the scan: the valvue of proposition of vulnerability assessment Damon Small N/A
I hunt sys admins Will Schroeder N/A
honepot how-toroxy d, Mike Sconzo N/A