codapspy 2015 March 2, 2015 to March 4, 2015, San Antonio,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Tunably-Oblivious Memory: Generalizing ORAM to Enable Privacy-Efficiency Tradeoffs Jonathan Dautrich , Chinya Ravishankar N/A
The BORG: Nanoprobing Binaries for Buffer Overreads Herbert Bos , Paolo Milani Comparetti , Istvan Haller , Matthias Neugschwandtner N/A
Software-Based Protection against "Changeware" Alexander Pretschner , Sebastian Banescu , Dominic Battre , Stefano Cazzulani , Robert Shield , Greg Thompson N/A
CoinParty: Secure Multi-Party Mixing of Bitcoins Martin Henze , Klaus Wehrle , Jan henrik Ziegeldorf , Fred Grossmann , Nicolas Inden N/A
DBMask: Fine-Grained Access Control on Encrypted Relational Databases Elisa Bertino , Muhammad Ihsanulhaq Sarfraz , Mohamed Nabeel , Jianneng Cao N/A
Differentially-Private Mining of Moderately-Frequent High-Confidence Association Rules Gabriel Ghinita , Mihai Maruseac N/A
How Your Phone Camera Can Be Used to Stealthily Spy on You: Transplantation Attacks against Android Camera Service Peng Liu , Jiwu Jing , Ji Xiang , Zhongwen Zhang , Lingguang Lei Based on the observations that spy-on-user attacks by calling Android APIs will be detected out ... IncludeThinkstScapes
Robust Fingerprinting for Relocatable Code Vassil Roussev , Irfan Ahmed , Aisha Ali Gombe N/A
StaDynA: Addressing the Problem of Dynamic Code Updates in the Security Analysis of Android Applications Fabio Massacci , Bruno Crispo , Olga Gadyatskaya , Yury Zhauniarovich , Maqsood Ahmad N/A
Privacy-Preserving Scanning of Big Content for Sensitive Data Exposure with MapReduce Danfeng Yao , Xiaokui Shu , Fang Liu , Ali R. Butt N/A
HideM: Protecting the Contents of Userspace Memory in the Face of Disclosure Vulnerabilities William Enck , Jason Gionta , Peng Ning N/A
Understanding and Communicating Risk for Mobile Applications Ting Yu , Ninghui Li , Jing Chen , Christopher S. Gates , Zach Jorgensen , Robert W. Proctor N/A
Identifying and Understanding Self-Checksumming Defenses in Software Saumya K. Debray , Jing Qiu , Babak Yadegari , Brian Johannesmeyer , Xiaohong Su N/A
BigGate: Access Control Framework for Outsourced Key-Value Stores Murat Kantarcioglu , Erman Pattuk , Huseyin Ulusoy N/A
DetAnom: Detecting Anomalous Database Transactions by Insiders Elisa Bertino , Syed Atyab Hussain , Asmaa Sallam N/A
Virtual Resource Orchestration Constraints in Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Ram Krishnan , Ravi Sandhu , Khalid Bijon N/A
The Limits of the Trade-Off Between Query-Anonymity and Communication-Cost in Wireless Sensor Networks Mahesh v. Tripunitara , Kadhim Hayawi , Alireza Mortezaei N/A
SemaDroid: A Privacy-Aware Sensor Management Framework for Smartphones Sencun Zhu , Zhi Xu N/A
On the Character of Phishing URLs: Accurate and Robust Statistical Learning Classifiers Rakesh Verma , Keith Dyer N/A
Distributed Search over Encrypted Big Data Mehmet Kuzu , Murat Kantarcioglu , Mohammad Saiful Islam N/A
Combining ORAM with PIR to Minimize Bandwidth Costs Jonathan Dautrich , Chinya Ravishankar N/A
Password Meters and Generators on the Web: From Large-Scale Empirical Study to Getting It Right Andrei Sabelfeld , Steven van Acker , Daniel Hausknecht N/A
Can’t you hear me knocking: Identification of user actions on Android apps via traffic analysis Luigi v. Mancini , Mauro Conti , Riccardo Spolaor , Nino Vincenzo Verde N/A
A Dynamic Approach to Detect Anomalous Queries on Relational Databases Mohammad Islam , Mehmet Kuzu , Murat Kantarcioglu N/A
Database Fragmentation with Confidentiality Constraints: A Graph Search Approach Li Xiong , Xiaofeng Xu , Jinfei Liu N/A
Towards Server-side Repair for Erasure Coding-based Distributed Storage Systems Bo Chen , Reza Curtmola , Anil Kumar Ammula N/A