CrestCon 2015 March 18, 2015 to March 18, 2015, London,UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome: Ian Glover , Alastair Macwillson N/A
Exploiting the Attacker’s Dilemma Ryan Kazanciyan N/A
Threat Intelligence – Marketing Hype or Innovation James Chappell N/A
Intelligence led Penetration Testing - applying attack tradecraft and tools Adrian Nish , Cam Buchannan N/A
Fracking with Hybrid Mobile Applications Dave Hartley N/A
Vulnerabilities of Mass Disruption: How SOHO devices are shaping and changing the landscape of information security on a global level. Dor Tumarkin , Kyle Lovett N/A
Practical Security Assessments of IoT Devices and Systems Ollie Whitehouse , Andy Davis N/A
RDP-Replay – The story Behind the Tool Steve Elliott N/A
Closing Address Ian Glover N/A
What does the Future Bring? Mark Hughes N/A
Specificity: what does this mean to you and your organisation Andrzej Kawalec N/A
Supply chain: Effectively managing the increasingly complex relationships with vendors, third parties and the supply chain Martin Tyley N/A
What an IA architect can do for you David Frith N/A
The challenges of Training Security Architects John Hughes N/A
Understanding Human implications of Information Security Hannah State Davey , Natalie Fischer N/A
Build your house on rock not sand Paul Simmonds N/A
The challenges of identity in the digital future Robert Lapes N/A