ESSoS 2015 March 4, 2015 to March 6, 2015, Milan,Italy

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Re­thinking Kernelized MLS Database Architectures in the Context of Cloud­Scale Data Stores Cynthia E. Irvine , Mark A. Gondree , Thuy Nguyen , Jean Khosalim N/A
Formal Verification of Liferay RBAC Michele Bugliesi , Stefano Calzavara , Alvise Rabitti N/A
Improving reuse of access control policies using policy templates Wouter Joosen , Maarten Decat , Jasper Moeys , Bert Lagaisse N/A
Are Your Training Datasets Still Relevant? Kevin Allix , Jacques Klein , Yves Le Traon , Tegawende Bissyande N/A
Formal Verification of Privacy Properties in Electric Vehicle Charging Frank Kargl , Rens Heijden , Daniel Le Métayer , Marouane Fazouane , Henning Kopp N/A
The Heavy Tails of Vulnerability Exploitation Luca Allodi N/A
A Security Ontology for Security Requirements Elicitation Amina Souag , Camille Salinesi , Raul Mazo , Isabelle Comyn-wattiau N/A
Learning how to Prevent Return-Oriented Programming Efficiently David Pfaff , Sebastian Hack , Christian Hammer N/A
Producing Hook Placements To Enforce Expected Access Control Policies Trent Jaeger , Nirupama Talele , Divya Muthukumaran N/A
OMEN: Faster Password Guessing using Markov Models Claude Castelluccia , Daniele Perito , Markus Dürmuth , Fabian Angelstorf N/A
Monitoring Database Access Constraints with an RBAC Metamodel: a Feasibility Study Lars Hamann , Martin Gogolla , Karsten Sohr N/A
Idea: Optimising Multi-Cloud Application Deployments with Security Controls as Constraints Ruben Trapero , Jesus Luna , Philippe Massonet , Alain Pannetrat N/A
Idea: Towards an Inverted Cloud Raoul Strackx , Pieter Philippaerts , Frédéric Vogels N/A
Idea: Benchmarking indistinguishability obfuscation - A candidate implementation Alexander Pretschner , Martin Ochoa , Sebastian Banescu , Nils Kunze N/A
Idea: Unwinding based Model-Checking and Testing for Non-Interference on EFSMs Alexander Pretschner , Jorge Cuellar , Martin Ochoa , Per Hallgren N/A
Idea: State-Continuous Transfer of State in Protected-Module Architectures Raoul Strackx , Niels Lambrigts N/A
Keynote Speech Fabio Massacci N/A
Detecting Android Malware Using Memory Image Forensics Kimberly Tam N/A
Incremental pattern-based modeling and safety/security analysis for correct by construction systems design Anas Motii N/A
Prometheus: Characterizing Advanced Info-Stealing Malware Andrea Continella N/A
MAVERIC: static analysis module for Mobile App security Alessandro Armando , Gabriele Costa , Rocco Mammoliti , Gianluca Bocci , Giantonio Chiarelli , Gabriele De Maglie , Alessio Merlo. N/A
Joern: Discovering Vulnerabilities with Code Property Graphs Fabian Yamaguchi. N/A
Open-Source Vulnerability Assessment in Composite Application Scenarios Henrik Plate , Serena elisa Ponta , Antonino Sabetta. N/A
Using Split Kernel to Make Kernel Hardening Practical Anil Kurmus , Robby Zippel. N/A
Risk Assessment COMbined with Automated Testing: The RACOMAT tool Johannes Viehmann , Ketil Stolen , Juergen Grossmann. N/A
TESTREX: a Testbed for Repeatable Exploits Fabio Massacci , Antonino Sabetta. , Stanislav Dashevskyi , Daniel Santos N/A
A Pattern-driven and Model-Based Test Generation Toolchain for Web Vulnerability Bruno Legeard , Alexandre Vernotte , Fabien Peureux. N/A
A Transitive Access Solution for Web Services Worachet Uttha , Clara Bertolissi , Silvio Ranise. N/A
What SaaS providers want (in terms of security) Koen Handekyn N/A
What security providers may offer Wouter Joosen N/A