CarolinaCon 7 April 29, 2011 to May 1, 2011, Raleigh, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Tales From The Crypto G. Mark Hardy Learn how to crack crypto contests like a pro. The speaker has awarded half a ... Security
How To Own And Protect Your Office Space Dr. Tran Most people don't need to secure their office build like a military fortress during the ... Security
Serial Killers: Usb As An Attack Vector Nick Fury Love it or hate it, the Universal Serial Bus is the preferred protocol for transferring ... Security
Music And Audio Production With Free And Open Source Software Adam Drew The talk consists of an overview of FOSS terms and concepts, why FOSS is important ... Security Community
Pig: Finding Truffles Without Leaving A Trace Ryan Linn Whether you are an end user, administrator, or security personnel it is critical to know ... Security Testing
If You Own A Multi Function Printer (Mfp), Then I Own You Deral Heiland In the immortal words of that old gray Donkey "Pathetic," he said. "That's what it ... Security Business
Yara And Python: The Malware Detection Dynamic Duo Michael ( Mjg ) Goffin Malware attacks are growing rapidly with no end in sight. People all over are doing ... Security Malware
Do Personality Traits Increase The Likelihood That You Will Hack? Thomas Holt (professorfarnsworth) This study will explore the relationship between psychological characteristics, such as being an introvert/extrovert, as ... Security Risk
Kippos And Bits And Bits And Bits: Fun With Ssh Honeypotting Chris Teodorski Kippo is a medium interaction SSH honeypot. I've been running Kippo for awhile now and ... Security
Why Your Password Policy Sucks Martin (purehate) Bos Passwords are the weakest link in any network configuration. Recent breaches have shown us some ... Security
Mackerel: A Progressive School Of Cryptographic Thought Justin Troutman Mackerel is a cryptographic design paradigm built around the triad of implementation assurance (i.e.,green cryptography), ... Security Cryptography
Ttl Of A Penetration Branson Matheson In the world of information security, it's not a matter of how anymore.. it's a ... Security
Logstash - Open Source Log And Event Management Jordan Sissel Logstash is an open source, free, and scalable tool that can help you get a ... Security Infrastructure
Dissecting The Hack: Malware Analysis 101 Gerry Brunelle Dissecting the Hack: Malware Analysis 101 is designed to be an introduction into the world ... Security Analysis Malware
Security Lessons From Cracking Enigma Lisa Lorenzin Among the distinguishing characteristics of a long-term, successful IT security professional are continued learning and ... Security
Hack From A Library With Katana Jp "ronin" Dunning Why hack from your computer when you can use someone else's? This talk will cover ... Security