FSE 2015 March 8, 2015 to March 11, 2015, Istanbul,Turkey

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Differential Analysis and Meet-in-the-Middle Attack against Round-Reduced TWINE Alex Biryukov , Leo Paul Perrin , Patrick Derbez N/A
Improved Higher-Order Differential Attacks on MISTY1 Achiya Bar-on N/A
Meet-in-the-Middle Technique for Truncated Differential and its Applications to CLEFIA and Camellia Leibo Li , Keting Jia , Xiaoyun Wang , Xiaoyang Dong N/A
Protecting against Multidimensional Linear and Truncated Differential Cryptanalysis by Decorrelation Serge Vaudenay , Céline Blondeau , A. Bay N/A
Relations between Impossible, Integral and Zero-Correlation Key-Recovery Attacks Marine Minier , Céline Blondeau N/A
Challenges in Lightweight Crypto Standardization Meltem Turan Sönmez N/A
Simpler and More Efficient Rank Estimation for Side-Channel Security Assessment Francois-xavier Standaert , Vincent Grosso , Cezary Glowacz , Romain Poussier , Joachim Schueth N/A
Conversion from Arithmetic to Boolean Masking with Logarithmic Complexity Jean-sebastien Coron , Mehdi Tibouchi , Praveen Kumar Vadnala , Johan Groszschaedl N/A
Comb To Pipeline: Fast Software Encryption Revisited Andrey Bogdanov , Elmar Tischhauser , Martin M. Lauridsen N/A
Security of AES with a Secret S-box Lars r. Knudsen , Martin M. Lauridsen , Tyge Tiessen , Stefan Kölbl N/A
Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks and Structural Analysis of Round-Reduced PRINCE Leo Paul Perrin , Patrick Derbez N/A
Linear Distinguishers in the Key-less Setting: Application to PRESENT Christian Rechberger , Martin M. Lauridsen N/A
Differential-Linear Cryptanalysis of ICEPOLE Hongjun Wu , Tao Huang , Ivan Tjuawinata N/A
Cryptanalysis of JAMBU Lei Wang , Thomas Peyrin , Siang Meng Sim , Guoyan Zhang N/A
Related-Key Forgeries for Proest-OTR Florian Mendel , Maria Eichlseder , Christoph Dobraunig N/A
Practical Cryptanalysis of the Open Smart Grid Protocol Philipp Jovanovic , Samuel Neves N/A
Relaxing Full-Codebook Security: A Refined Analysis of Key-Length Extension Schemes Yannick Seurin , Jooyoung Lee , John Steinberger , Stefano Tessaro , Peter Gazi N/A
The Related-Key Security of Iterated Even-Mansour Ciphers Pooya Farshim , Gordon Procter N/A
Security of Keyed Sponge Constructions Using a Modular Proof Approach Bart Mennink , Elena Andreeva , Joan Daemen , Gilles Leuven N/A
GCM Security Bounds Reconsidered Tetsu Iwata , Kazuhiko Minematsu , Yuichi Niwa , Keisuke Ohashi N/A
Boosting OMD for Almost Free Authentication of Associated Data Serge Vaudenay , Reza Reyhanitabar , Damian Vizár N/A
Optimally Secure Tweakable Blockciphers Bart Mennink N/A
On Lightweight Stream Ciphers with Shorter Internal States Vasily Mikhalev , Frederik Armknecht N/A
Lightweight MDS Involution Matrices Thomas Peyrin , Khoongming Khoo , Siang Meng Sim , Frédérique Oggier N/A
A New Classification of 4-bit Optimal S-boxes and its Application to PRESENT, RECTANGLE and SPONGENT Wentao Zhang , Meicheng Liu , Vincent Rijmen , Zhenzhen Bao N/A
Rotational Cryptanalysis of ARX Revisited Dmitry Khovratovich , Ron Steinfeld , Josef Pieprzyk , Ivica Nikolić , Przemyslaw Sokolowski N/A
Internal Differential Boomerangs: Practical Analysis of the Round-Reduced Keccak-f Permutation Jeremy Jean , Ivica Nikolić N/A
New Linear Correlations related to State Information of RC4 PRGA using IV in WPA Atsuko Miyaji , Ryoma Ito N/A
A More Cautious Approach to Security Against Mass Surveillance Pooya Farshim , Jean Paul Degabriele , Bertram Holloway N/A