IFIP 2015 March 16, 2015 to March 18, 2015, Virginia,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcoming Remarks Zach Tudor N/A
Transforming Infrastructure Development: From Protection to Resilience Ruth David N/A
Session 1: Themes and Issues Zach Tudor N/A
A Model for Characterizing Cyberpower Adrian Venables , Siraj Ahmed Shaikh , James Shuttleworth N/A
Cyber Attacks and Political Events: The Case of Occupy Central Frankie Li , Kam-pui Chow , Ken Yau N/A
Information Sharing Decomposed Eric Luiijf N/A
Bolstering Cyber Defenses in an Age of Convergence, Speed and Chaos Chris Inglis , Robert , Mary M. Looker N/A
Control Variable Classification, Modeling and Anomaly Detection in Modbus/TCP SCADA Networks Avishai Wool , Noam Erez N/A
Locality-Based Extraction of Flow Whitelists in SCADA Networks Seungoh Choi , Yeop Chang , Jeong-han Yun , Woonyon Kim N/A
Session 3: Risk Assessment and Mitigation Stig Johnsen N/A
Using Centrality Measures in Critical Infrastructure Dependency Graphs for Efficient Risk Mitigation Dimitris Gritzalis , George Stergiopoulos , Marianthi Theocharidou , Panayiotis Kotzanikolaou N/A
A System Dynamics Approach for Assessing the Impact of Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructures Bela Genge , Istvan Kiss , Piroska Haller N/A
Assessing the Risk of Cyber Threats Using the CISIA Pro Simulator Riccardo Santini , Chiara Foglietta , Stefano Panzieri , Cosimo Palazzo N/A
Session 4: Cyber-Physical Systems I Kam-pui Chow N/A
A Multi-Layered Kill-Chain-Based Security Analysis Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems Alvaro A. Cárdenas , Adam Hahn , Roshan Thomas , Ivan Lozano N/A
Using Information Flow Methods to Secure Cyber-Physical Systems Gerry Howser N/A
Run-Time Integrity for Cyber-Physical Infrastructures Jonathan Jenkins , Mike Burmester N/A
Session 5: Industrial Control Systems II Alvaro A. Cárdenas N/A
Modeling Message Sequences for Intrusion Detection in Industrial Control Systems Emmanuele Zambon , Frank Kargl , Marco Caselli , Jonathan Petit N/A
Constructing Cost-Effective and Targetable Industrial Control System Honeypots for Production Networks Stephen Dunlap , Mason Rice , Michael Winn , Juan Lopez N/A
A Symbolic Honeynet Framework for SCADA System Threat Intelligence Owen Redwood , Mike Burmester , Joshua Lawrence N/A
Session 6: Infrastructure Protection I Sebastian Hess N/A
A Cybersecurity Architecture for Secure Microgrid Deployments Apurva Mohan , Gregory Brainard , Himanshu Khuranai , Scott Fischer N/A
Evaluation of ITU-T G.9959 Wireless Systems in the Critical Infrastructure Mason Rice , Joseph Lorenzo Hall , Christopher Badenhop , Jonathan Fuller , Benjamin Ramsey N/A
Session 7: Industrial Control Systems III Avishai Wool , Tel Aviv University , Tel Aviv , Israel N/A
Enhancing a Virtual SCADA Cyber Security Laboratory Using Simulink Thomas Morris , Zach Thornton N/A
How Industrial Control System Security Training is Falling Short Jonathan Butts , Michael Glover N/A