SyScan 2004 Dec. 16, 2004 to Dec. 17, 2004, Singapore

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Open Source Vulnerability Database Jake Kouns The Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB), a project to catalog and describe the Internet's security ... Security Others Community
Exploits Mitigation Techniques Theo de Raadt OpenBSD has been auditing software for nearly 10 years, and while we have had significant ... Security Auditing
The Art Of Defiling: Defeating Forensic Analysis On Unix File Systems The Grugg The rise in prominence of incident response and digital forensic analysis has prompted a reaction ... Security Analysis Unix
About Shellcode Philippe Biondi In this presentation we will see why and how to make unix shellcodes, the different ... Security Unix
Synscan - New Tool For Os Fingerprinting Greg Taleck OS fingerprinting, both passive and active, has many uses in network security, forensics, and intrusion ... Security
Netflow Based Network Security Analysis Yann Berthier Up until recently, security measures have been enforced at the perimeter, while ubiquitous deployments of ... Security Analysis
Storage Security: Security Threats And Best Practices For Fibre Channel Sans Himanshu Dwivedi The presentation will be a formal knowledge transfer session to discuss tactical methods and high-level ... Security
Windows Kernel Exploitation Sk Chong The presentation will highlight mechanisms to exploit the Windows Kernel for useful local privilege escalation. ... Security Exploitation
Network Firelines Paul Watson The traditional network perimeter defense of firewalls and IDS is intended to restrict unwanted network ... Security Business
Building An Early Warning System In A Service Provider Network Nico Fischbach Service Provider networks and systems are, by definition, a forced point of transit for most ... Security Infrastructure Statistics
Reliable Windows Heap Exploits Matthew ( Shok ) Conover N/A Security
Phreaking: Past, Present And Future Emmanuel Gadaix Before hackers became a media fixture, there was a time when phreakers were all the ... Security Media
Information Security In Banking: The Illusion Of Safety Anthony Zboralski This presentation will focus on ways to defeat a bank's security by ways of deception, ... Security Wireless Testing
Network Situation Awareness Dug Song Fine young gentleman of humbly presents a free suite of tools to be used ... Security
The Surprisingly Common Ntlm Authentication Protocol And Its Weaknesses Jesse Burn This talk examines NTLM as a mechanism for network authentication and discusses why it has ... Security
Forum - Cert And Security Operation Centers - Are They Useful? Solahuddin bin Shamsuddin , Martin Khoo , Anthony Zboralski Discussion Panel: Solahuddin bin Shamsuddin - Head of MyCERT Martin Khoo - Head of SingCERT ... Security