VEE 2015 March 14, 2015 to March 15, 2015, Istanbul,Turkey

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
VEE'15 foreword,contents, organization, and sponsors Angela Demke Brown , Ada Gavrilovska , Bjarne Steensgaard N/A
Opening Keynote Address: Angela Demke Brown N/A
Securing the Endpoint with Micro-virtualization Ian Pratt N/A
Improving and Exploiting I/O Virtualization Bjarne Steensgaard N/A
A Comprehensive Implementation and Evaluation of Direct Interrupt Delivery Tzi-cker Chiueh , Cheng-chun Tu , Michael Ferdman , Chao-tung Lee N/A
A Hybrid I/O Virtualization Framework for RDMA-capable Network Interfaces Ioannis Koltsidas , Jonas Pfefferle , Patrick Stuedi , Animesh Trivedi , Bernard Metzler , Thomas R. Gross N/A
Supporting High Performance Molecular Dynamics in Virtualized Clusters using IOMMU, SR-IOV, and GPUDirect Andrew J. Younge , John Paul Walters , Stephen P. Crago , Geoffrey C. Fox N/A
Address Space Management Gaël Thomas N/A
Proactively Breaking Large Pages to Improve Memory Overcommitment Performance in VMware ESXi Yury Baskakov , Fei Guo , Seongbeom Kim , Ishan Banerjee N/A
HSPT: Practical Implementation and Efficient Management of Embedded Shadow Page Tables for Cross-ISA System Virtual Machines Zhe Wang , Yong Guan , Wei-chung Hsu , Jianjun Li , Chenggang Wu , Dongyan Yang , Zhenjiang Wang , Bin Li N/A
GPUswap: Enabling Oversubscription of GPU Memory through Transparent Swapping Jens Kehne , Jonathan Metter , Frank Bellosa N/A
Managing Virtual Clusters Ada Gavrilovska N/A
HeteroVisor: Exploiting Resource Heterogeneity to Enhance the Elasticity of Cloud Platforms Karsten Schwan , Vishal Gupta , Min Lee N/A
A-DRM: Architecture-aware Distributed Resource Management of Virtualized Clusters Onur Mutlu , Hui wendy Wang , Canturk Isci , Lavanya Subramanian , Jongmoo Choi , Depei Qian N/A
Towards VM Consolidation Using a Hierarchy of Idle States Rayman Preet Singh , Tim Brecht , S. Keshav N/A
VM Testing and Introspection Angela Demke Brown N/A
Application of Domain-aware Binary Fuzzing to Aid Android Virtual Machine Testing Stephen Kyle , Hugh Leather , Björn Franke , Dave Butcher , Stuart Monteith N/A
Exploring VM Introspection: Techniques and Trade-offs Canturk Isci , Sahil Suneja , Eyal De Lara , Vasanth Bala N/A
PEMU: A Pin Highly Compatible Out-of-VM Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Framework Yangchun Fu , Zhiqiang Lin , Junyuan Zeng N/A
User-facing Applications Dan Tsafrir N/A
Improving Remote Desktopping Through Adaptive Record/Replay Shehbaz Jaffer , Piyus Kedia , Sorav Bansal N/A
Migration of Web Applications with Seamless Execution Jinseok Oh , Jin-woo Kwon , Hyukwoo Park , Soo-mook Moon N/A
Security and Reliability Gaël Thomas N/A
AppSec: A Safe Execution Environment for Security Sensitive Applications Xiaoguang Wang , Jianbao Ren , Yong Qi , Yuehua Dai , Yi Shi N/A
Hardware-Assisted Secure Resource Accounting under a Vulnerable Hypervisor Seungryoul Maeng , Seongwook Jin , Jinho Seol , Jaehyuk Huh N/A
PARS: A Page-Aware Replication System for Efficiently Storing Virtual Machine Snapshots Lei Cui , Tianyu Wo , Bo Li , Jianxin Li , Bin Shi , Jinpeng Huai N/A
Closing Keynote Address: Bjarne Steensgaard N/A