ACSC 2015 April 22, 2015 to April 23, 2015, Canberra,Austrailia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome and Housekeeping Joe Franzi N/A
Senator the Hon George Brandis N/A
Cyber Security Review Margot Mccarthy N/A
Partnering for a Cyber Secure Australia Stephen Day N/A
Cyber Threat Intelligence: From 'What?' to 'So What? Jonathan Couch N/A
Diversity in Tech: Increasing the Cyber Security Workforce Pipeline Marcelle Lee N/A
Information Silos & Legal Landmines in Cyber Security Alana Maurushat N/A
Achieving Appropriate Assurance for Technology Systems Used for Critical Infrastructure Ajoy Ghosh N/A
A Survey of the DNS Threat Landscape Chris Baker N/A
Steps to Securing .au Adam King N/A
The Legal & Ethical Challenges with Agressive Computer Security Research & Operations Actions Dave Dittrich , Katherine Carpenter N/A
What's ICT Security got to do with Agriculture Debbie Gathercole N/A
Situational Awareness - Core Concepts Sophie Watson N/A
Security of Browsers – why are APTs successful? Wade Alcorn N/A
Contracting With Your Head in the Cloud John Swinson N/A
Building an Enduring Cyber S&T Capability Jackie Craig N/A
Hacking the Wireless World with Software Defined Radio Balint Seeber N/A
Building Malware Analysis Pipelines... for Free* Matt Mccormack N/A
A visual overview of recent global and regional threats Marcel Berg N/A
Cloud Computing - Action Required Australian Signals Directorate N/A
Building Hardware Hacking Tools like it's for Hollywood Silvio Cesare N/A
Incident Response: Defending the Gibson in 2015 Darren Bilby N/A
Red Teaming: Alternate Reality Testing Wayne Ronaldson N/A
Modern Cybercrime threat: The Australian Perspective Tim Wellsmore N/A
The AISI and Remediation of Malware in Australia Bruce Matthews N/A
Recent Activities & Big Security Data Shaun Vlassis N/A
Close Day 1 Joe Franzi N/A
Taking Threat Intelligence Sharing Forward in Australia Ben Heyes N/A
Visibility into the Threat Landscape Aaron Hackworth N/A
Systems to Support Global Scale Response & Analysis Richard Perlotto N/A
Strengthening the Weakest Link Wayne Coulston N/A
Know the value of your data Blair Adamson N/A
Unorthodox methods for teaching personal cyber security hygiene April Lorenzen , Natalka Kopcyk N/A
International Cooperation on Cyber Space from CSIRT's Perspectives Yukako Uchida N/A
Volatile Systems Aaron Walters N/A
Understanding & Mitigating Kerberos Issues in Active Directory Ben Doyle N/A
Training Next Generation Cyber Security Professionals Richard Buckland N/A
Contemporary Database Security David Litchfield N/A
Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Leadership Group Dave Campbell , Joe Franzi , Stephen Day , Tim Wellsmore , David Mclean N/A
The Art of Cybersecurity: Public-private Partnership Elly Heuvel N/A