SyScan 2005 Sept. 1, 2005 to Sept. 1, 2005, Singapore

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome And Keynote Speech Dr. Thaweesak Koanantakool None Security Keynote
Responsible Disclosure Microsoft None Security
Security Tools Integration Framework: Automating Distributed Hacking Fyodor YarochkinandMeder Kydyraliev Coordinated Network Intrusions is not an easy thing to handle. Automated Coordinated Network Intrusions could ... Security Web
Auditing Unix Kernel Code Ilja van Sprundel This talk will focus on manual inspection of kernel code when available and fuzzing kernel ... Security Auditing Unix
Security Threats, Insecure Protocols And Common Vectors Jason Pearce N/A Security
Social Engineering Fundamentals Dave McKayandAnthony Zboralski "You might say there are two specialties within the job classification of con artist. Somebody ... Security Business
Iscsi Security; Insecure Scsi Himanshu Dwivedi iSCSI is insecure. SCSI calls have traditionally been used from an IDE hard drive to ... Security
Speaking Freely: The Security And Privacy Challenges Of Modern Communications The Grugq "The telecommunications landscape is undergoing multiple revolutions, from analog to digital, from simple mobility to ... Security Privacy
Infecting The Mach-O Object Format Neil Archibald This talk aims to dispel the myths surrounding Mac OSX regarding it's ability to stand ... Security
Honeypot Forensic Krisztian PillerandSebastian Wolfgarten In the world of intrusion detection, intrusion prevention and hacker research honeypots are a quite ... Security
Attacking Web Services Alex Stamos Web Services represent a new and unexplored set of security-sensitive technologies that have been widely ... Security Web
Attacking Wifi Cèdric ( Sid ) Blancher N/A Security
Profiling Rootkits And Malware Through Executive Objects Matthew ( Shok ) Conover This talk will focus on a new method to profile user-mode and kernel-mode activity by ... Security Rootkits Malware
Attacking Internet Banking Applications Fabrice Marie The general public sentiment is that the banks, having always been the guardians of our ... Security Privacy Business Development
Exploiting Kmalloc Overflows To Own J00 Clflushandamnesia This talk will focus on a mechanism to exploit the Linux kernel for local privilege ... Security Exploitation
Bluetooth Hacking-Full Disclosure Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie In November 2003, Adam Laurie discovered serious flaws in the authentication and data transfer mechanisms ... Security Community
.Net Web Security-Attack And Defense Shreeraj Shah Web security is becoming very critical as .Net framework is evolving. New set of vulnerabilities ... Security Web
Hacking Window Ce San N/A Security
Old Skewl Hacking-Infrared - How To Break Into The Hotel System Major Malfunction "The telecommunications landscape is undergoing multiple revolutions, from analog to digital, from simple mobility to ... Security Privacy Cryptography Legal
Closing Speech And Lucky Draw Dr. Komain Pibulyarojana None Security