CactusCon 2015 March 13, 2015 to March 13, 2015, Arizona,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
A Walkthrough of Modern Malvertising James Pleger N/A
Pragmatic Cloud Security: What InfoSec Practitioners Have Been Waiting For Josh Danielson , Tim Gaillard N/A
Network Forensics Workshop: Packet Pillaging Done Right, SON! Ryan J. Chapman N/A
Path to Python Kevin Tyers N/A
Net Neutrality and Why It Matters Chad M. Reid N/A
One Phish, Two Phish, Red Phish, Your Account Details Just Got Stolen Vinny Lariza N/A
Automatic Identification of Malware Tasks Paulo Shakarian , Eric Nunes N/A
Practical iOS App Attack & Defense Seth Law N/A
Cyber analytical models, frameworks, and platforms for Attribution and other important things Andre Gironda N/A
How I Shot Web: Practical Web Hacking in 2015 Jason Haddix N/A
Android App Security Auditing Sam Bowne N/A
Sniffing the Air Schuyler St. Leger N/A
Overview of Vulnerabilities – 2014 David Van Voorhees N/A
Smuggling Plums John Stauffacher N/A
Return of the Dork John Friemuth N/A
Cheat To Win - Cheating at Video Games Joseph Giron N/A
Forensic Artifacts From a Pass the Hash Attack Gerard Laygui N/A
Hacking for Profit: The Account Compromise Kill Chain Brad Wardman , Blake Butler N/A
Internalized Context Xlogicx N/A
Wireless Network Risks and Controls Ruihai Fang N/A