EuroSys 2015 April 22, 2015 to April 24, 2015, Bordeaux,France

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
PowerLyra: Differentiated Graph Computation and Partitioning on Skewed Graphs. Rong Chen , Jiaxin Shi , Yanzhe Chen , And Haibo Chen N/A
Musketeer: All for One, One for All in Data Processing Systems. Steven Hand , Allen Clement , Ionel Gog , Malte Schwarzkopf , Natacha Crooks , Matthew P. Grosvenor N/A
MALT: Distributed Data-Parallelism for existing ML applications. Asim Kadav , Hao Li , Cristian Ungureanu , Erik Kruus N/A
An In-Memory Object Caching Framework with Adaptive Load Balancing. Ali R. Butt , Yue Cheng , Aayush Gupta N/A
GD-Wheel: A Cost-Aware Replacement Policy for Key-Value Stores. Conglong Li , Alan L. Cox N/A
Putting Consistency back into Eventual Consistency. Rodrigo Rodrigues , Valter Balegas , Sérgio Duarte , Carla Ferreira , Nuno Preguiça , Mahsa Najafzadeh , Marc Shapiro N/A
Simba: Tunable End-to-End Data Consistency for Mobile Apps. Harsha Madhyastha , Younghwan Go , Nitin Agrawal , Akshat Aranya , Dorian Perkins , Curtis Yu , Cristian Labs) N/A
Visigoth Fault Tolerance. Rodrigo Rodrigues , Aniket Kate , Cheng Li , Joao Leitão , Allen Clement , Daniel Porto , Flavio Junqueira N/A
Taming uncertainty in distributed systems with help from the network. Joshua b. Leners , Trinabh Gupta , Marcos k. Aguilera , Michael Walfish N/A
Extensible Distributed Coordination. Alysson Bessani , Flavio Junqueira , Tobias Distler , Christopher Bahn , Frank Fischer N/A
Deriving and Comparing Deduplication Techniques Using a Model-Based Classification. Jürgen Kaiser , André Brinkmann , Tim Süß , Dirk Meister N/A
An Efficient Page-level FTL to Optimize Address Translation in Flash Memory. Xubin He , Ping Huang , You Zhou , Fei Wu , Changsheng Xie , Jian Zhou N/A
Guardat: Enforcing data policies at the storage layer. Deepak Garg , Peter Druschel , Johannes Gehrke , Ansley Post , Rodrigo Rodrigues , Anjo Vahldiek-oberwagner , Eslam Elnikety , Aastha Metha N/A
Process-level Power Estimation in VM-based Systems. Pascal Felber , Maxime Colmant , Mascha Kurpicz , Loic Huertas , Romain Rouvoy , Anita Sobe N/A
Application-Assisted Live Migration of Virtual Machines with Java Applications. Kang G. Shin , Kai-yuan Hou , Jan-lung Sung N/A
SpotCheck: Designing a Derivative IaaS Cloud on the Spot Market. Prashant Shenoy , David Irwin , Prateek Sharma , Stephen Lee , Tian Guo N/A
CYRUS: Towards Client-Defined Cloud Storage. Jae Yoon Chung , Carlee Joe­wong , Sangtae Ha , James Won­ki Hong , Mung Chiang N/A
Large scale cluster management at Google with Borg. John Wilkes , Abhishek Verma , Luis David Pedrosa , Madhukar Korupolu , David Oppenheimer , Eric Tune N/A
ConfValley: A Systematic Configuration Validation Framework for Cloud Services. Yuanyuan Zhou , Peng Huang , Abhishek Singh , William J. Bolosky N/A
Guaranteeing Deadlines for Inter-Datacenter Transfers. Dongsu Han , Kai Chen , Hong Zhang , Wei Bai , Chen Tian , Hao Wang , Haibing Guan , Ming Zhang N/A
Synapse: A Microservices Architecture for Heterogeneous-Database Web Applications. Roxana Geambasu , Jonathan Bell , Nicolas Viennot , Mathias Lécuyer , Jason Nieh N/A
NBA (Network Balancing Act): A High-performance Packet Processing Framework for Heterogeneous Processors. Keon Jang , Joongi Kim , Keunhong Lee , Sangwook Ma , Junhyun Shim , Sue Moon N/A
IN-NET: In-Network Processing for the Masses. Mark Handley , Costin Raiciu , Joao Martins , Mohamed Ahmed , Vladimir Olteanu , Roberto Bifulco , Felipe Huici , Radu Stoenescu , Matei Popovici , Filipe Manco , Georgios Smaragdakis N/A
Flux: Multi-Surface Computing in Android. Dan Williams , Hani Jamjoom , Jason Nieh , Alexander Van’t Hof N/A
Maxoid: Transparently Confining Mobile Applications with Custom Views of State. Yuanzhong Xu , Emmett Witchel N/A
TinMan: Eliminating Confidential Mobile Data Exposure with Security-oriented Offloading. Haibo Chen , Cheng Ling Tan , Haibing Guan , Yubin Xia , Yutao Liu , Mingyang Ma , Binyu Zang N/A
Verifiable Differential Privacy. Ariel J. Feldman , Andreas Haeberlen , Arjun Narayan , Antonis Papadimitriou N/A
Popcorn: Bridging the Programmability Gap in Heterogeneous-ISA Platforms. Antonio Barbalace , Marina Sadini , Saif Ansary , Christopher Jelesnianski , Akshay Ravichandran , Cagil Kendir , Alastair Murray , Binoy Ravindran N/A
Hare: a file system for non-cache-coherent multicores. Nickolai Zeldovich , M. Frans Kaashoek , Charles Gruenwald Iii , Filippo Sironi N/A
High-Performance Determinism with Total Store Order Consistency. Timothy Merrifield , Joseph Devietti , Jakob Eriksson N/A