SyScan 2006 July 20, 2006 to July 21, 2006, Singapore

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Speech None Security
Keynote Speech Marc Maiffret None Security Keynote
Unpacking Malware, Trojans And Worms Paul Craig 9am, you receive a call from a client, "we were hacked, I found evilhacker.exe running ... Security Rootkits Mail
Towards Automated Botnet Detection And Mitigation Thorsten Holz Botnets pose one of the most severe threats in the Internet today. With the help ... Security Botnets
I-Worm.Fuzzer: A New Propagation Type Of Virus Enrique Sanchez Most virus have a hard coded way of interacting with networks and do not have ... Security
Securing Unix/Linux Systems Andrew Griffth None Security
Voip Security Issues: Problems On The Users' Side And What Are The Providers Doing Wrong? Hendrik Scholz The presentation outlines classes of bugs present in SIP based VoIP installations.Each class is depicted ... Security Exploitation
Exploiting Embedded System Barnaby Jack From Automobiles and cell phones, to routers and your kitchen microwave - Embedded systems are ... Security Exploitation
Reverse Engineering Microsoft Binaries Alexander Sotirov This talk seeks to remedy the remarkable lack of information about reverse engineering large commercial ... Security Malware
Feedback Fuzzing Joachim De Zutter None Security Fuzzing
Writing Behind A Buffer Angelo Rosiello In this presentation we are going to describe a kind of vulnerability that is known ... Security
Skeleton In Microsoft Closet Andre Protas For years vendors have been criticized over the practice of silently fixing security flaws and ... Security
Binary Analysis, Finding Secret In Isapis Marek Bialoglowy Developers programming in C/C++ hide secrets in code. Assumptions are made that no one can ... Security
Are You Sure Phone Banking Is Safe? Marek Bialoglowy Use of a telephone in banking is considerably widespread. The most popular is certainly the ... Security Analysis
Yet Another Web Application Testing Toolkit Fyodor YarochkinandMeder Kydyraliev Fyodor and Meder will present the results of their research in the area of automated ... Security Web Testing
Oracle Rootkits And Oracle Viruses Alexander Kornbrust The talk describes how to transfer the concept of (OS) rootkits and viruses to the ... Security Rootkits
Subverting Vista Kernel For Fun And Profit Joanna Rutkowska The presentation will first present how to generically (i.e. not relaying on any implementation bug) ... Security Malware